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How To Take Black Cohosh For Menopause

Special Precautions & Warnings

Black Cohosh: Best Proven Supplement for Menopause, PMS and Other Female Problems

Pregnancy or breast-feedingPOSSIBLY UNSAFE

Breast cancer: There is some concern that black cohosh may worsen existing breast cancer. Women who have breast cancer or who have had breast cancer in the past, and women at high-risk for breast cancer, should avoid black cohosh.

Hormone-sensitive conditions, including endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and others: Black cohosh acts somewhat like the female hormone, estrogen, in the body. There is some concern that it could worsen conditions that are sensitive to female hormones. Do not take black cohosh if you have a condition that could be affected by female hormones. These conditions include ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, and other conditions.

Kidney transplant: Taking a product containing black cohosh plus alfalfa has been linked to a report of kidney transplant rejection. It is not known if black cohosh is the cause of this rejection. Until more is known, people who have received a transplant should avoid black cohosh.

Liver disease: Some reports suggest that black cohosh might cause liver damage. It is not known for sure if black cohosh is the cause of liver damage in these cases. Until more is known, people with liver disease should avoid taking black cohosh.

St John’s Wort Hypericum Perforatum

Family: Clusiaceae

St John’s wort traditionally has been used for menopausal symptoms of anxiety, irritability, insomnia and depression. It can be useful for hot flushes. It does not possess hormonal actions and its antidepressant action is believed to be due to a combination of active constituents in the herb. St John’s wort has been studied extensively for its effectiveness in mild to moderate anxiety and depression. It may be that St John’s wort is as effective as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of depression, and it may have fewer side effects.

A recent review suggests St John’s wort, alone or combined with other herbs, may be significantly better than placebo in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. it is particularly effective when combined with black cohosh to decrease hot flushes and improve mood.

Precautions: St John’s wort influences your liver enzymes that can reduce or increase the effectiveness of certain medications. It is one of the few herbs that has been studied for interactions with medications. If you are on the following medications, you should be very cautious about using St John’s wort, and consult your own doctor:

  • anticoagulants such as warfarin, heparin, aspirin, apixaban and rivaroxaban
  • digoxin
  • anticonvulsants
  • antidepressant drugs, especially SSRIs or serotonin and noradrenaline reuptake inhibitors
  • cyclosporin

Recommended Dosage Active Amounts Other Details

If using an isopropanolic extract , 20-40mg daily is used in doses of 20mg taking 20mg results in a once daily dosing, whereas taking 40mg is twice daily dosing of the 20mg. This dosage confers 1-2mg of triterpenoid glycosides.

If using an aqueous:ethanolic extract of black cohosh root then doses range from 64-128mg daily which are usually taken in two divided doses. This contributed about the same amount of triterpenoid glycosides.

It is not known whether or not black cohosh needs to be taken with food, although it is sometimes recommended to do so out of prudency.

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Side Effects Of Black Cohosh For Menopause

Black cohosh plant is rich in benefits, still, it is not deprived of side effects as well. Especially, it concerns women who take more than directed or start self-treatment.

The most common black cohosh for menopause side effects include:

  • headache
  • stomach pain
  • skin rashes.

Note, some black cohosh for menopause side effects are rare and may usually vanish within 10-15 minutes after the intake. If they continue to occur, you should report them to your doctor.

Alongside this, there are several precautions regarding the intake of black cohosh. Does black cohosh interact with any medications? Yes, and they include:

  • Lipitor
  • CYP2D6
  • Hepatotoxic drugs.

If you currently take these medications, or you have taken them during the past two weeks, you should inform about them your doctor, as such interactions may cause severe side effects or make black cohosh ineffective. Besides, they may affect liver function, so typically, women who have problems or existing disorders of the liver are contraindicated for the use of black cohosh, and they are prescribed other health supplements.

Do not mix black cohosh with alcohol, it may also alter the efficacy of this health supplement.

What Have We Learned

MenoHerb Black Cohosh Menopause relief Tablets
  • Research suggests that certain black cohosh extracts and some combination products containing black cohosh may reduce some menopause symptoms. Most of the research has been on a single extract called Remifemin. Research on other black cohosh products has had inconsistent results. Guidelines released in 2015 indicate that there is a lack of consistent evidence for any benefit from black cohosh for menopause symptoms. But a 2017 review of recent research suggests that black cohosh extracts approved for treatment in Europe seem to decrease menopause symptoms.
  • The research is inconsistent on whether black cohosh helps to reduce hot flashes that are related to breast cancer treatment. People with breast cancer should avoid using black cohosh before talking with their health care provider.
  • There arenât enough reliable data to show whether black cohosh is effective for other uses.

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How Does Black Cohosh Work

Phytochemicals in black cohosh have far-reaching effects in the body, including helping with immune function, reducing inflammation and boosting feel good neurotransmitters in the brain.

