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How To Lose Menopause Weight Gain Naturally

What Are The Best Foods To Eat During Menopause

Avoiding Menopause Weight Gain (NATURALLY!)

Another thing to consider is drinks. Drink alcohol in moderation, within government guidelines, says Dr Mukherjee. The effects of alcohol on your skin can leave lasting damage, and to much drink will also cause weight gain and hormonal disturbances.

Tea and coffee are OK in the daytime. However, to avoid nocturnal trips to the loo, drink more fluid earlier on and less in the evening. This will reduce your need to pee at night.

Pastries and caffeine can worsen menopausal symptoms.

Eat More Whole Foods While Cutting Back On Ultra Processed Items

“It is important to focus on including an abundance of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and plant-based protein sources like tofu, beans and lentils and small amounts of heart-healthy unsaturated fats like nuts, seeds and olive oil,” says Dr. Mittal. And while some processed foods are okay, it’s best to limit ones that don’t add much value to your day. “Limit ultra-processed foods that provide convenience, but most of the time do not offer much nutritional value but pack a lot of calories. Frequently, sugar-sweetened beverages, yes even that favorite treat from your local drive through coffee shop, are sources of added sugar, often leading to exceeding the World Health Organization recommendation of limiting added sugar for women to 25 grams daily.”

What Is The Best Diet For Menopause

The Mediterranean diet, popular in Greece and Italy, is a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, fish, and olive oil. The Mediterranean diet includes rare red meat consumption, which helps to reduce saturated fat. The plant proteins increase antioxidants.

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reports that the Mediterranean diet is excellent for heart health, blood pressure, brain health, and weight loss. And, it just so happens it may decrease menopausal symptoms, too.

The traditional Mediterranean diet is void of processed foods like refined carbohydrates and integrates healthy fats, says Trista Best, RD, a registered dietitian at Balance One Supplements. Both of these characteristics are excellent for women going through menopause because it is naturally anti-inflammatory and loaded with beneficial nutrients.

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Understand How Insulin Impacts Weight

Insulin is one of the most important hormones when it comes to weight loss and weight gain. Made by the pancreas, insulin is responsible for storing blood sugar, or utilizing it, depending upon your bodys needs of the moment. After you eat a large meal, a substantial amount of insulin releases itself into the bloodstream. It also enters the bloodstream as needed throughout the day, ensuring that blood sugar levels remain stable.

Another key function of this essential hormone is fat storage. Insulin decides how much fat to store, and how much to convert for energy expenditure. Chronically high levels of insulin can lead to a condition known as insulin resistance, which is linked to an uptick in blood sugar as well as continued elevated insulin levels.

Preventing this insulin imbalance is crucial, as it leads to weight gain, and eventually type 2 diabetes. When insulin levels remain high over an extended period of time, obesity and metabolic syndrome are often the unfortunate outcome.

Beating Belly Fat And More

Pin on Weight Loss During Menopause and Perimenopause

So as you can see, a lot of factors contribute to menopausal weight gain. Yes, the rules have changed, and it might feel as if no one told you, but with the right lifestyle changes, you can lose the fat and take control of your weight!

One of the biggest changes I made in my life in order to lose my excess weight and gain some sanity, was withmy diet! I literally took a year off to travel around the world in the pursuit of knowledge that Ive since shared with thousands of my clients .

Many of us think that we just have to eat less, and workout more. But this can be more damaging and doesnt really address the underlying problem our hormones are outta whack! This is why I recommend you start with your diet because youre going to want to first and foremost, balance your hormones.

Once you get that balanced, it will automatically help you lose fat, and build muscles that will keep fat burning even when youre not moving. Sure, you might have to change your workout a little bit, but at least your system will be working at an optimal condition to facilitate fat loss.

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Get 7 To 8 Hours Of Sleep A Night

“From observational data, less than 6 hours of sleep is associated with an increased body mass index and 7 hours appears to be the goal to hit,” explains Dr. Mittal. Lack of sleep can increase ghrelin and decrease leptin . This is why you may find yourself snacking more when you are tired.

Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and if it’s proving difficult to do so, set systems in place to help like charging your phone outside the bedroom, getting an alarm clock and turning off screens after a certain time.

A Little Support Goes A Long Way

Plus, its nice to hear from other women who are going through the same things.

  • Get Some Sleep

Yes, that doesnt sound easy when menopause can cause sleep difficulties. There are some natural ways that you can help you, though.

Drinking chamomile tea right before bed can work wonders.

