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What Are The Best Supplements To Take For Menopause

Advantages Of Using Menopause Supplements

  • They improve the quality of life for the menopausal woman
  • Reduce menopausal weight gain
  • Improve sex drive and libido
  • Reduce fatigue and improve energy
  • Calm the intensity of hot flashes
  • Help in reducing night sweats
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Relieve joint pains and headaches
  • Help to alleviate insomnia
  • Produce no harmful, long-term side effects

Lindens Hair Skin And Nails

As women go through menopause, they can experience a number of changes to their skin, hair and nails. When hormone levels start to change, the skin produces less collagen and natural oils, which can make it more difficult to retain moisture – leading to dry, flaky and sensitive skin. Meanwhile, nails can become drier and more prone to breakage, and hair can become thinner and more brittle.

The right nutrients are essential in helping to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Lindens Hair, Skin and Nails tablets contain over 20 micronutrients designed to help keep you feeling healthy and looking great.

How Do You Stop Weight Gain During Menopause

For many women, one of the most troubling aspects of going through menopause is weight gain. This is a common side effect of the hormone changes that occur when menstruation stops, but its not inevitable.

If youre worried about gaining weight and want to do what you can to prevent it, listed below are some of the most effective strategies you ought to consider trying:

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Do Menopause Supplements Work

As already mentioned, menopause supplements may work for some women, but because the studies on these products and their ingredients are inconclusive, we cannot know for sure.

What we do know is that women taking these supplements claim they offer relief and these claims often come from clinical trials.

Menopause supplements containing black cohosh are most likely to work, but so are those containing other botanicals that affect the hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Some of the botanicals used in menopause supplements address anxiety and depression symptoms, which might directly impact the severity of menopause symptoms.

This is because the severity of hot flashes and night sweats can become worse as a result of depression and anxiety as found in one study published in the journal Menopause.

What Is The Best Natural Hormone Replacement For Menopause

Menoclear Day  Menopause Supplement Relieves Hot Flashes ...

When it comes to choosing menopause and perimenopause supplements, there are tons of options on the market. Not all of them are created equal, though. Plenty of products that claim to be great forms of natural hormone therapy dont contain any ingredients that are truly beneficial.

Before you start taking any kind of supplement, its important to check the ingredients list and ensure there are studies and reviews from doctors backing up the product. The following are some of the most thoroughly researched supplements women needing menopause help might want to consider:

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Menopause Relief + Mood From Estroven

This is a reliable product that comes with lots of great results and very little side effects. This makes it a great product for women who are sensitive to hormonal supplements but still want to use them.

Product Highlights

The main ingredient, Black Cohosh, is an herb that is sourced naturally and will provide relief of menopause symptoms. Another ingredient, Soy Isoflavones, has proven to be very effective in providing relief for the hot flashes menopausal women experience.

It will not just help with hot flashes, but it will also help reduce the chances of night sweats, giving you a better nights rest. This product is gluten-free, as well as lactose-free, and that makes it safe to be used by everybody.

The Good

All the ingredients are clinically tested, so you get a product that is quite safe to be used by most people. This product comes with 30 caplets included, and that should be enough to last for a whole month.

The Bad

Even though this is a great product, it might take a while to take effect with some people. There is also the problem that this product is not equally effective for all people, and some might not see results at all.


  • Safe to use for most women
  • Comes with 100% natural ingredients
  • Clinically tested ingredients
  • Enough for a whole month


  • Might take a while to work
  • Will not work well for all people

What Is The Best Supplement For Perimenopause

It is hard to pinpoint one best supplement for perimenopause, as symptoms can differ from person to person!

However, we have listed a range of different supplements suitable for supporting a whole variety of perimenopause symptoms, so its best to do your research based on your own experience and choose from that.

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Vitality Cbd Gummy Bears

A report done in 2010 found that CBD, a chemical compound from the cannabis plant, helped reduce the symptoms of depression. Unfortunately depression and anxiety seem to be one of the major symptoms many women experience going through the menopause, but not everyone wants to take anti-depressants, so this is a great natural alternative.

We tried a couple of CBD supplements and were really pleased with the results. We felt much calmer and not so on edge as we usually feel. However, our top tip is to go for the gummy bears, as the oil tastes disgusting. These gummy bears contain a special blend of high quality CBD oil that really do the business just make sure the kids dont get their hands on them!

