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How To Lose Weight During And After Menopause

Best Way To Lose Weight During Menopause

How to Lose Weight During/After Menopause

First of all, to facilitate the process of weight loss, you will need to reduce the number of calories consumed and significantly minimize the consumption of sugary and other carbohydrate-rich foods. Because, the body will not be able to use glucose effectively and will inevitably transform it in the form of fat to the waist, abdomen, hips and other problem areas. Secondly, the high content of carbohydrates in the products leads to an increase in insulin levels, which in the long run also harms both health, well-being, and figure.

Watch Your Carbohydrate Intake

Not all nutrients are created equal, and some experts believe that a steady diet heavy in unrefined carbs like pasta and bread are a significant factor for excess belly fat. Carbs are the enemy of the middle-aged woman, says Dr. Boling. If you are perimenopausal, look at how much sugar you are eating. Carbs turn into sugar in our bodies. Some turn faster, like candy bars, oatmeal burns slower, but eventually it all turns to sugar. If you are aware of how many carbs you are eating, you are going to do better. Research published in April 2017 in the British Journal of Nutrition found that a reduced-carbohydrate diet may decrease the risk of postmenopausal weight gain.

Why Is It Difficult: Lose Weight During Menopause

During the climax, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood are radically dropped and it leads to a decrease in the rate of metabolism. Often, during any stage of menopause, women observe the appearance of fat in the abdomen and legs. In addition to hormonal changes, such a task as to weight loss or before causes more difficulties because of a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in the percentage of body fat. Such changes in the female body occur from around the age of 30 or 40. Because muscle tissue is metabolically active and burns more calories even during rest time, its reduction leads to the deposition of wasted energy in the form of fats. Another supporting factor in weight gain is a female low activity due to minimized energy levels. So, it becomes harder to pick the best menopause diet plan.

Moreover, sleep disorders encountered during the climax are associated with a decrease in the levels of female hormones. Accordingly, a lack of sleep significantly complicates the process of losing weight and stimulate weight gain. Magnesium will help calm the nervous system and improve the quality of sleep.

As a result, dropped levels of female hormones, weak muscle mass, and sleep disorders are the main factors that complicate the process of losing weight after climax. Bad habits such as drinking alcohol only interfere with normal sleep and poor nutrition and of course may aggravate the problem. So, the question comes, how to lose weight in menopause?

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Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

Fill half your plate with them at every meal. Produce tends to have more nutrients and less fat and calories than meat, dairy products, or grains. And it may help you feel satisfied, even if you eat less. Fresh fruits, like apples and berries, are also great in place of high-fat or high-sugar snacks.

Prevent Saggy Skin During Weight Loss

Easy tricks to Lose Weight after Menopause [Video]

Therefore its probably best for you to avoid it. This is a comforting soup to cook in the crockpot, and it allows you to start your weight loss journey. Packed with vegetables, this recipe is an easy-to-cook soup great for detox. At the same time, it also provides you with nutrients. Chicken soup recipes are great for weight loss and meal prep.

Along With A Balanced Diet Plan, These Habits Will Help You Stay Healthy:

The main protein of Tikka Masala is usually chicken, but in this recipe, youre going to replace chicken cubes with tofu to get a vegan variant. The coconut milk will add an extra layer of flavor to this dish. Quinoa is a superfood that every vegetarian loves to incorporate into their diet. Throw some quinoa and greens into the crockpot and let that cook for 4-6 hours.

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The Best Way To Lose Weight During Menopause

The onset of menopause, the point when a woman hasnt had a period for the past 12 months, and the bodily changes that occur in the years leading up to it can trigger a number of symptoms, including weight gain. During perimenopause or the menopausal transition, production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone shift, which causes a redistribution of fat to your belly. Weight gain and an expanding waistline are common complaints during this period, according to Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietitian and co-author with Hillary Wright of The Menopause Diet Plan, A Natural Guide to Managing Hormones, Health, and Happiness.

Aging reduces your calorie-burning capacity and a reduction in estrogen often results in extra belly fat, Ward told TODAY. She also cautioned that the shift in estrogen levels can also have consequences for bone and heart health. So, even if your main goal in dieting during menopause or perimenopause is to lose weight, there are other factors to consider.

Eat Less Sugar Lose More Weight

The study included about 500 overweight and obese postmenopausal women with waist sizes greater than 31.5 inches. None of the women had high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes.

Half the women followed a weight loss plan that included regular meetings with nutritionists, exercise specialists, and psychologists. None of these options were available to the other women, but they were given the opportunity to attend seminars on general health.

The women were followed for four years. During this time those in the nutrition and exercise group lost an average of 8 pounds, compared to around half a pound among those in the general health group.

