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What Is The Best Natural Menopause Supplement

Menopause Supplements: Money Down The Drain

Whats the best supplement for menopause?

Popular menopause supplements have little scientific backing.

If youre struggling with menopause, supplements promising a hot flush fix or natural menopause support may appeal.

Unfortunately, theres no good evidence these high-priced herbals work.

Prof Lawton is blunt. Her view: supplements for menopausal symptoms are money down the drain.

Lax regulation of dietary supplements means manufacturers dont need approval before putting products on the shelf and there are plenty of them taking up space. We investigated the ingredients in several popular supplements and the evidence to support product claims.

Wild Yam: Alternative To Hormones

Pills and creams made from certain species of wild yam are popular alternatives to hormone therapy for menopause. Some of the natural compounds in these yams appear similar to estrogen and progesterone, but it’s possible they are not active in people. So far, clinical studies have not found that they ease menopause symptoms.

The Best Natural Remedy For Supporting Hormone Levels Is Customized Herbal Remedies

HRT is one way to help keep your hormone levels from dropping too low.

But if you’re looking for the most effective way to do this naturally, In my 20 years of practice I’ve found customized herbal remedies to be by far the most effective.

The difficulty is, to be truly effective, the herbs needed are somewhat different for each woman, and the herbs need to change at each stage of the menopausal transition.

The best part is, you can use herbs without any lab testing, and the herbs not only support estrogen and progesterone levels, they can support liver health and detoxification as well, helping to avoid the side effects that can come from HRT – and any tendency towards estrogen dominance.

Because I’ve found these customized herbal remedies to be SO effective for women during and after menopause, I’ve created some free resources – and a paid online program – where I make this something every woman in the US can easily use with full customization.

To learn more about the way I use herbs for hormonal support during & after menopause – watch the free mini-course and masterclass Ive created Sign up below!

Now – I don’t want to leave you hanging, so while a fully customized herbal selection is going to increase your results from about 20% to 90% plus…

Here are the highlights of some of my favorite herbs for supporting hair growth!

My first favorite herb for thicker hair is…

My second favorite herb for hair loss is…

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We Can Help You Understand The Supplements That Are Right For You

  • Partner with a Health Coach to help you determine what supplements may be right for you to maximize your health and manage your menopause symptoms.
  • Meet with a Gennev Doctor – our female care providers know EVERYTHING about menopause. They can help you understand your symptoms, and what your body needs to maximize your overall health and wellness
  • Vitality our #1 supplement is a nutrient-packed multi-vitamin that supports mood, energy, stress response, immune health, joint pain, and inflammation
  • Magnesium this super-power menopause supplement relieves joint pain, muscle cramps, Restless Leg Syndrome, headaches, depression, fatigue, anxiety and supports better sleep
  • Heart & Brain Premium Omega 3 for Women – provides nutritional support for your heart and brain, plus helps to relieve dry eyes and dry skin

St John’s Wort Hypericum Perforatum

Natural Menopause Supplements for Women Health

Family: Clusiaceae

St John’s wort traditionally has been used for menopausal symptoms of anxiety, irritability, insomnia and depression. It can be useful for hot flushes. It does not possess hormonal actions and its antidepressant action is believed to be due to a combination of active constituents in the herb. St John’s wort has been studied extensively for its effectiveness in mild to moderate anxiety and depression. It may be that St John’s wort is as effective as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of depression, and it may have fewer side effects.

A recent review suggests St John’s wort, alone or combined with other herbs, may be significantly better than placebo in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. it is particularly effective when combined with black cohosh to decrease hot flushes and improve mood.

Precautions: St John’s wort influences your liver enzymes that can reduce or increase the effectiveness of certain medications. It is one of the few herbs that has been studied for interactions with medications. If you are on the following medications, you should be very cautious about using St John’s wort, and consult your own doctor:

  • anticoagulants such as warfarin, heparin, aspirin, apixaban and rivaroxaban
  • digoxin
  • anticonvulsants
  • antidepressant drugs, especially SSRIs or serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors
  • cyclosporin

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Identify And Decrease Consumption Of Trigger Foods

In many cases, during or leading up to menopause, your doctor will also recommend reducing your consumption of foods that are high in sugar, as well as processed foods and alcohol. These foods and beverages can cause blood sugar swings and energy crashes. For some women, they might also worsen symptoms like night sweats, weight gain, and poor sleep.

If you notice that certain foods or beverages make your symptoms worse, these are considered trigger foods. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Pastries and baked goods
  • Fast food
  • Fatty meats
  • Caffeinated drinks

Spicy foods can make menopause symptoms worse in some women, too. They may contribute to hot flashes or cause digestive issues like heartburn or bloating.