Symptomatic Relief From Supplements

BEST Menopause Supplements You Should Be Taking

Hormone replacement therapy is widely acknowledged as the most effective treatment for perimenopause and menopause symptoms due to its unique ability to target the root cause of uncomfortable symptomsdeclining hormone levels. Eating a healthy diet, practicing good sleep hygiene, getting regular exercise, and implementing effective stress management techniques can also be instrumental in feeling your best as you age. However, a growing number of women are also turning to nutritional supplementation to help restore physiological tranquility, whether used in concert with HRT or on their own. The best supplements for hormone balance include:

Maca root

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable found in the Andes mountains of Peru. It has historically been used to treat sexual dysfunction and enhance fertility, but it can also play a critical role in supporting women during the menopause transition. Unlike many other herbal products, Maca does not contain plant hormones, so its benefits seem to be achieved by modulating the balance of endogenous hormones rather than introducing exogenous hormones. Researchers have found that Maca had a hormone-balancing effect, alleviates uncomfortable symptoms, and lowers body weight, blood pressure, serum triglycerides and cholesterol in perimenopausal women. Indeed, some believe that Maca may be a viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy for some women.

I3C and DIM


Vitex agnus-castus

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How Do I Get The Best From My Supplements

It is always best to follow the instructions on the package of your supplement, but broadly speaking, you should:

1. Pop your pills in the morning

As a general rule, supplements are best taken in the morning. This helps you get the benefits from the nutrients throughout the day. However, always read the info on the pack, as there are exceptions, for example, supplements to support better sleep.

2. Take them with food

Supplements are usually best taken with food to help your body effectively absorb the nutrients within the supplement. You can be confident that you will be getting a good absorption rate because you are buying good quality supplements like the ones on Health & Her, but taking it with food just gives you that little bit of extra help!

3. Avoid washing them down with coffee

Caffeine stops absorption of vitamins and minerals due to its composition. Theres also an impact of taking a herb with hot water this can often can break down its potency.

4. Give them time to work

Remember that you may notice a difference quite soon after taking a supplement with some products. Other supplements can take longer to take effect. It all depends on each nutrient and the fact that we are all individuals!

5. Check in with your GP

It is always a good idea to let your GP or healthcare provider know what supplements you are taking. Its important to remember that they havent had formal training on supplements, and dont profess to be 100% expert in all things nutrition.

Is There Help Available

Yes, and you shouldnt hesitate to seek help from products, procedures, and other people to help you create your own menopausal regimen to which your body will be responsive to. You must note though that subscribing to treatments for menopausal symptoms is far from being a rocket science. For the most part, treatment requires a phase of trial and error before you finally find the regimen, and possibly a menopausal relief supplement that suits you well.

It is rather unfortunate that science and technology concerning menopause was slow to progress relative to the advanced treatments of many other health conditions and diseases. At one point, Hormone Replacement Therapy became the most-trusted and, at that time, the most effective way that women could deal with the sometimes painful and sometimes embarrassing symptoms related to menopause. HRT became the salvation menopausal women turned to as soon as when they started to encounter problems during menopause.

However, after the Womens Health Initiative released the results of a 15-year study that showed HRT increased the risks of women who undergo HRT to breast cancer and heart diseases, it didnt take long before the spotlight left HRT. Presently, HRT is now only being prescribed for those who stand to benefit more relative to the risks associated with the treatment. Women and medical practitioners, alike, has since turned to supplementation for answers.

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Dhea: Hormone Of Youth

Natural levels of DHEA hormone drop in our bodies after age 30. Some small studies have found that DHEA supplements ease menopause symptoms such as low libido and hot flashes. The evidence is mixed. Other studies have found no benefit. There is some concern that long-term use or high doses of DHEA may raise the risk of breast cancer.

Q: How Long Should I Take Supplements For Menopause

Menopause Relief,Dim Supplement,Hot Flash,Hormone Estrogen ...

You should take supplements for menopause for at least 3 months and up to 6 months to get the best results. Some of the supplements might start to take immediate effect, and others might take a few months to provide you with the best benefits.

You should always use the supplements for as long as your doctor advises you to take them for the best results. If you are using these supplements at your own discretion, follow the instructions that come with the supplement product.

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Wild Yam: Alternative To Hormones

Pills and creams made from certain species of wild yam are popular alternatives to hormone therapy for menopause. Some of the natural compounds in these yams appear similar to estrogen and progesterone, but it’s possible they are not active in people. So far, clinical studies have not found that they ease menopause symptoms.

Symptoms Of Menopause: What Helps

Theres no question that these symptoms are often unpleasant. Weve got good information for you, too, though.

There are lots of steps women can take and products they can use to manage their symptoms and support their bodies. The following are some of the most common treatment recommendations women may receive from their doctors:

  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Vaginal estrogen
  • Low-dose prescription antidepressants

Sometimes, doctors also recommend medications and supplements that are meant to reduce ones risk of osteoporosis.

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Should I Take Herbal Remedies For My Menopause Symptoms

There are lots of herbal remedies available to treat menopause symptoms, but theres little evidence to suggest that they work if they did, theyd be prescribed on the NHS.