Behaviors associated with weight loss at six months in the combined groups included eating:

  • Less sugar
  • Fewer fried foods
  • Eating out in restaurants less often

After four years, behaviors linked to long-term diet success emerged:

  • Also eating fewer desserts and drinking fewer sugar-sweetened beverages
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer meats and cheeses

The study appears in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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How Do You Lose Weight After 40 During Perimenopause Menopause And Beyond

What can you do when your body is betraying you and pounds are piling on, like every day?

I know, it may feel hopeless. It is like you are fighting a losing war.

But there are steps you can take to lose all that perimenopausal, and postmenopausal weight.

You can overcome the bodys tendency to store weight after 40 with a few strategic lifestyle changes such as the following.

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Can You Lose Weight During Menopause


Losing weight may be more challenging during the transition to menopause, but some eating patterns may be better than others. Ward suggested that the best way to lose weight during menopause likely involves eating higher levels of protein and lower levels of carbohydrates than the Mediterranean and DASH plans. In one large observational study from the Womens Health Initiative, a long-term national health study and government program, women who closely followed the reduced carbohydrate eating plan were at a decreased risk for postmenopausal weight gain. On the other hand, a low-fat diet, which was about 60% carbohydrate, seemed to promote weight gain among these women.

Ward explained that unlike traditional eating plans, including those designed for weight loss, her books menopause diet encompasses multiple pillars, including a plant-based eating plan with more protein and less carbohydrates, a focus on meal timing, calorie control and regular exercise. Its a satisfying and enjoyable way to eat, she said, adding that nothing is off-limits. You dont have to worry about having dinner and drinks with friends, going on vacation or having to follow an unrealistically restrictive plan for the rest of your life. That said, she noted, if you want to lose weight during menopause, you should probably be consuming the minimum amount of added sugars, highly refined grains and alcohol.

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How Many Calories In Cheat Meal

I have known that blurring my BLs has contributed to a slower weight loss in the past 5 or 6 weeks. But Susans ability to articulate this and say it to me cuts through any denial I might have had. However, even at that very slow rate, after 3 years you would still lose well over 50 pounds. CBD Gummies for Sale And 3 years will come and go no matter what you do or dont do. Patricia BruskyI have been a student of what creates health for 30 years and very few things have stood the test of time. I really love Susan and would like to talk to her about one thing that has and no body talks about.

This inability for the skin to contract as well as it once would have, due to the weakening of the fibers over time, is what leads to excess or saggy skin during weight loss. Often, the more weight that is shed, the harder it will be for the skin to revert back to normal. Detractors cite nutritional deficiencies and eating disorders as potential side effects. Other diet and PAGG supplement regimen issues include headache, muscle weakness, cramps, and diarrhea, typical symptoms experienced on most low carbohydrate diets. Other supplements that receive honorable mention are pre-and probiotics for gut health and Cissus quadrangularis, an indigenous medicinal plant of India used for bone health and weight loss.

Diet Meal Plans For Slow And Steady Weight Loss

Increasing Exercise May Be A Key To Success

The old adage of eat less and move more certainly applies to weight loss after menopause, but the ratios may have to shift to see results.

“Cutting calories is necessary for weight loss, but increasing exercise will help sustain weight loss, prevent weight gain and lead to favorable changes in body composition,” Pinkerton says. “The general recommendation is 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days per week.”

You don’t have to get that all in one session each day, she adds. You can divide it up over two 15-minute high-powered sessions if that helps fit it into your day more easily.

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Switch To Hiit Cardio

Menopausal women experience unstable and fluctuating hormone levels which ultimately leads to a lower presence of estrogen in the body. Reduced levels of estrogen can cause metabolism to slow down, leading the body to burn calories at a slower pace. To increase the rate of your metabolism, try incorporating one to two high-intensity interval training workouts into your weekly workout regimen. Remember not to overwork your body, and alternate HIIT workouts with light to moderate exercise on the other days of the week.

Besides speeding up your resting metabolic rate, HIIT workouts can help to revert some of the effects of aging including the loss of muscle and increased fatigue. According to research from Mayo Clinic, HIIT triggers the growth of muscle mass while boosting the muscles capability to create energy.

Healthy Diets For Menopausal Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Around Menopause (and Keep it Off ...

Once you hit menopause, you probably need fewer calories to maintain your weight. Depending on weight, height, and other factors, most women in their 50s need about 200 fewer daily calories than they did when they were younger. To lose weight, you might need even fewer. Thats one of the reasons why its so easy to gain weight during menopause, even if your eating habits havent changed.

