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What Are The Symptoms Of Menopause Uk

Perimenopause Symptoms Every Woman Should Know About

The first signs & symptoms of menopause

Knowledge is power, which is why recognising the symptoms of the perimenopause can help you handle them so much better

Knowledge is power, which is why recognising the symptoms of the perimenopause can help you handle them so much better…

If youre in your late 30s or 40s, no doubt Judy Blumes Are You There, God? Its Me, Margaret prepped you for the start of your periods; Just Seventeen and More magazines held your hand during puberty; while your friends warned you how haywire hormones go during pregnancy and after childbirth. But theres one hormonal rollercoaster thats traditionally been hushed up.

Step forward the perimenopause, aka menopauses younger sister, which many of us blindly and begrudgingly enter in our 40s, but sometimes as early as our late 30s.

The perimenopause is a time to reassess, reposition and reset aspects of your life that arent working for you. Out with the old, in with the new, says Emma Bardwell, a nutritionist who specialises in the peri- and menopausal years .

‘Understanding perimenopause can help you to have a better relationship with your body’

On top of this, understanding perimenopause can help you to have a better relationship with your body, boosting your confidence and countering creeping anxiety that physically and mentally things are changing.

What Is The Menopause Success Summit

The purpose of the Menopause Success Summit is to provide clear and detailed information from a variety of experts regarding the menopause and to help and inspire women who are at various stages of their menopause journey. Theres a significant amount of misinformation out there and the Menopause Success Summit aims to take away the mystery of the menopause.

Theres an array of expert speakers attending this years event including the host; Catherine OKeeffe, also known as the Wellness Warrior, who is a professional menopause coach from Ireland. Other speakers include:

  • Meaghan Esser A nutritionist from Canada
  • Diane Danzebrink A menopause counsellor from the UK
  • Amanda Thebe An expert on womens fitness and health from the USA.
  • Dr Zoe Williams An NHS GP who is also one of ITVs This Morning residents doctors.
  • Dr Lisa Mosconi Director of the Womens Brain Initiative and associate professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and Radiology at WCMC.
  • & many more!

The speakers will aim to cover all aspects of the menopause, including discussing issues that arent commonly spoken about on other platforms. Attendees can listen to what each expert has to say throughout the day and will have access to the recorded talks via a personal email link. Attendees will also be able to ask questions to the speakers via the platform chat box function.

What Are The Different Types Of Hrt

The type of HRT prescribed depends on your individual situation. If you have a;uterus ;then a combination of oestrogen and progestogen HRT would be recommended.

Oestrogen alone can cause abnormal thickening of the lining of your uterus, which can lead to bleeding. Adding progestogen will prevent this. Progestogen may be given in the form of tablets, patches, or a hormone-containing coil.

If combined HRT is started before you have the menopause or within 12;months of your last period then you will be offered a cyclical combined HRT, which should give you regular monthly withdrawal bleeds.

If you start combined HRT more than 12;months after your last period, you may be offered continuous combined HRT . You may experience some vaginal bleeding in the first 3;months, but after this it should stop.

If you have had a;hysterectomy;then you will be offered oestrogen-only HRT.

Women who notice a low sex drive after the menopause may be offered another hormone called testosterone. This is a hormone linked to sex drive in both men and women.

HRT is available as oral tablets, skin patches, injections, body gel or spray, or vaginal ring, cream, or pessary.

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What Can I Do To Help Myself

To help you manage hot flushes, simple things like wearing light clothing, using a fan and keeping your bedroom cool could help.

If youre struggling with your mood, consider trying self-help measures like relaxation, getting enough sleep and staying active.;Regular physical activity and eating a healthy diet can also help to improve menopausal symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Therapy After Breast Cancer

Pin on Healthy living

Many women in the UK take hormone replacement therapy to reduce menopausal symptoms. But doctors don’t recommend taking HRT;after breast cancer.

This is because we know that HRT can increase the risk that the breast cancer will come back. It also increases the risk of developing another breast cancer. But some doctors will prescribe HRT, particularly if you are having very severe menopausal symptoms.

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Long Term Health Impacts Of The Hormonal Changes Of The Menopause

A lack of estrogen through the postmenopausal years can cause physical and psychological changes and have long term impacts on health. You may be at increased risk of developing some conditions, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, and dementia.

Your doctor can advise about relevant screening programmes and preventative measures to keep you healthy as you age.

Decreased Libido And Vaginal Dryness

Part of the problem with a low libido is that decreased levels of sex hormones can lead to vaginal dryness, says Dr Rosen. Your GP can prescribe a local oestrogen treatment gel or a pessary that can help with oestrogen levels. Because these only treat the local area, they are safer to use than hormonal replacement therapy , which affects the whole body.