Advantages Of Using Menopause Supplements

  • They improve the quality of life for the menopausal woman
  • Reduce menopausal weight gain
  • Improve sex drive and libido
  • Reduce fatigue and improve energy
  • Calm the intensity of hot flashes
  • Help in reducing night sweats
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relieve joint pains and headaches
  • Help to alleviate insomnia
  • Produce no harmful, long-term side effects

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Dhea: Hormone Of Youth

Natural levels of DHEA hormone drop in our bodies after age 30. Some small studies have found that DHEA supplements ease menopause symptoms such as low libido and hot flashes. The evidence is mixed. Other studies have found no benefit. There is some concern that long-term use or high doses of DHEA may raise the risk of breast cancer.

Flaxseed Ground Or Oil

Best Supplements for Menopause Symptoms | Natural Menopause Treatment
Hot Flashes


Flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, which act as phytoestrogens. Results from studies have been mixed, but it may help symptoms in some women. It is also believed to help lower cholesterol. Avoid whole flaxseed because it is difficult to digest.

Vaginal Dryness, Hot Flashes


Topical vitamin E oil applied to the vagina helps improve lubrication and may also reduce hot flashes.

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Vitality Cbd Gummy Bears

A report done in 2010 found that CBD, a chemical compound from the cannabis plant, helped reduce the symptoms of depression. Unfortunately depression and anxiety seem to be one of the major symptoms many women experience going through the menopause, but not everyone wants to take anti-depressants, so this is a great natural alternative.

We tried a couple of CBD supplements and were really pleased with the results. We felt much calmer and not so on edge as we usually feel. However, our top tip is to go for the gummy bears, as the oil tastes disgusting. These gummy bears contain a special blend of high quality CBD oil that really do the business just make sure the kids dont get their hands on them!

Complementary Therapies Look For Reputable Information

There is a lot of information available about complementary or alternative menopause treatments. Some of this information comes from unreliable sources. Some of the remedies that are promoted to women are not recommended by natural therapists, or have been shown not to work. Complementary therapies are often based on traditional knowledge. Some have not had the testing that pharmaceutical medicines are subjected to during clinical trials. For this reason, the effectiveness of some complementary therapies has not been as strongly proven. The increasing use of complementary therapies has begun to fuel scientific research and there is now scientific evidence about the safety and effectiveness of some therapies.

You can find reputable information through:

  • your doctor or pharmacist

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The Best Menopause Supplements You Can Buy Right Now

Soy isoflavones are mild plant oestrogens that can help by balancing some of the common symptoms of menopause, such as hot flushes and night sweats. In this supplement, the isoflavones are taken from an extract of soya beans. The product contains other nutrients, too, including magnesium, which may help ease tiredness and fatigue, common issues around menopause. And because its gentle, you can use it even if youre taking HRT, although its always a good idea to check with your doctor first. Furthermore, the price makes it a good-quality option for most budgets

Ayurveda is the traditional Indian medical system, working with native plants to bring balance back to the body. This supplement is based on shatavari, an adaptogenic herb considered a tonic for the female reproductive system. Although its been in traditional use throughout the ages, like many medicinal herbs, shatavari hasnt been studied extensively but one 2018 study did suggest it may help ease hot flushes and night sweats.

This nourishing supplement also contains sage, known to help with vasomotor symptoms, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and B vitamins, important for energy and mood. With all-organic ingredients, its suitable for vegans and has fans swearing its helped where other products havent.

Whatever you do, dont put up with it there are solutions from both your chemist, in the form of internal moisturisers, and your doctor, in localised HRT.

Correct The Underlying Hormonal Imbalance

Totally Products Woman

If your difficulty sleeping started – or got WORSE – during menopause… It might be due to hormonal changes and imbalance.

If you can correct that underlying hormonal imbalance… Your sleep can improve to the point where you no longer need to worry nearly as much about good sleep habits, because when you lie down, you sleep.

There’s not always a quick fix for this, but I help women with this all the time. It’s possible.

  • 1Get on the right diet for your hormones + Manage stress + Reduce your toxic load + include key supplements. This sets the stage – in your body -. for hormonal balance
  • 2Once you’ve set the stage, use customized Chinese Herbs to target sleep-specific hormonal issues. Because whether you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, sleeping deeply, are woken up by heat & sweating, or stress & a busy mind are keeping you awake… Chinese herbal medicine has formulas targeted at helping your body rebalance each of these specific patterns.
  • I’m so passionate about helping you to quickly and easily start using herbs for sleep, hormonal balance, and, yes, hair loss – that I hope you’ll take advantage of my free herbal masterclass while it’s available and FREE.

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    Evening Primrose Oil Menopause Supplement From Sports Research

    This is an affordable product that can be used safely by most people to provide the correct supplement for the relief of menopause symptoms.

    Product Highlights

    This product is manufactured with only natural products that are included in the formula to make it safe to use. It contains none of the harmful ingredients that are normally found in this type of product, such as hexane and gluten.

    It is also great for the relief of many different symptoms and will help improve damaged skin. This supplement will also help improve the immune system and provide you with a much better response to illness.

    The Good

    With this product, you get a large supply of gel pills that will last for up to 4 months. It can be used for the relief of many of the symptoms that come with menopause.

