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Is Rescue Remedy Good For Menopause

What Is Bach Rescue Remedy And What Is It Used For

Suffering During Menopause? 6 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

The body is an intricately connected network so something that has an impact on one part of the body will surely impact other areas as well. It is now a well-understood fact that our emotions effect our physical health and that a healthy emotional life can help the body maintain its more natural state.

In the early 20th century, a British physician named Dr. Edward Bach, focused his studies on how healing negative emotions can lead to the body righting and healing itself. He was convinced that emotional wellbeing was key to good health. One of the ways he believed negative emotions could be transformed was through the therapeutic properties of flowers.

Bach went on to develop healing flower essences by infusing spring water with wild flowers, either by a sun-steeped method or by boiling. Each remedy was then blended in an alcohol base and bottled for use as needed. Drops are taken directly by mouth, placing a few drops under the tongue, or added to water and sipped slowly.

Cranberry Juice For Urinary Tract Infections

A study of 373 women with a history of urinary tract infections showed that those who drank a glass of cranberry juice daily had a 40 per cent reduction in the number of UTIs compared with those who drank a placebo. While other studies have been mixed about the effect of cranberry juice on UTIs, scientists think a compound in cranberry juice can prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.

Dosage Of Jan De Vries Female Essence

Directions For Use:Adults: 5 drops in a little water 3 times daily. Can be used at intervals up to 6 times daily if required.

This product is not recommended for children.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, please seek advice from a healthcare professional before using this product.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

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How Do You Manage Your Menopausal Anxiety By Midlife You’ll Have Developed Your Own Wisdom And Personal Preferences Choose Help That Appeals To Your Current True Self Here Are 15 Suggestions For You To Consider:

  • 1. TALK TO OTHERS. Sharing;your feelings and emotions;is often the best way to discover that many others are actually feeling the same way. It’s easy to;think you are slowly going mad or getting early dementia.; Bringing up the;subject can be hard and make you feel very vulnerable if you feel you’re the only one not coping. You’ll be surprised how many women are relieved to share this conversation. You can help each other to get to the root of your anxieties by talking. If you don’t feel you have anyone to talk to, please chat with the women on this page. Visit the Comments section below and meet your soul-sisters. You’ll find some great advice here on coping mechanisms.
  • 2. EXERCISE EVERY DAY;30 MINS!!. Pick the forms of exercise you really enjoy and do something every day for 30 minutes. This could be walking, running, swimming, cycling, yoga, tai-chi, roller skating or dance – whatever appeals to you. Consistency is the key in helping you burn off some of that nervous energy. Studies have shown that anxiety can be significantly reduced by regular, gentle exercise,;so;it is well worth making it a part of your daily routine.
  • 3. FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING. When you feel overwhelmed take a few minutes to calm your breathing.;Breathe in deeply and;count to;7, hold for 2 and then breathe out counting to 11. After a few, deep relaxing breaths, your body and mind can slow down and your thoughts can become much clearer.

My Second Spring E-book

Flower Essences And The Menopause

Rescue Remedy®

Once a word that was whispered by our mothers it now seems that everyone is talking about it … of course it might be my age or it might be that at last we, as women, are reclaiming our power, our bodies, our emotions ;and feel able to talk openly, without shame, about the natural changes that are occurring within us.

Whatever the reason, if you are reading this, you have some interest in the menopause and are looking for natural help to cope with the symptoms that can occur to varying degrees. We are all different and, hopefully, the wisdom we have gained so far in our rich and varied lives, has taught us that there is no one size fits all when it comes to anything.

However flower essences really can help you deal with whatever emotional challenges that are occurring in your life as you negotiate these changes. Whether that be anxiety, irritability, mood swings, brain fog, change in sleep patterns, loss of interest in sex, loss of confidence or any of the various other problems that are associated with this shift into the next phase of our life as strong, powerful, interesting, wise, sexy women.

I truly believe that menopause is an exciting transition into the next phase of life and with the support of flower essences this part of our journey can be fun and uplifting and easy. This isnt the end of our femaleness – it is a chance to change, to shift our focus, to move gracefully into our wisdom and power.

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Herbal Allies For Hormone Balancing

According to Andrea Fleetwood, RNCP, RHN, the natural way of working with the process of peri-menopause and menopause, and minimizing the discomforts associated with it, is to restore hormonal balance naturally. She prefers herbal medicines which are backed by a long history of use in folklore medicine combined with modern research:

Maca Root: This nutrition-packed root vegetable, also known as peruvian ginseng, is reputed to increase energy and physical stamina while nourishing the endocrine glands and alleviating menopausal symptoms.; It is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and has been used as a traditional source of both food and medicine by indigenous people since the time of the Incas. Maca is a powerful adaptogen that has long been used to treat menopausal symptoms and is now being prescribed by some health practitioners as a safe alternative to synthetic HRT.

According to Fleetwood, Macas reputation as a powerful enhancer of strength, stamina, and libido-fertility goes back more than 500 years, and today it is gaining worldwide attention. From a nutritional standpoint, maca is rich in natural sugar, proteins, starches, and important minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous.

