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How To Take Evening Primrose Oil For Menopause

What Other Herbal Treatments Are There

Evening Primrose Oil

While evening primrose oil can work for some women, it may have less of an effect on others. Here are three of the best alternative herbal medicines for hot flashes:

  • Black cohosh is scientifically acknowledged for decreasing the severity and quantity of hot flashes.3
  • Dong quai has been used for hot flashes, high blood pressure, and other menopause symptoms.
  • Red clover extract has been found an effective treatment in reducing hot flash intensity.4

Different treatments work better for different people. Click on the following link to find out more about alternative treatments for hot flashes.

Is Hormone Therapy Safe

Menopause hormone therapy, or MHT has been shown by many studies to provide relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes. It has also been shown to benefit cardiovascular function and help prevent osteoporosis while carrying low risk of breast cancer, venous thromboembolism and stroke in women, says Dr Farrell.

Unfortunately, due to some misreporting of data from the 2002 Womens Health Initiative trial, which wrongly suggested HRT caused a sharp rise in the incidence of breast cancer, millions of women around the world still avoid HRT/MHT in the mistaken belief it is unsafe. This may be causing an increase in osteoporosis and earlier death, for example, from heart disease.

The global consensus among expert medical societies now is that HRT/MHT is low risk in healthy women aged 50-60, says Dr Farrell. We would not recommend commencing MHT after 60 years of age, or after 10 years from menopause.

Some women are instead taking pharmacy compounded hormones, in the mistaken belief they are safer and more natural. These compounded hormones are not approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and there are no long-term studies to show their safety and effectiveness, Dr Farrell says.

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The Effects Of Evening

Volume 16 , Issue 4 , 2020

Page: Pages: 12


Background: Evening primrose oil has been a treatment option for reducingmenopausal symptoms, but evidence for its use is inadequate.

Objective: The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of EPO in treating menopausal symptomsamong peri and postmenopausal women.

Study Design: This is a systematic review with meta-analyses of randomised clinical trials .

Methods: We searched CENTRAL, Medline, Embase and trial registries for relevant RCTs. Themethodology and reporting were carried out grounded on references from the Cochrane collaborationand the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses statement. ReviewManager version 5.3.5 was used to perform all the statistical analyses.

Results: Five RCTs, recruiting a total of 402 peri and postmenopausal women were identified. EPOdid not reduce the frequency of daily vasomotor symptoms , frequency of daytime hot flash episodes , frequency of night sweat episodes and severity of vasomotor symptoms in comparison tocontrol. EPO was associated with a minimal reduction in the severity of overall menopausal symptomsin comparison to control . There were insufficientdata to pool results for musculoskeletal symptoms, mood, sexuality, sleeping disorders and qualityof life.

Referenceset al. et al. et al. et al. et al. et al.

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Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

For our body, linoleic and linolenic acids are of vital importance. These polyunsaturated fatty acids in our body are not synthesized, we can get them exclusively with food. So these acids are found in large quantities in the seeds of this plant. The lack of these acids in the body leads to the appearance of dry skin, an increase in its sensitivity, and often to inflammation. In addition to essential fatty acids, the oil contains many necessary vitamins and beneficial components. It can be used not only externally, but also internally as prophylaxis of various diseases.

This oil has antimicrobial, antitumor, antithrombotic, and restorative properties, which helps strengthen immunity, cell membranes, walls of blood vessels, bones. It also has the ability to lower the level of bad cholesterol and blood sugar, normalize blood pressure and hormonal balance, purify the blood, and improve its structure. This oil has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, regulating its work, preventing the development of blood clots and atherosclerotic plaques, as well as the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes. In combination with complex drug treatment, it helps to cure atherosclerosis, in addition, it has the ability to neutralize the negative effects of drugs on the body.

Should I Be Taking Evening Primrose Oil For Menopause

Evening Primrose Oil Softgels

Native to North America and Europe, the yellow evening primrose flower has long been recognised for its therapeutic properties. This biennial plant was widely used to treat sore throats and minor wounds. In recent years, evening primrose oil the oil extracted from evening primrose seeds has demonstrated promise in reducing symptoms of the menopause, alongside improving acne, premenstrual syndrome , and dry skin conditions.

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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Evening Primrose Oil Capsules

Evening primrose oil is well-known for its health benefits, thanks to its unusually rich omega-6 fatty acid content of gamma-linolenic acid and linolenic acid. The body uses gamma-linolenic acid to produce hormone-like compounds called prostaglandins, purported to decrease inflammation . By increasing the production of prostaglandins, evening primrose oil may support the reduction of the hormonal changes associated with menopause.Emerging evidence suggests evening primrose oil may offer relief from a range of menopausal symptoms, including hot flushes, night sweats, breast pain, joint discomfort, and mood changes.Researchers have reported that women taking 500mg of evening primrose oil for six weeks reduced the severity, the frequency and the duration of hot flushes . The participants of the study also noticed an improvement in their overall sense of wellbeing.Also, evening primrose oil is often recommended for cyclical and non-cyclical breast pain, which can commonly arise throughout the menopausal transition. Data suggests that supplementing with evening primrose oil may improve non-cyclical breast pain severity by 38 per cent .There is some evidence that primrose oil may improve morning stiffness . In addition, it is thought that it may regulate inflammation and pain, which is promising for menopausal women complaining of joint pain though research for the effectiveness of evening primrose oil in reducing joint pain in arthritis patients remains inconclusive.