  • Avoid a long-term calorie deficit. Calorie deficit is a must for those who want to lose weight. However, once you reach your goal, you should go back to eating the amount of calories that your body needs. An excessive or long-term calorie deficit has been associated with slower metabolic rates and a decrease in muscle mass. As weve explained, this will just make the problem worse!
  • Eat healthy proteins. Protein is necessary to avoid feeling hungry during the day and to keep your muscle mass in good shape. Choose healthy protein, such as lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, and vegetable protein.
  • Consume dairy products. Menopause doesnt just affect your weight it can also affect your bone density. Dairy products contain calcium and have also been shown to aid in weight loss.
  • Eat more vegetables. Simple carbohydrates, such as white flour and bread, are transformed into sugar inside your body. Replace some servings of these foods with more vegetables to lower your caloric intake without feeling like youre eating less.

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Get Restful Quality Sleep

Many women in menopause have trouble sleeping due to hot flashes, night sweats, stress, and other physical effects of estrogen deficiency .

However, getting enough high-quality sleep is important for achieving and maintaining a moderate weight.

People who sleep too little have higher levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, have lower levels of the fullness hormone leptin, and are more likely to be overweight .

Shrink Belly Fat With Tai Chi Or Quigong

Maybe youve never tried it or perhaps youve seen a group of people practicing tai chi together in a public park but a recent research study from Hong Kong showed that this Chinese discipline of low-impact meditative movements could help trim waistlines in middle aged and older adults. This study, published in the June 2021 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, found that people age 50 and older with central obesity who practiced tai chi for 12 weeks shrunk their bellies as successfully as those who participated in aerobic exercise and strength training for the same amount of time. The study authors wrote that tai chi health benefits similar to those of conventional exercise and thus provides an alternative and more amenable exercise modality for middle-aged and older adults to manage central obesity.

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Visceral Fat: The Evil Villian Of Menopausal Weight Gain

Much of our weight gain during and after menopause can be attributed to the increase in visceral fat during this time.

Before menopause, estrogen is primarily produced by the ovaries. However, after menopause, any estrogen the body produces is produced by your bodys visceral fat: fat stored deep in your abdominal cavity around your organs .

That might sound like a good thing but unfortunately visceral fat has many harmful effects on the body. For example:

  • Unlike subcutaneous fat, the layer of fat just under the skin, visceral fat produces very little leptin, the hormone that tells our brain that were full when weve eaten enough. So your body continues to feel hungry even after eating.
  • Visceral fat produces several inflammatory cytokines which cause stress on your body and contribute to insulin resistance. Thats quite simplified, but basically, it means that your body can no longer process the sugar in your diet efficiently and so it is stored as fat.
  • Visceral fat also accelerates many diseases associated with aging, such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and dementia.

Now youve got the ultimate vicious cycle: increased visceral fat causes our bodies to store more of our calories as you guessed it, visceral fat.

Improving Midlife Sleep May Be Key To Keeping Weight Off

How To Lose Weight After Menopause (FAST & NATURAL!)

Menopausal women should try to improve the quality of their sleep, experts say.

One way is to tackle the sleep itself, by keeping to a regular bedtime schedule, avoiding alcohol and tobacco before bed, and ensuring you exercise and practice stress-reduction sufficiently during the day.

Experts also recommend cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia , an eight-session program developed specifically for sleep issues. Dr. Santoro likes the free app CBT-i Coach, developed by the Veterans Administration, based on this therapy method.

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Experimental Model Simulated Menopausal Sleep Issues

To eliminate the variable of natural aging, the researchers studied 21 women who were premenopausal, meaning their hormone levels were not naturally reduced.

They brought the women to the lab and allowed them two nights of blissful sleep. Then, for the next three nights they continually interrupted the womens sleep, repeatedly waking them with an alarm.

We chose an experimental model of sleep interruption that is consistent with the type of sleep disruption experienced most commonly in menopause increased nighttime awakenings caused by hot flashes, but no change in overall sleep time and duration, Dr. Grant explains.

In addition to this sleep disturbance, in 9 of the women the researchers also temporarily suppressed estrogen levels with a drug called leuprolide, to mimic the effects of menopause.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight During Menopause

Definitely yes! There have been many successful stories about weight loss during menopause and this is just like losing weight during you young adolescent period but with a twist. Pregnancy and hormonal changes affects womens metabolism and slows it down over the years causing weight gain and making their bodies bigger than it used to be. The worst case scenario is when it leads to obesity, but you should not wait for that to happen, it may sound impossible at first but you can totally lose weight during menopause. Take a look at these amazing women who have lost weight during their menopause period. You will be inspired by their commitment and self-discipline.

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