Because Maca root powder is such a powerful herb, some herbalists recommend that you start at a low dosage, building up the dosage gradually over a period of months, and take one day per week off from it to allow the body to adjust.


How Does Menopause Affect Seizures

We know that the hormones produced by the ovaries, including estrogen and progesterone, can affect seizures, so we should expect changes as the levels of these hormones change around the time of menopause. The relationship is complicated, however. Estrogen can increase seizure activity but progesterone can reduce it. When levels of both hormones decrease at menopause, the result is hard to predict.

As a group, women with epilepsy who have gone through menopause have about the same frequency and severity of seizures as younger women, but this statistic hides a lot of individual differences.

  • In one study, one-third of the women who had epilepsy before menopause reported no change in their seizures. A slightly larger proportion reported worsening of their seizures, and a slightly smaller number reported improvement.
  • Another study also found groups in which seizures were unchanged, increased, or decreased. Women who had a pattern of catamenial epilepsy were more likely to have fewer seizures after menopause, but they had more seizures during the period of changes just before menopause .
  • Both of these studies involved small numbers of women. Larger studies are needed to better identify which women are likely to have improved or worsening seizures. In the meantime, most women with epilepsy will need to take a wait-and-see approach to seizure management as they experience menopause.

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Vitamin D: Get Some Sun

Vitamin D is just as important as calcium for bone health. Without vitamin D, your body can’t absorb calcium. Most adults need 600 IU daily. Those 71 and older need 800 IU per day. Vitamin D is in many foods and supplements, but there’s another source: the sun.

Tip: You may have heard that your body produces vitamin D when exposed to sun. That’s true, but even small amounts of sun can lead to skin damage. It’s best to focus on food and use supplements if you don’t get enough in your diet.

Acupuncture May Ease Troublesome Menopausal Symptoms

5 natural remedies for common menopause symptoms

Linked to reductions in hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, sleep disturbance, skin and hair problems

A brief course of acupuncture may help to ease troublesome menopausal symptoms, suggests a small study published in the online journal BMJ Open.

Among women dealing with moderate to severe symptoms, acupuncture was associated with reductions in hot flushes, excess sweating, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and skin and hair problems.

The findings prompt the researchers to conclude that acupuncture offers a realistic treatment option for women who cant, or dont want to, use hormone replacement therapy .

Menopausal symptoms are common, and depending on their severity, can have a major impact on quality of life, health and wellbeing, as well as productivity.

Hot flushes are one of the most common symptoms, and these can go on for several years. But others include heavy sweating, emotional vulnerability, sleep disturbances, fatigue, fuzzy brain, joint pain, vaginal dryness and reduced sex drive.

Hormonal and other drugs can treat the various symptoms, but they are not without side effects. And the evidence for other non-pharmacological approaches, such as exercise, relaxation, and herbal/dietary remedies, isnt very convincing, say the researchers.

Previous research suggests that acupuncture might be helpful, but design flaws or quality issues have undermined the findings, say the researchers.

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How To Use Sage

To use sage to help manage hot flashes, as well as other menopausal symptoms, you can drink sage tea. Steep one teaspoonful of the dried herb in one cup of boiling water for ten minutes. Drink one to three cups daily. Blend with equal parts of dried nettles and peppermint for a more beneficial herbal tea.

You can also take sage in capsule or tincture form, but be sure you are purchasing your supplemental herbs from a trusted source. Look for organic, high-quality products for better potency.

Comfrey For Back Pain

This medicinal plant has been used for centuries to treat joint and muscle pain. A study of 215 patients found that applying concentrated comfrey cream to the lower and upper back reduced muscle pain. You can buy it in health food stores and online.

The fountain of youth isnt a mythdelay the aging process with these lifestyle choices.

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Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower blend of five flowers:

  • Impatiens: For those who act and think quickly, and have no patience for what they see as the slowness of others. They often prefer to work alone. Teaches empathy and understanding of and patience with others. Weve found it very fast-acting in alleviating an impatient attitude and lowering stress.
  • Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock, whether experienced recently or in the past. Teaches the ability to recover from traumas and to integrate them into the present life.
  • Cherry Plum: For those who fear losing control of their thoughts and actions and doing things they know are bad for them or which they consider wrong. Teaches trust in ones spontaneous wisdom and the courage to follow ones path.
  • Rock Rose: For situations in which one experiences panic or terror.
  • Clematis: For those who find their lives unhappy and withdraw into fantasy worlds. They are ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. Teaches one to establish a bridge between the physical world and the world of ideas; may foster great creativity. Is also used to bring clarity and alertness to the present moment.
  • Rescue Remedy: Comes in several forms including spray, drops, and gum. I used to carry Rescue Remedy drops in my purse while taking college courses. A big presentation or a daunting exam? Id pop a drop, breathe deep, and relax into my task.
  • The Menopause Rescue Protocol Reviews Benefits