A supplement called Melatonincan also really help a lot. Just make sure you get one that is time-released, so that you not only can fall asleep, but also stay asleep. Theres no groggy feeling in the morning.

In Summary

  • Menopause symptoms can occur as early as the late 30s, so so keep an eye out.
  • What you eat can affect how you feel.
  • Menopause belly fat is a result of fluctuating hormones, diet, stress, and lack of sleep.
  • Exercise your whole body, not just your belly.
  • Clean out the toxins in your body.
  • Support your hormones, get some sleep, and reach out to a friend and get a supplement that helps.
  • Sugar and other simple carbs are culprits for menopause belly fat.
  • Grab our free kitchen checklist before your next trip to the grocery store by clicking here

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French Maritime Bark Extract

Hot flashes are associated with vascular changes, and this plant-based supplement may have effects on circulation. French maritime bark extract, often marketed as pycnogenol, is available as a supplement, but it can interact with blood thinners or medications that affect blood pressure, so be sure to get your doctor’s approval before using it.

Safety Note About Natural Remedies

How To Lose Weight After Menopause Naturally

Always remember that natural does not necessarily mean safe. Many herbal, plant, and dietary supplements interact with prescription medications or may have a negative impact on chronic medical conditions. Natural approaches are not risk-free, and the more you know, the better you can choose treatments that will keep you safe and well.

Before deciding to use alternative and complementary remedies for your menopause symptoms, check with your medical provider and read up on possible side effects and cautions for any remedy you are considering.

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Natural Ways To Fight Menopause Belly Fat

Many of the changes that occur during menopause including hot flashes and night sweats can feel confusing and frustrating, and youll want to work with your healthcare practitioner to address and minimize them.

But the good news is that menopause does not automatically cause an increase in belly fat. You have plenty of strategies within your control to manage your weight and other symptoms associated with this pivotal time in your life.

Some women consider hormone replacement therapy during menopause. Researchers show those who undergo hormonal therapy for menopausal symptoms have less belly fat.

However, that impact is small compared with dietary and lifestyle changes. In fact, the weight loss results only occurred when women were on therapy, and they regained weight once they stopped therapy.

What you eat and how you live can dramatically improve many symptoms during menopause, including belly fat. Please discuss with your healthcare practitioner about specific strategies to address your menopausal symptoms, including hormone replacement therapy, these, and other menopausal therapies.

  • Choose foods on our Advanced Nutrition Plan. While losing weight will reduce belly fat, doing so can also reduce menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Our Advanced Nutrition Plan contains healthy fats, protein, and nutrient-dense carbohydrates to provide the support your body needs during menopause to lose belly fat and reduce menopausal symptoms.
  • Snack On Dried Fruit And Nuts

    Menopausal women who curb hunger pangs by eating one ounce of dried fruit take in 54 percent fewer calories for four hours, Canadian studies suggest. And snacking on a handful of nuts daily boosts belly fat loss 62 percent in three months.

    Minerals in dried fruit trigger production of appetite-taming serotonin. Nuts are also rich in healthy fats that speed metabolism, flush out fluids, plus switch on liver enzymes that burn belly fat for fuel, explains Wendy Bazilian, phD., coauthor of The SuperFoodsRx Diet.

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    Unexplained Weight Loss During Menopause

    If youre feeling the complete opposite to the above, and have actually experienced unexpected menopause weight loss, youre not alone!

    During the start of menopause, a womans ability to gain fat doubles while her lean muscle mass decreases.31

    However, muscle weighs more than fat, so if your bodys level of fat remains stable while your muscle decreases, you may see unexpected weight loss.

    Getting Clear On Insulin Resistance

    Pin on Menopause Diet

    When you eat carbs your bodys blood glucose increases and spikes your blood sugar. Your body releases insulin as a reaction to elevated blood glucose levels. Insulin is produced to get the glucose from your body and into the cells.

    There it gets converted to energy. Your body burns the glucose to make its energy and then insulin tells the cells to store their energy as carbs or fat .

    When this happens, your blood sugar just continues to rise and you can become diabetic. Along with diabetes, many other health issues including heart disease and even dementia have been associated with insulin resistance.

    Getting control of blood sugar can lead to the loss of inches around the waist practically overnight. Plus there is the added benefit of restoring balance to other hormones, like thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.

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    What Age Does Menopause Start

    While the average age is 51, the majority will go through menopause between the ages of 40 and 58. Theres a transition period, called perimenopause, where you may have menopause symptoms but still have a menstrual cycle. Perimenopausal symptoms can start up to 10 years before the menstrual cycle stops.

