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How To Reverse Menopause And Get Pregnant

Body Clocks Ticking No More: You Can Now Conceive Even Post Menopause

“I have signs of menopause. How can I reverse this and still get pregnant?รข?

There is good news for postmenopausal women who wish to have a baby your periods can be restarted by rejuvenating ovaries to release fertile eggs, claim researchers.

According to the team of researchers, the technique even worked on a woman who had not menstruated in five years, the Mirror reported.

Scientists were successful in fertilising her two eggs using her husbands sperm. Now, the embryos are on ice before they are implanted in her uterus.

Another 30 women who want children have had the treatment, which is said to have worked in two-thirds of cases.

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Gynaecologist Konstantinos Sfakianoudis from the Greek fertility clinic Genesis Athens said: It offers a window of hope that menopausal women will be able to get pregnant using their own genetic material.

The team found ovaries can be restarted with a blood treatment used to help wounds heal faster called Platelet-rich plasma which helps trigger growth of tissue and blood vessels.

When injected into older ovaries it was found to restart menstrual cycles, allowing the team to collect and fertilise eggs released, according to the New Scientist.

Roger Sturmey at Hull York Medical School in the UK said: It is potentially quite exciting. But it also opens up ethical questions over what the upper age limit of mothers should be. Where would be the line drawn?

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Woman Gives Birth After Injection Reverses The Menopause In Fertility Breakthrough

  • 16:09, 12 Aug 2020

A WOMAN has given birth after an injection in her ovaries reversed the menopause in a fertility breakthrough.

A new fertility treatment in Greece has been developed and three perimenopausal women have also given birth following the programme.

When a woman is in a perimenopausal state, it means she is transitioning into the menopause.

Experts at the Genesis Athens fertility clinic in Greece used a technique that is usually reserved to help wounds heal faster.

The technique triggers growth of tissues and blood vessels and is called platelet-rich-plasma .

Experts at the clinic injected the PRP into the ovaries of 30 women between the ages of 46 and 49.

All of the women had reached menopause.

These Therapies May Tackle More Than Just Fertility

Clinical trials have found a nightly dose of melatonin may reduce feelings of depression and improve overall mood for women in menopause. This treatment may be suited for someone looking to minimize menopause symptoms rather than restore fertility.

Melatonin may also have protective effects for older women against some cancers including breast cancer and certain metabolic disorders. Its also been shown to improve the immune system.

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What Other Problems Can Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Cause

Since POI causes you to have lower levels of certain hormones, you are at greater risk for other health conditions, including:

  • Anxiety and depression. Hormonal changes caused by POI can contribute to anxiety or lead to depression.
  • Dry eye syndrome and eye surface disease. Some women with POI have one of these eye conditions. Both can cause discomfort and may lead to blurred vision. If not treated, these conditions can cause permanent eye damage.
  • Heart disease. Lower levels of estrogen can affect the muscles lining the arteries and can increase the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. These factors increase your risk of atherosclerosis .
  • Infertility.
  • Low thyroid function. This problem also is called hypothyroidism. The thyroid is a gland that makes hormones that control your body’s metabolism and energy level. Low levels thyroid hormones can affect your metabolism and can cause very low energy, mental sluggishness, and other symptoms.
  • Osteoporosis. The hormone estrogen helps keep bones strong. Without enough estrogen, women with POI often develop osteoporosis. It is a bone disease that causes weak, brittle bones that are more likely to break.

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Switch To Using Natural Cosmetics:

If youre using chemicals-based cosmetics to fight wrinkles, you could be bringing on an early menopause because of the presence of chemicals that your skin absorbs and damaging the hormone balance in the process. Stop using cosmetics with parabens or fragrances and ensure that you use only natural cosmetics.

How Can I Increase My Estrogen Naturally

FoodSoybeans and the products produced from them, such as tofu and miso, are a great source of phytoestrogens . Phytoestrogens mimic estrogen in the body by binding to estrogen receptors.Flax seeds also contain high amounts of phytoestrogens. Sesame seeds are another dietary source of phytoestrogens.

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But The Effects Arent Permanent

Although data on the longevity of these treatments is extremely limited, its pretty clear that the effects arent permanent. Inovium, the international team running early-stage clinical trials on ovarian rejuvenation, vaguely says that their treatment lasts, for the full duration of a pregnancy and beyond.

Melatonin therapy has proven to be effective against a number of age-related conditions in women who are postmenopausal. Although it wont keep you fertile forever, it may serve as a long-term protective factor against some age-related health conditions.

Treatment Could Help Reverse Age

Getting Pregnant after Menopause with successful IVF Treatment – Test Tube Baby Treatment over 45

There are many negative health consequences linked to early menopause, says Faubion.