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New Guidelines Are A Gold Standard For Managing Menopause

Dr Imogen Shaw, a GP with special interest in gynaecology and member of the NICE guideline development group, said: ;Women should not feel they have to suffer in silence when menopause is affecting their daily lives at work and at home.

The effects of menopause are often misunderstood and underestimated it can impact on health significantly in both the long term and short term. Menopause can cause unbearable hot flushes and night sweats.

I really hope these guidelines will stimulate interest from women in exploring how they can best manage their menopausal years.

Christine Carson, Programme Director at the NICE Centre for Clinical Practice, said: Women dont always get the help they need from their GP, practice nurse or hospital specialist to manage their symptoms but this guideline recommends effective treatments which can help.

The message to women is clear talk about the menopause with your clinician if you need advice on your symptoms – its very important to discuss the options to find what might help you.

Professor Mary Ann Lumsden, chair of NICE guideline development group and honorary consultant gynaecologist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, added: The guideline covers the treatment of symptoms and also looks again at the place of HRT in treating menopausal women.

It emphasises that, for most women, HRT is a very effective treatment for several menopausal symptoms, for example hot flushing and also reduces the risk of osteoporotic fracture.

Hot Flushes & Night Sweats

5 strange menopause symptoms you might experience

The hot flush, usually accompanied by sweating, is said to be the most common symptom encountered. It is experienced by over 80% of women going through the menopause. The problem arises as changes in hormone levels upset the temperature regulating part of the brain.

As hot flushes and sweats often occur together, the two terms are commonly used interchangeably to describe the same set of symptoms. A night sweat is simply excessive sweating or a hot flush at night. As night sweats can cause sleep problems, they have the potential be disruptive to quality of life.

Sudden changes in room temperature, eating spicy foods as well as stress can trigger hot flushes and sweats.

Read more about hot flushes and night sweats in the menopause.

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You Feel Beyond Your Years

Hormone interruption has many women suffering joint pain, which really adds insult to injury, leaving you feeling like you cant enjoy the activities you like to do.

Many women are concerned that this is not normal but perimenopause actually affects most women at some stage in their lives. If you are suffering, youre not alone and it is worth asking for help. It may be as simple as revisiting contraception choices or it may be worth exploring gentle and appropriate hormone replacement therapy . Talking about it is the first step to taking back control of your quality of life.

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How Long Do The Symptoms Of Menopause Last

The short answer is that it varies, depending on the individual. Dr Shree told HELLO!: “Whilst most women will experience some menopausal symptoms, the type of symptom, severity and duration really varies from person to person. Women usually experience symptoms for 4-5 years after their last period – although they can last longer.”

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Which Treatment Is Best For My Vaginal Dryness

Many women find using vaginal moisturisers and lubricants helpful for vaginal dryness. Ask your healthcare professional about the best one for you.Oestrogen given vaginally in the form of a tablet, cream or ring is effective in treating vaginal dryness. Low-dose vaginal oestrogens can be used for as long as you need to and can also be safely used in combination with HRT. These can also reduce bladder infections and help urinary symptoms, known as genitourinary syndrome of menopause . If you experience any unexpected vaginal bleeding, you should tell your healthcare professional. Other forms of HRT can also help with vaginal dryness.There is growing evidence that laser vaginal rejuvenation alone or in combination with HRT significantly improves vaginal and urinary symptoms . In our practice we use Femifine laser vaginal rejuvenation , a painless, 15-minute office procedure with particularly good results.

There Are Over 20 Symptoms Of The Menopause

Essential things one should know about Menopause!!

These include:

  • Hot flushes and night sweats
  • Low mood
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal discomfort
  • Urinary incontinence or repeated urine infections
  • Joint pain and aching muscles
  • Bloating
  • Forgetfulness
  • Breast tenderness

Many women have different experiences of the menopause and find that symptoms can come and go.

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Perimenopause Symptoms: What Are The First Signs Of Perimenopause Startingcan Perimenopause Make You Feel Weird

A change of periods is an early tell-tale sign, but because numerous oestrogen receptors are in the brain, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and having trouble concentrating or remembering can also be the first signs of plummeting oestrogen. Its common for the perimenopause to change your moods, your emotions and your levels of motivation, says Dr Newson.

And its these psychological symptoms, as well as a loss of self-confidence plus depressive symptoms, that bother women the most. Even those whove never felt anxious, now find themselves worrying about things for the first time.