What Are The Side Effects Of Evening Primrose Oil

Reported side effects of evening primrose oil are rare and mild, but include nausea, stomach pain and headache. If you have stomach pain and runny poo, it may mean that your dose is too high. Dont take evening primrose oil if you have bleeding problems or a blood disorder. If youre pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking evening primrose oil.

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Evening Primrose Oil For Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of the most common and talked about symptoms of menopause. Sudden feelings of intense heat, most evident in the face, neck and chest, can cause sweating, which can leave you feeling chilled, according to Mayo Clinic. Hot flashes can also cause uncomfortable night sweats, which can disrupt your sleep.

In a six-week trial published in Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2013, women aged 45 to 59 took 500 milligrams of primrose oil or a placebo daily. Study researchers monitored frequency, severity and duration of hot flashes over six weeks and found that evening primrose reduced the severity of the hot flashes better than the placebo, but didn’t affect frequency or duration.

A study published in Journal of Education and Health Promotion in 2018 divided into two groups 80 postmenopausal women who were still experiencing hot flashes. One group received evening primrose oil while the other received black cohosh, also among the natural remedies for hot flashes. Results showed that both herbs reduced the severity of the hot flashes and improved quality of life, but only the black cohosh was able to reduce the number of hot flashes.

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Side Effects And Interactions

Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil for Women

Evening Primrose Oil is well tolerated and safe if used as recommended. Allergic reactions are rare but possible, as are gastrointetestinal problems. Always take with food if taken as a supplement.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women should not take EPO as it has not been studied in this population. People on anti-psychotic medications or any medications that treat mental illness should not take EPO because of potential drug interactions. It is not recommended for people with seizure or bleeding disorders.

As always be safe and check with your health care provider before starting to take any herbs and supplements.

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How To Use Lavender Oil Aromatherapy For Menopause Relief

One of the easiest ways to benefit from lavender essential oil during the menopause is to inhale it straight from the bottle. This can help to quickly relax your mind and alleviate stress.

You could also put a few drops of lavender in your diffuser and inhale the therapeutic aromas to help you get to sleep and prevent night sweats.

Further reading: Lavender Oil: Uses and Benefits for Hair, Skin, and More .

Against Acne And Psoriasis

Here science contradicts itself again. Evening primrose oil treatment for dermatitis, acne and skin conditions should be prescribed by a specialist and should not exceed 12 weeks.

In this case, it is usually administered orally and even in body oil or cream format. Specifically, natural evening primrose oil contains vitamin E and F , which are two important vitamins for the skin and promote elasticity, hydrate the skin while regulating bait secretion and help rejuvenation of skin cells.

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What Is The Recommended Daily Dose For Evening Primrose Oil And Capsules

For cases of cyclic mastalgia, 1 teaspoon of evening primrose oil daily is recommended, whereas 1 ½ teaspoons per day is recommended for those with diabetic neuropathy. Whenever you use evening primrose oil to treat or alleviate symptoms of a medical condition, you should always consult your doctor first.

Tips For Sharing A Bed And Still Sleeping Well

Benefits From Taking Evening Primrose Oil for Menopause ...

Flaxseed. A popular supplement for all-around health, flaxseed contains lignans that studies show may reduce hot flashes and night sweats. Research also indicates the benefits of flaxseed to cardiovascular health and its role in lowering cholesterol.

Black cohosh. I hear from a lot of women wondering about this supplement for menopause symptoms. The root of the black cohosh plant has a long history of use in Native American traditional medicine to treat menstrual symptoms and symptoms of menopause. Black cohosh is often regarded as a phytoestrogen, but more recent research suggests it may not have estrogenic effects in the bodyhowever, the precise mechanisms of black cohosh are not yet fully understood. Research shows black cohosh may alleviate night sweats and hot flashes, as well as lowering anxiety, and reducing vaginal dryness. Its also been shown to improve sleep, likely because of its stress and anxiety lowering capabilities. Some scientists raise questions about the research of black cohosh and its effectiveness for menopause symptoms, pointing specifically to inconsistency in the analysis and reporting of black cohosh studies.

Vitamins for sleep and menopause

Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and may help lower inflammation. Vitamin E also may contribute to reduced stress and risk for depression, as well as providing protection for your heart and your brain. Research also suggests Vitamin E may help menopausal women with hot flashes and night sweats.

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Do Natural Remedies Work

Many patients use natural medicine as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy . HRT is a treatment that uses synthetic hormones to replace the ones the body loses during menopause. This treatment can have negative side effects that may lead to heart problems. Furthermore, users can only take HRT for a short period of time, usually no longer than five years. For many, evening primrose oil and other natural medicines serve as an alternative remedy for persistent health problems.