For women in menopause, black cohosh appears to have similar effects to estrogen. Does black cohosh increase estrogen? The answer to this common question is no, black cohosh does not increase hormone production nor is black cohosh an “herbal estrogen” as it is sometimes mistakenly called. Rather, black cohosh has adaptogenic properties that increases the effects of estrogen youre already producing where needed in the body, and decreases the effects of excess estrogen elsewhere.

Pros And Cons Of Black Cohosh

Research shows that black cohosh does appear to have positive impacts on specific menopausal symptoms, but they are very modest and depend on the individual.

A 2010 review of nine studies found that black cohosh was able to provide a 26% reduction in hot flash symptoms and night sweats among menopausal women in seven of the studies. Yet, a 2012 review of sixteen studies found there was insufficient evidence to support the use of black cohosh for menopausal symptoms. A 2013 review found that black cohosh use resulted in a mild, but overall improvement in menopausal women when compared to a placebo. You can see from this sampling of research that the evidence is very mixed on whether black cohosh helps relieve menopause symptoms.

Its important to note that most of the research on black cohosh in menopause has been done with Remifemin, a specific brand of commercially sold black cohosh. In other words, the effectiveness of other black cohosh products in menopausal symptoms is largely unknown. In fact, other research indicates that many black cohosh products are about as effective as a placebo at reducing menopausal symptoms, making it impossible to know which one may or may not help you.

Some of the potential health consequences of using black cohosh include:

– Increased bleeding

– Fatigue

– Mild vision impairments

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Does Black Cohosh Have Side Effects

Black cohosh is generally considered to be a safe supplement however, theres the potential for some drug interactionsincluding breast treatmentsso discuss with your doctor any medications youre taking.

Recent studies have not linked black cohoshs benefits to an estrogen-like effect, which reduces scientists worries about how the supplement might affect uterine and breast tissue. However, women with any hormone-sensitive health conditions should use caution before taking black cohosh supplements. A doctor may recommend avoiding the herb altogether.

Other potential side effects of black cohosh, particularly in high doses, include:

  • Cramps and abdominal pain

How To Store This Product

Black Cohosh – Best Proven Supplement for Menopause, PMS and Other Female Problems

Do not use your tablets after the expiry date.

Return any out-of-date tablets to your pharmacist who will dispose of them for you.

The expiry date is printed on the box and the blister pack.

Do not store the tablets in a place where the temperature goes above 30°C.

Keep the tablets out of the reach and sight of children.

Keep your tablets in the blister pack until it is time to take them.

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Blue Cohosh

Hot Flashes Related To Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast cancer medications such as tamoxifen can cause hot flashes. While many breast cancer patients may take black cohosh to reduce the number and intensity of hot flashes, two well-designed studies concluded that the herb is no more effective than placebo. In addition, Yale researchers report that herbal medicines such as black cohosh may interfere with common breast cancer treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy drugs.

There has been some concern that black cohosh may contain plant-based estrogens, or phytoestrogens, which can stimulate the growth of breast tumors. However, a case-control clinical study of 949 breast cancer cases and 1,524 controls found that black cohosh use had significant protective effects against breast cancer development. More research is needed. Patients with a history of breast cancer, risk factors for breast cancer, or who are actively engaged in breast cancer treatment, should talk to their doctor before taking black cohosh.

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Theres No Proof Black Cohosh Works

Theres really no good evidence that black cohosh makes any difference to menopausal symptoms, says Carpenter, who was the lead author of a major menopause report published in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society in 2015. Theres plenty of anecdotal evidencewomen who say it helped them, Carpenter says, but overall, studies show that itâs no better than a placebo.In particular, Carpenter cites a 2012 Cochrane review that analyzed 16 randomized controlled trials of 2,027 perimenopausal and postmenopausal womenwomen who were either approaching menopause or who had already gone through it. After evaluating the studies, including their design, length, frequency of side effects, and other important factors, the reviewers concluded that when it comes to reducing the frequency of hot flashes, black cohosh worked no better than a placebo.Indeed, that placebo effect could explain why many women say black cohosh relieves their symptoms. We know that in studies women who are given placebos consistently experience a 30 percent reduction in hot flashes, Carpenter says. Women report fewer hot flashes during the day while taking a placebo, and they tell us theyre waking up fewer times in a sweat during the night, she says.

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Menopause And Menopause Symptoms

MenoHerb Black Cohosh Menopause relief Tablets

Alleviating menopause symptoms is the reason most people use black cohosh, and its one of the uses that has the most compelling evidence to support it.

In one study in 80 menopausal women who were experiencing hot flashes, those who supplemented with 20 mg of black cohosh daily for 8 weeks reported significantly fewer and less severe hot flashes than before they started the supplement .

Whats more, other human studies have confirmed similar findings. Though larger studies are needed, black cohosh appears to be beneficial for alleviating menopause symptoms .

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Is Black Cohosh Worth Trying In Menopause

If your symptoms of menopause are severe enough to start googling supplements, black cohosh is worth considering. There arent a ton of studies out there on black cohosh and not all providers recommend it, but some research has had promising results. One study showed a reduction in hot flashes and night sweats by more than 25%. Another reported that women taking black cohosh in menopause were almost 60% less likely to develop breast cancer than those who didnt.