    The Bad

    Some people might show allergic reactions to the oil formula that is used in this product, so that must be determined before using it. Also, the product might have an effect on sensitive stomachs and must be used in conjunction with food.


    • Enough supply for 4 months great value pack
    • All-natural ingredients reduce side effects
    • Quite easy to use and to implement into your daily life
    • Versatile and perfect for reducing symptoms of menopause


    • Oil might cause allergic reactions with some people
    • Must be taken with food

    Q: How Long Should I Take Supplements For Menopause

    You should take supplements for menopause for at least 3 months and up to 6 months to get the best results. Some of the supplements might start to take immediate effect, and others might take a few months to provide you with the best benefits.

    You should always use the supplements for as long as your doctor advises you to take them for the best results. If you are using these supplements at your own discretion, follow the instructions that come with the supplement product.

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    What To Look For When Choosing Menopause Supplements

    When choosing a menopause supplement, look for ingredients such as black cohosh, red clover, and saint johns wort. These ingredients were found to be highly effective in peer-reviewed clinical trials. A lot of menopause supplements also contain phytoestrogens from soy and other plants, but their efficiency is still unknown.

    Other than that, you will find many different ingredients in menopause supplements that treat symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, depression, and vaginal dryness. Because the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, it can be hard to tell if the ingredients in your product are safe.

    However, some products are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and by the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, which is a sign that a product is safe for use.

    Furthermore, look for products offering a money-back guarantee as this also is a sign that the manufacturer has your safety and satisfaction in mind. This also means you wont be throwing money away on products that dont offer any relief.

    Do Menopause Supplements Work

    What Natural Supplements Work Best For Severe Menopause?

    As already mentioned, menopause supplements may work for some women, but because the studies on these products and their ingredients are inconclusive, we cannot know for sure.

    What we do know is that women taking these supplements claim they offer relief and these claims often come from clinical trials.

    Menopause supplements containing black cohosh are most likely to work, but so are those containing other botanicals that affect the hormones, and neurotransmitters.

    Some of the botanicals used in menopause supplements address anxiety and depression symptoms, which might directly impact the severity of menopause symptoms.

    This is because the severity of hot flashes and night sweats can become worse as a result of depression and anxiety as found in one study published in the journal Menopause.

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    Are You Ready To Start Managing Menopausal Symptoms Today

    When it comes to managing hot flashes, mood swings, and all the other most problematic menopausal symptoms, there are a lot of supplements and hormone therapy options women can try.

    Combining the best menopause supplements with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine can often work wonders for your health and quality of life. Keep the tips listed above in mind as you work with your doctor to come up with a plan to tackle your symptoms.

    If youre looking for a supplement that contains the probiotics you need, as well as other ingredients that will help to improve your digestion and balance your hormones, be sure to check out Provitalize.

    This ground-breaking probiotic supplement will help to support your body and minimize many of the side effects that occur during menopause, including increased cravings and weight gain. Order your first bottle today and try it risk-free. All auto-ship orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and all non-auto-ship orders come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

    Stay Updated

    Does Menopause Weight Gain Go Away

    As you get older, you might notice that maintaining your usual weight becomes more difficult. In fact, many women gain weight around the menopause transition. Menopause weight gain isn’t inevitable, however. You can reverse course by paying attention to healthy-eating habits and leading an active lifestyle.

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    Should I Take Herbal Remedies For My Menopause Symptoms

    There are lots of herbal remedies available to treat menopause symptoms, but theres little evidence to suggest that they work if they did, theyd be prescribed on the NHS.

    Whats more, some may cause unpleasant side effects or may interact negatively with other medications youre taking. If youre thinking about trying herbal remedies for your symptoms, make sure you run it past your GP first.

    You should also make sure that any remedy you buy is labelled with the traditional herbal registration marking.

    Lemon Balm Melissa Officinalis

    Natural Hormone Balance for Women Adrenal Support and ...

    Family: Lamiaceae

    Lemon balm leaves have been used for more than 2000 years in Europe and the Middle East to calm digestion, lighten mood and improve memory, and for insomnia and anxiety. It is generally taken as a tea, either using the dried or fresh herb. Per cup, use 1 teaspoon of dried herb or 23 teaspoons of fresh herb, and infuse for 510 minutes. Drink up to 3 cups per day. To aid sleep, combine with valerian and drink one hour before bed.

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    Lumity Morning & Night Supplements

    As we get older, and particularly as we go through the change, skin and hair can literally dry up. This is thanks to plummeting hormones, however, there are supplements that can help restore your skin and hair to their prime. We tried a lot in this category and unfortunately for this one, we found the more you pay, the better results you get.

    Andrea McLean really loves this Lumity combo: Ive been taking them for about three months and Ive genuinely noticed a big difference in my nails, and my skin.

    This is due to the high level of Omega 3 and amino acids. They dont only make your hair shiny though, they also help boost your immune system and create strong bones and teeth. Top tip, you can get 15% off your first order by signing up to their newsletter!


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