Theres all kinds of evidence to suggest that these women are at higher risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and fracture, cognitive impairment and dementia, and a whole host of other things, including early death, she says.

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In 12 Who Had Experienced Early Menopause Resumed Their Period

There were 12 women with early menopause included in the study, with an average age of 44. All the women had stopped bleeding for at least a year, and menopausal status was confirmed by blood samples. Women who experienced early menopause because of surgical removal of ovarian tissue, and cancer patients who received chemotherapy or radiation, were excluded.

Investigators injected platelet-rich plasma and gonadotropins into the ovaries of study participants to find out if ovarian function could be restored. After the treatment, 11 of the 12 study participants regained ovulatory function and resumed menstruation, says Dr. Hsu.

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Six of the participants were able to undergo egg retrieval followed by ICSI, which stands for intracytoplasmic sperm injection, a procedure where the selected sperm is directly injected into the egg. One participant achieved clinical pregnancy, defined as a pregnancy that is confirmed by ultrasound as well as a fetal heartbeat.

Is Menopause A Point Of No Return

Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end.But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. W. ChurchillYou are born, you are a baby, then a child, then an adolescent -when you and your body start to sense their reproductive role, then an adult and all of a sudden, as years go by -faster and faster as you grow, you are losing your period and the chance to start a family!

It is indeed the end of the beginning. But that is all! It is the end of the specific beginning as you know it. Modern medicine using technology has evolved immensely the last decade so there are a few facts that allow us not to throw the towel yet to the fight against infertility!

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Menopause Can Have Mental And Emotional Effects Too

Most people dont like their period, but when it goes away you feel your age, Dr. Rowen tells SELF. For some people, the idea of losing their period can be psychologically distressing.And as we mentioned, your hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone, change during menopause. And this change may cause feelings of anxiety and depression. Lower estrogen can also trigger hot flashes that make it difficult to sleep, leading to mood swings and anxiety. Coupled with any emotional distress from losing your period, and you understandably may not be in the mood to have sex. If you feel down for more than two weeks, you may be depressed and want to speak with a therapist, the Cleveland Clinic recommends. However, finding a therapist can be a long, and often stressful, process. . Generally, you will want to start by asking your insurance company for a list of providers. If you dont have insurance, websites like Open Path include therapists who offer reduced-fee sessions.

What Are The Things To Do Before Pregnancy

Can You Get Pregnant During Menopause?
  • Make an appointment with your gynecologist. It’s always good to make sure your mechanics are in good shape and know what to do before getting pregnant.
  • Learn about your family’s medical history. One of the most important things to do before getting pregnant is to look at your family’s medical history.
  • Go to the dentist.

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Menopausal Women Can Get Pregnant With Menopause Reversal: Study

London: For those who thought their childbearing years were over, there’s good news. A team of researchers has found a way to keep you going even after menopause.

The team claimed that the technique, wherein periods are restarted by rejuvenating ovaries to release fertile eggs, even worked on a woman who had not menstruated in five years, The Mirror reported.

Scientists were successful in fertilising her two eggs using her husband’s sperm. Now, the embryos are on ice before they are implanted in her uterus.Another 30 women who want children have had the treatment, which is said to have worked in two-thirds of cases.

Gynaecologist, Konstantinos Sfakianoudis from the Greek fertility clinic, Genesis, Athens said, “It offers a window of hope that menopausal women will be able to get pregnant using their own genetic material.”

The team found that ovaries can be restarted with a blood treatment, used to help wounds heal faster called Platelet-rich plasma , which helps trigger growth of tissue and blood vessels. When injected into older ovaries, it was found to restart menstrual cycle, allowing the team to collect and fertilise eggs released, according to the New Scientist.

Roger Sturmey at Hull York Medical School in the UK said, “It is potentially quite exciting. But it also opens up ethical questions over what the upper age limit of mothers should be.

The State Of Fertility

An increasing number of women are spending their twenties throwing themselves into their education and career, which means they are starting families older than generations past. American women with a college degree or higher now have their first child at an average age of 30.3. In big, expensive cities, women are increasingly pushing motherhood until even later: In New York and San Francisco, the average age is 31 and 32, respectively.

However, its still not very common for women to have babies with their own eggs in their late 40s unless they froze their eggs when they were younger. Since egg freezing was classified as an experimental procedure until 2012, most women who are currently in their 40s never had the opportunity to do it.