    RESCUE REMEDY KIDS Dropper, 10mL  Natural Homeopathic ...
    • If you dont treat the symptoms properly, you might find your menopause bloating and indigestion becomes serious problems.;What can you do?
    • Acid reflux is the leading cause of menopause The Menopause Rescue Protocol Customer Reviews bloating and indigestion.;Acid reflux is when acid from your stomach backs into your esophagus.
    • This sounds familiar? Then youll want to continue reading.;Gastric reflux is the acid that backs up into your stomach.
    • This happens when stomach acid enters through a weakening of the valve between the stomach esophagus.;Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid erodes your esophageal membrane, causing acid reflux symptoms.
    • Many foods and drinks can cause acid reflux symptoms and indigestion.;These foods and drinks include caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, chocolates, tomato products, and other foods.
    • If you suffer from indigestion or menopause, you should The Menopause Rescue Protocol Download avoid these foods and drink alcoholic beverages.

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    The Menopause Rescue Protocol Reviews The Truth About The Program

    These hormones are responsible for a wide range of symptoms, including night sweats, vaginal dryness, and extreme mood swings.

    Both estrogen and progesterone are present in womens bodies, but in The Menopause Rescue Protocol Reviews different amounts.;Women can experience the same symptoms as men when estrogen levels fall.

    One major difference is that estrogen levels drop in women. Men have a second valve in their testes that can stop excess estrogen from getting back into the bloodstream.;This prevents night sweats and hot flashes.

    These hormones are an anti-aging hormonal secretory system that helps our bodies recover from everyday wear and tear.

    Our bodies produce less estrogen as we age.;The Menopause Rescue Protocol System symptoms that are associated with aging can partly be attributed to this drop in estrogen and progesterone production.

    Does Epilepsy Affect The Age Of Menopause

    Menopause is the time of life;when a woman’s ovaries stop working. It usually;occurs at about age 50. There is some evidence that it may occur a decade earlier in some women with epilepsy, especially those with catamenial epilepsy or high seizure rates. Some doctors think this difference may be related to the effects of seizures on the brain structure called the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland, but more research is needed. Most women with epilepsy experience menopause at about the same age as other women.

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    Dong Quai: Empress Of The Herbs

    Dong quai has been used in Chinese medicine as treatment for women’s health for thousands of years. But research in recent times hasn’t found evidence to back this up. One study of dong quai to determine its effects on hot flashes during menopause found no benefits. Because dong quai may have some risks, including cancer when taken long-term, check with a doctor before using it.

    Do Bach Remedies Work

    Best Supplements for Menopause Symptoms | Natural Menopause Treatment

    People have used Bach remedies for many conditions, including anxiety, depression, stress, emotional and physical trauma, cancer, and HIV. Existing reliable research does not back up these claims.

    Results are mixed when it comes to whether they help with emotional issues or pain. They seem to make some people feel better, but it isnât clear if this is a result of the placebo effect or not. The placebo effect means something helps because people expect it to work.

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    Why Are Homeopathic Remedies Good For Menopause

    Homeopathic remedies are used to relieve the symptoms that come with menopause and mostly use natural ingredients. This treatment helps because of the natural components and is most often used in the treatment of the symptoms.

    These ingredients are highly diluted, and many professional people claim that they help the body to heal itself. The active ingredients used with homeopathy come from a wide range of sources found in nature.

    Homeopathic treatments and ingredients used for the treatment of hormone imbalance are natural and very reliable. That is also why there will not be so many adverse side effects when these treatments are used to optimize the hormonal levels.

    When hormone levels are too high or too low, homeopathic treatments will support your body both harmlessly and effectively.

    Clove Oil For Tooth And Gum Pain

    Oil of cloves can sometimes soothe an inflamed tooth, says Dr. Saul Pressner, a dentist in New York City. Clove oil has bacteria-slaying properties and also a numbing effect. Mix a few drops with olive oil to avoid irritation, then swish it in your mouth.

    Discover the 11 home remedies for toothache relief.

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    How Does It Help To Reduce Menopause Symptoms

    Many women find that their symptoms improve with hormone replacement therapy or estrogen/progesterone cream.

    There are ways to reverse many of the symptoms that come with aging.;Natural herbal remedies can be used to naturally increase estrogen and decrease progesterone.

    Red clover has been proven to support healthy The Menopause Rescue Protocol Guide menstrual cycles. This is why it can be helpful for women who are going through menopause.;Red clover has also been traditionally used to treat both menstrual issues and menopause symptoms.

    Red clover supplements may increase estrogen levels due to their high level of phytoestrogens.

    Phytoestrogens, which are plant-based estrogens, mimic the actions of estrogen in the body.;Red clover contains phytoestrogens which stimulate the Prolactin hormone. This is the bodys natural progesterone.

    Women who are nearing menopause may experience symptoms like irritability and mood swings.;Women who are already in their menopause years can find these symptoms very distressing.

    There are many treatments available to relieve symptoms and offer additional support for women going through menopause.;St. Johns Wort, for example, can be used to reduce anxiety and mood swings.

    Acupuncture is another popular natural way to relieve symptoms.;Chinese medicine has used acupuncture for thousands of years to treat various medical conditions, including menopause.


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