In fact, one new study found nearly half of all women experience depressive symptoms during the perimenopause due to the brains sensitivity to changing hormonal patterns. Nobody is immune, although some studies indicate those whove struggled with PMS or PND in the past, who might have a higher sensitivity to hormones, may be more predisposed.

If these symptoms are happening when youre also busy with your career, have young children or ageing parents and youre not having the classic symptoms of hot flushes you may not know its the perimenopause, says Saska Graville, founder of MPowered Women , a community hub of doctors and wellbeing experts helping to break the taboo.

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The 34 Symptoms Of Menopause

The average age of menopause is 51. Menopause refers to a period in a womans life when she stops having a menstrual period. Many people think that a woman stops having her period overnight when in reality, menopause is a process that can last for years.

The period leading up to menopause is known as perimenopause. Most women begin perimenopause in their 40s. Some women may experience so few symptoms that they do not realize they have entered perimenopause . However, for others, symptoms can be severe and life-altering.

There are a total of 34 symptoms that can signify the arrival of menopause, which range from mild to disabling in nature.

Premature And Early Menopause

How to spot the signs of menopause – BBC News

If you reach the menopause before 40, it’s called premature menopause. When the menopause happens between 40 and 45, its called an early menopause.

Get the personalised support you need from a specially trained Bupa GP, including an individual care plan. Find out more about the Bupa Menopause Plan >

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Treatments For Menopausal Symptoms

Your GP can;offer treatments and suggest lifestyle changes if you have severe menopausal symptoms that interfere with your day-to-day;life.

These include:

Your GP may refer you to a menopause specialist if your symptoms do not improve after trying treatment or if you’re unable to take HRT.

Whats An Hba1c Reading

The charity Diabetes UK explained: HbA1c is your average blood glucose levels for the last two to three months.

If you have diabetes, an ideal HbA1c level is 48mmol/mol or below; if youre at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, your target HbA1c level should be below 42mmol/mol.

Diabetics are advised by Dr Brewer to cut back on carbohydrates by following a low glycemic index diet.

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Water And Gas Bloating

If youre noticing swollen, puffy ankles, feet and hands, it could be down to water retention. The hormonal changes that our bodies undergo during the menopause prompt our bodies to store more water in our extremities.

Tips for combating this include cutting back on the amount of sodium in your diet, increasing your potassium intake and reducing everyday stress. Feeling overwhelmed encourages the production of cortisol, which prompts water retention.

If your bloating is accompanied by stomach pains, it could be gas retention. A solution is to chew food more slowly, have smaller meals and cut back on fizzy drinks.

Causes Of The Menopause

Headache Menopause Fatigue

The menopause is a natural part of ageing. It happens when your ovaries run out of or stop producing eggs. Your ovaries also make the hormone oestrogen, so when they stop working, theres a drop in your blood level of this hormone. This change disrupts your periods and causes the symptoms of the menopause.

Some things can cause the menopause to happen early. These include the following.

  • surgery to remove your ovaries , which may be done during a;hysterectomy.
  • Some types of medicine, including;chemotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy to your pelvic area.
  • Premature ovarian failure when your ovaries stop working early. Doctors dont know why this happens but it can run in families. And it may not always be permanent.

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Do A Reputation Check

FDA warning letters are sent to brands that make unverified health claims. These letters are available online, so you can see which brands have been sent one.

You can also check online reviews and do a Google search to see if the brand has been subject to any lawsuits.

According to the World Health Organization , CBD is generally considered safe, with very few side effects. Still, some people may experience side effects such as:

  • fatigue
  • changes in appetite or weight

The FDA also notes that theres still much we dont know about CBD , so its hard to say what the long-term effects are.

CBD may also interact with some medications, so its important to speak with a doctor before you try it.

If you arent interested in using CBD to treat symptoms of menopause, or it doesnt seem to be working for you, there are other options. Home remedies, lifestyle changes, and alternative treatments can all help manage symptoms.

If you have any concerns about menopausal symptoms, or theyre getting in the way of daily life, speak with a doctor. You should also talk with a doctor if youre under 45 and experiencing symptoms of menopause.

Symptoms of menopause can be unpleasant, and its normal to want to look for solutions and methods of management. While theres no evidence of the benefits of CBD on menopause specifically, there are studies that show it may be effective for treating some symptoms.

Speak with a doctor if this is something youd like to explore.

Psychological Or Social Conditions

Numerous psychological and social theories have been proffered to explain why women may become depressed during perimenopause. Some of these are related to the following factors:

  • Change in the childbearing role

  • Loss of fertility, which may be associated with a loss of an essential meaning of life

  • Empty nest syndrome

  • The societal value of youth .

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