The average woman experiences menopause at the age of 51. This is the moment when her body stops releasing eggs and, by extension, she stops having periods. Between five to 10 years before that, women go through a transitional phase called peri-menopause, when they have irregular periods because their reproductive hormones begin to decline. There is no way to delay menopause, says Dr. Melynda Barnes, the clinical director of Rory, a startup devoted to helping women deal with menopause. A woman is born with the number of eggs shes going to have throughout her life. The best that doctors can do is optimize your fertility potential when youre peri-menopausal.

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More Questions Than Answers

I talked to Dr. Alisha H. Wilkes, DNP, CNM, ARNP, of Three Moons Midwifery near Seattle, Washington, about this study. Dr. Wilkes has worked with more than 500 women in her career as an advanced registered nurse and certified midwife.

When she read the New Scientist article, she said, For me this article raises more questions than it answers. Without knowing how eggs and/or the endometrium are being stimulated there is no way to measure the potential physiological side effects women may encounter, let alone understand the quality of the eggs themselves. We know as eggs mature their genetic material degrades therefore, this type of fertility induction may increase the chances of miscarriage, genetically abnormal fetuses, etc. Enhancing, preserving and inducing belated fertility are all topics rife with ethical questions, as well. I tend to lean toward trusting the inherent and natural wisdom of bodies, but to address this topic in particular there is too much we still do not know.

Trying to control womens hormones at all of the stages of life is not new. For decades, women have been given the Pill to prevent conception, drugs and IVF to encourage conception and hormone replacement therapy or bio-identical hormones to lessen the symptoms of menopause.

Stop Smoking Reduce Alcohol Intake:

Pregnancy & Menopause : Get Pregnant After a Tubal Ligation

If you are a smoker, you will hit menopause earlier than other women. This is because smoking prevents blood circulation all over the body. If the blood doesnt reach your uterus and ovaries, you wont menstruate. So, its a good idea to quit smoking to delay menopause.

A large presence of alcohol in your body means the dominance of oestrogen, which only ends up inhibiting pancreatic functioning and an overall reduction of testosterone levels. These conditions will delay your periods, which is just what you want.

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Keep Your Mind Active:

As you grow older, learn to accept the changes in yourself. By incorporating all the above-mentioned tips, let menopause symptoms make a delayed entrance into your life. And if you still get the occasional mood swing or night sweat, take it in your stride. After all, youre entering a new phase of your life.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!


Is Sex During Pregnancy Bad

So sex or can’t hurt. Your doctor may recommend that you not have sex in early pregnancy if you have a history of miscarriage. Sex may also be restricted if you have certain complications, such as preterm labor or bleeding.

How soon will a pregnancy test workHow many weeks do you have to wait to take a pregnancy test? Most women have to wait two weeks after ovulation for a positive pregnancy test result. The most common and appropriate time for a pregnancy test is 10-14 days after intercourse.How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?Depending on your body and hCG hormone levels, an early pregnancy can be diagnosed with

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Symptoms Of Premature And Early Menopause

The symptoms of early menopause are the same as for menopause at the typical age and can include:

  • menstrual cycle changes, including changes to the usual bleeding pattern, particularly irregular bleeding
  • hot flushes
  • viral infections the evidence is inconclusive, but it is thought that a viral infection, such as mumps or cytomegalovirus, could trigger premature menopause in some women.
  • Who Is At Risk For Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

    Pin en muscle men

    Certain factors can raise a woman’s risk of POI:

    • Family history. Women who have a mother or sister with POI are more likely to have it.
    • Genes. Some changes to genes and genetic conditions put women at higher risk for POI. For example, women Fragile X syndrome or Turner syndrome are at higher risk.
    • Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy
    • Age. Younger women can get POI, but it becomes more common between the ages of 35-40.

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    Chances Of A Woman Getting Pregnant After Menopause With Ivf

    IVF post menopause has been carried out quite successfully in women who wanted to get pregnant after menopause. A woman can get pregnant using IVF in two ways despite the non-viability of her eggs. Her own eggs that were frozen earlier can be used or donor eggs can be used too. You would have to undergo hormonal therapy so that your body is ready for implantation and to nourish a baby for the entire term. However, your doctor will be the right person to decide if your health is good enough for IVF after menopause as postmenopausal women can experience certain complications after IVF. It is best to consult with a fertility expert in case you have decided to undergo IVF after menopause.

    Larger Studies On Early Menopause Causes Are Needed

    Studies that examine the use of platelet-rich plasma in a larger population where women are grouped according to the cause of their early menopause would be an important next step, says Faubion. When possible, we need to define why these women experienced early menopause. For example, was it caused by cancer treatment, autoimmune disease, or a virus?

    Then investigators could explore if the treatment works to restore ovarian function for women in all those groups, or just in some specific populations, she says. We dont know that yet, she adds.

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