Recent Research On Black Cohosh

A growing body of research supports the use of black cohosh in women seeking natural relief for their menopause symptoms and related womens hormonal health issues. Among recent research findings:

  • Black cohosh reduces hot flashes. In a study of 80 menopausal women who were experiencing hot flashes, those who supplemented with 20 mg of black cohosh daily for 8 weeks reported significantly fewer and less severe hot flashes than before they started the supplement.
  • Black cohosh decreases fibroids. When researchers studied 244 postmenopausal women with uterine fibroids, women who supplemented daily with 40 mg of black cohosh had their fibroids decrease in size by up to 30%.
  • Help for menstrual cycle regulation. In women with irregular periods, especially women with PCOS, black cohosh helped to improve regularity of menstrual cycles.
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    What This Product Is And What It Is Used For

    This product is a traditional herbal medicinal product containing Black Cohosh root. Each film-coated tablet of this product contains 6.5mg of extract from Black Cohosh rhizome and root Nutt.) . Extraction solvent: Ethanol 60% v/v.

    MenoHerb Black Cohosh Menopause Relief is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of symptoms of the menopause, such as hot flushes,night sweats, and temporary changes in mood . This usage is based on traditional use only.

    As there is evidence that Black Cohosh may have hormone-like actions, it should only be used by women of child-bearing potential if contraception is used.

    Whats The Verdict On Black Cohosh

    Treatment of Menopause Symptoms with Black Cohosh

    At this stage in the study of natural menopausal treatments, it is impossible to conclude whether or not black cohosh really does raise estrogen levels during menopause. Every woman’s body responds differently to herbal remedies, so you may find that black cohosh works well to combat your menopausal symptoms, while it might not for someone else. Click here for more information on black cohosh, and other herbal remedies that might help ease menopausal symptoms

    Main Sections

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    Manufacturer Of This Product

    Wiewelhove GmbH, Gildestrasse 39, 49477 Ibbenbüren, Germany

    Traditional herbal registration number: THR 34768/0002

    If you would like further information about this product, please contact:

    Bioplanta Ltd, Alexander house, Mere Park, Dedmere Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1FX

    This information was revised in 10/2020

    Use In Specific Populations

    Generally, black cohosh is safe for most people who are not pregnant or nursing.

    However, theres no need for the supplement to be given to children. Because it may affect hormone levels, it should only be given to adolescents at the direction of a qualified healthcare provider.

    People with kidney disease should be cautious when using black cohosh, as little is known about the bodys ability to excrete it when the kidneys are damaged.

    Additionally, given that one of the most severe potential side effects is liver damage, you should avoid black cohosh supplements if you have liver disease.

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    Black Cohosh For Menopause: Final Verdict

    Black cohosh is most well-known for its beneficial effects in menopause symptoms, in particular when hot flashes make womens lives intolerable. It may positively affect estrogen production and by this balance the whole body system. Furthermore, it is good for mental health which is altered during the menopause stage. Scientists still hesitate these beneficial properties of black cohosh, as fewer studies have been conducted, and a doctor should assess the risks when prescribing it or by choosing it, as other modalities may be available for hot flashes and other menopause signs. If you plan to take black cohosh, address this intention with the doctor to avoid side effects.

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    No Guarantee That Black Cohosh Is In The Bottle

    Pure Naturals Black Cohosh 540 Mg 120 Capsules Menopause ...

    The label may say black cohosh, but because the Food and Drug Administration is not required to test supplement products to make sure they contain what they say they do before they reach the marketplace, theres no good way to be sure that the black cohosh you buy is the real thing.

    One potential problem: There are many varieties of cohosh, including yellow cohosh and blue cohosh, and according to the U.S. Pharmacopeia , a private organization that sets standards for dietary supplements and drugs, these alternative varieties are sometimes substituted for black cohosh or added to the mix.

    And even if the supplements you buy do contain black cohosh, theres no guarantee that they contain the amount of the botanical thats listed on the label. According to the National Institutes of Health, the composition of ingredients in dietary supplements can vary tremendously from one lot to another. A USP Verified mark indicates that the U.S. Pharmacopeia has tested samples of a product to confirm that they contain the amounts they claim on their labels, but there are no USP Verified black cohosh supplements.

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    Evening Primrose Oil Oenothera Biennis

    Family: Onagraceae

    Evening primrose oil originates from the seeds of the flowering plant and is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. It is widely self-prescribed and recommended by health professionals for treating hot flushes however, it has been shown to be no better than a placebo for hot flushes. It may be effective, combined with vitamin E, for premenstrual breast pain.

    Name Of The Medicinal Product

    • Menoherb® Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Tablets
    • Menolieve Film-coated Tablets
    • Higher Nature Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Film-coated Tablets
    • Healthspan Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Tablets
    • Tesco Menopause Relief Black Cohosh Tablets
    • Holland & Barrett MenoCool Black Cohosh Tablets
    • Simply Supplements Black Cohosh Menopause Relief Tablets

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