Risks And Side Effects

What are the side effects of evening primrose oil? Its considered to be generally safe when used in recommended dosages.

Evening primrose oil side effects are rare, but reported side effects have included headache, stomach upset, nausea, dizziness and rash.

Recent research reveals that too much omega-6 in the diet creates an imbalance that can interfere with production of important prostaglandins. This disruption can result in increased tendency to form:

  • blood clots
  • cancer
  • weight gain

Evening primrose oil pregnancy recommendations vary. Dont take evening primrose or use evening primrose oil to induce labor unless instructed to by your health care provider.

Its thought to be safe for mothers who are nursing however its a good idea to get your doctors advice about supplements in general when breastfeeding.

Is there estrogen in evening primrose oil?

According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Evening primrose oil does not have hormonal properties, but some products that contain it may also contain phytoestrogens, which are plant-derived sources of estrogen.

Who should not take evening primrose oil?

If you take medication for depression, blood thinners or blood pressure medication, speak to your health care provider before consuming evening primrose oil.

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Menopause Evening Primrose Oil

Menopause Evening Primrose Oil is becoming very popular for the treatment of menopause symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, anxiety, fluid retention, irritability, and breast tenderness.

These are more or less the classical signs of PMS which are also common in Peri-Menopause.

The use of menopause Evening Primrose Oil for hot flashes is not as common. Several studies have looked into using EPO for hotflashes but could not find any significant benefit.

The oil is often used in lotions, creams and soaps because of its benefits for the skin.

What Is Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Oil Customer Testimonial

Evening primrose is a flower native to North America but also found in Europe and parts of the Southern hemisphere. The evening primrose has yellow flower petals that bloom in the evening.

In the past, Native Americans used evening primrose for healing purposes. The leaves were used for minor wounds and sore throats, while the entire plant was used for bruises.

Modern medicine uses the oil extract from evening primrose seeds in supplements to treat eczema, breast pain, and menopausal symptoms. Evening primrose oil is high in specific fatty acids.

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Useful For Premenstrual Syndrome

PMS is the name given to the various physical and emotional changes that occur before menstruation, and which usually tend to disappear with it. In other words, it basically consists of the set of both physical and emotional symptoms that appear in a woman before the arrival of menstruation and that finally disappear with it.

In this sense, evening primrose oil can be useful to calm the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome, such as irritation, migraines, pain and swelling, thanks to its richness in prostaglandins and its anti-inflammatory action. In other words, it is suitable for relieving both physical symptoms and emotional discomfort.

What Is Evening Primrose Oil Good For

Protecting our stomach, lowering bad cholesterol, relieving joint pain, using it on our face, soothing conditions caused by PMS… there are are a range of health benefits attributed to evening primrose oil, but what make it an effective option for weight loss? Take note!

  • Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linolenic acid , which can regulate the appetite – reducing it considerably.
  • It facilitates fat burning.
  • It prevents the accumulation of fat deposits in the body.

Once we know the slimming properties of evening primrose oil, you will ask yourself how to use it for this purpose. First, you should know that you can buy evening primrose oil at health food stores or pharmacies. They come in the form of capsules or beads, so you can consume it as a dietary supplement. It is also essential to consult your doctor before you start taking it, and you should make sure that it doesn’t pose a risk to your health. They are not recommended for pregnant women, children and patients with diabetes. We will outline possible side effects a little later.

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Always Get A Doctors Advice

Whether youre curious about alternatives to hormone replacement therapy or you just like the convenience of your local health food store, there is one very important step you need to take before you stock up on supplements: talk to your doctor. Your clinician will be able to help you decide which supplements, if any, are good matches for you.

The Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil For Women And How To Take It

Every woman should be taking

For some time now, more and more women have been learning about the benefits of evening primrose oil, a translucent golden liquid obtained by pressing the seeds of a plant also known as primrose. This plant is native to England and North America, and belongs to the family of the Oenotherae family of onagers.

Different studies have shown that the use of evening primrose oil is extremely interesting for treating certain disorders and diseases related to womens health, hence it is commonly and popularly considered as the womans plant.

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Evening Primrose Oil A Perfect Treatment For Dry Skin

When it comes to home remedies, the Internet is full of misinformation that can cause great and serious consequences, such as baldness, burns, spots on the skin, conjunctivitis, etc. Something similar has happened with evening primrose oil, and it is that hundreds of web pages have come out of nowhere talking about the subject, so we want to put in order all the real information about this plant and also the contraindications.

To begin with, it is convenient to know what evening primrose is, where this plant comes from, how it is grown and where the famous evening primrose oil comes from. Later we will know what it is usually used for, its benefits and the contraindications to its use.

A few paragraphs that will give us many solutions to all the doubts that arise around the evening primrose plant that is being talked about so much today. It is that we must be informed before using it on our skin or ingesting something. Above all, when there are cases like these, where there are very few scientific studies that support the benefits of this plant.


  • 4 Main contraindications

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