Whats more, some may cause unpleasant side effects or may interact negatively with other medications youre taking. If youre thinking about trying herbal remedies for your symptoms, make sure you run it past your GP first.

You should also make sure that any remedy you buy is labelled with the traditional herbal registration marking.

The Best Menopause Supplements To Start Using Today

Whats the best supplement for menopause?

Every year in the United States, approximately 1.3 million women become menopausal. When going through this period, most women experience a variety of unpleasant side effects, from weight gain and hot flashes to mood swings and night sweats.

The good news is that there are a lot of supplements designed to help women naturally control their symptoms. Read on to learn more about the most effective strategies and menopause supplements you can try today.

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What To Look For When Choosing Menopause Supplements

When choosing a menopause supplement, look for ingredients such as black cohosh, red clover, and saint johns wort. These ingredients were found to be highly effective in peer-reviewed clinical trials. A lot of menopause supplements also contain phytoestrogens from soy and other plants, but their efficiency is still unknown.

Other than that, you will find many different ingredients in menopause supplements that treat symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, depression, and vaginal dryness. Because the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, it can be hard to tell if the ingredients in your product are safe.

However, some products are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and by the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, which is a sign that a product is safe for use.

Furthermore, look for products offering a money-back guarantee as this also is a sign that the manufacturer has your safety and satisfaction in mind. This also means you wont be throwing money away on products that dont offer any relief.

Vitamin B Complex For Menopause

You may want to consider adding in extra vitamin B for menopause symptoms. Not only are B vitamins responsible for full-body energy, they also can support healthy brain function.

Multiple studies have also found an association between vitamin B deficiency and cognitive decline during menopause.1 Specifically, vitamins like B12 can help to support brain function and may help slow age-related cognitive decline.

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Natural Remedies For Menopause

In addition to diet, there are many natural remedies that have been used by naturopathic doctors for centuries to help offer women menopausal relief. Researchers recommend using maca root, for example, which allows the endocrine system to better regulate mood, metabolism, and energy levels all of which can serve to alleviate pesky irritations caused by menopause. Though its unclear exactly how maca works, experts believe it may suppress the follicle-stimulating hormone , which is important, because low estrogen levels and high FSH levels may cause hot flashes.

Root herb black cohosh, flaxseed, red clover, and evening primrose oil have all been shown to help quell hot flashes, while plant extract kava, which can help with generalized anxiety, and St. Johns Wort, which treats mild to moderate depression, are sometimes used to help control mood swings.

If you need some help beyond what your diet and natural remedies can provide, it may be time to take a supplement. Read on for Womans Worlds picks for the best menopause supplements for women over 50!

Note: Before taking any herbs, supplements, or vitamins, its imperative that you first talk to your doctor, as some herbs are not compatible with other medicines, and/or medical conditions, such as liver disease.

Menopause Supplements For Weight Gain

Buy Natural Menopause Supplements

Do you find yourself gaining weight during menopause even though your diet and exercise routine havent changed? Youre not the only one. Hormonal changes, along with age-related slowing of metabolism, leave many menopausal women struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Vitamins and supplements may help to provide support.

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Identify And Decrease Consumption Of Trigger Foods

In many cases, during or leading up to menopause, your doctor will also recommend reducing your consumption of foods that are high in sugar, as well as processed foods and alcohol. These foods and beverages can cause blood sugar swings and energy crashes. For some women, they might also worsen symptoms like night sweats, weight gain, and poor sleep.

If you notice that certain foods or beverages make your symptoms worse, these are considered trigger foods. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Pastries and baked goods
  • Fast food
  • Fatty meats
  • Caffeinated drinks

Spicy foods can make menopause symptoms worse in some women, too. They may contribute to hot flashes or cause digestive issues like heartburn or bloating.

Holland & Barrett Menocool Black Cohosh 60 Tablets

Black cohosh is considered a hormonal support product to aid the symptoms of perimenopause as well as menopause.

Products like these contain phytoestrogens which mimic the effects of oestrogen, compensating for the declining levels of the bodys own oestrogen.

Key features

Another type of deep acting hormonal support is red clover blossoms. Multiple studies have suggested that this may be beneficial for alleviating perimenopause symptoms like hot flushes, anxiety, depression and vaginal dryness.1,2,3,4,5,6

Key features

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • 430mg of red clover extract per capsule
  • Take one to three tablets a day preferably with meals

What our customers say:

Neen 5/5 stars GreatThis product is amazing, works really well for me. I was struggling with peri menopause symptoms and Red Clover has taken my symptoms away. I feel normal again.

Kathryn_T 5/5 stars Fewer hot flushes! I’ve definitely been aware of improvement in menopause symptoms since taking this regularly, and I only take 2 or 3 during a day . Certainly recommend giving it a try.

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