    Premature menopause occurs before the age of 40. Those who undergo premature menopause may benefit from hormone replacement therapy to help prevent cardiovascular disease and protect bone health.

    Does Menopause Cause Hair Loss

    Hormonal changes due to menopause can contribute to hair loss. The most common causes of sudden rapid hair loss, or telogen effluvium, are stress and fluctuating hormones that occur during the menopause transition. Female pattern hair loss is also very common. It is more prevalent after menopause because hormones play a role. Underlying medical conditions, heredity and certain styling practices may also influence hair loss.

    To help prevent hair loss, adhere to a well-balanced diet. Certain supplements may help. Also, be gentle to your hair and follicles. Avoid hairstyles that cause pulling. Minimize the use of direct heat on the hair and keep hair well-conditioned.Natural oils like argan oil, Jamaican black castor oil or olive oil may help. Over-the-counter products, such as minoxidil, or laser caps or helmets may provide some benefit. It takes up to four months for any of these treatments to work. If, after four months, there is no improvement, then its time to make an appointment with a doctor. Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to help some women with hair loss.

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    Consume As Much Water As Possible

    For women who have approached the menopause period, their body might become adversely affected by dehydration problems. Even a short-term dehydration can make you feel sluggish and tired. In addition to natural fiber rich foods, drinking more than 10 cups of water each day is recommended by medical experts and nutritionists. Just prepare your water drinking schedule and get rid of excess fat without taking any medical treatments or supplements.

    Make A Plan To Stay Active

    Lose Weight During Menopause I Causes of Perimenopause Weight Gain

    With age, many people let exercise fall to the bottom of their priority list. Maybe it’s because they’re busy, maybe it’s because they’ve become less body conscious with age, or maybe it’s due to comfortable ruts.

    Regardless, the priority shift away from activity can have consequences. Many experts believe midlife weight gain has more to do with lifestyle than with hormonal factors related to menopause.

    So your plan to lose weight after menopause should include a program to stay active. You may want to invest in a fitness tracker or activity monitor to make sure you’re getting enough movement to slim down or stay lean.

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    Have A Peaceful Sleep Every Night

    Nothing can match the comfort and relaxation of a nights sleep. For achieving a healthy body during menopause period, women need to sleep longer in order to stop the development of excess fat. Although some of them might face difficulties in sleeping due to hot flashes, other physical effects caused due to estrogen deficiency can boost stress and headache as well. Getting a behavioral therapy or an acupuncture can reduce hot flashes and deliver relief to your body. Fortunately, women who regularly perform yoga or exercise find it easier to sleep and relax during menopause.

    Managing Menopause: Tips To Help With Weight Gain Sex Hair Loss And More

      Its something natural, but many people dont like to talk about: menopause.

      Menopause is the natural end to the menstrual cycle, when the ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone. Some will experience menopause naturally, and for others, menopause will result from surgical removal of the ovaries, or because of medical treatments or genetic disorders that stop ovarian function.

      The decline of those hormones in the body can cause unpleasant side effects ranging from night sweats to weight gain. No experience is the same. Some will have severe symptoms, while others will only experience mild changes.

      The menopause transition doesnt have to be horrible. Because of the bothersome symptoms, often menopause is feared however, it shouldnt be. Its just a different phase of life. Menopause isnt good or isnt bad, it just is. And for those struggling with symptoms, they shouldnt be afraid to ask their doctor about treatment options. At the University of Chicago Medicine, a custom care plan is created for each individual based on their symptoms, medical history and personal preferences.

      Here are answers to some common questions I hear from patients about menopause.

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      High Intensity Interval Training

      One study found that women who followed HIIT workouts lost twice as much weight and improved their body composition more than endurance exercisers. A second study found that HIIT-style exercise training can reduce abdominal fat.

      “Bump up the intensity of your aerobic exercise, slowly at first, until you get in better cardio shape,” Upton says. “Think about trying high-intensity functional fitness like CrossFit or a boot camp-style workout.”

      Switch To Hiit Cardio

      Pin on Menopause Remedies

      Menopausal women experience unstable and fluctuating hormone levels which ultimately leads to a lower presence of estrogen in the body. Reduced levels of estrogen can cause metabolism to slow down, leading the body to burn calories at a slower pace. To increase the rate of your metabolism, try incorporating one to two high-intensity interval training workouts into your weekly workout regimen. Remember not to overwork your body, and alternate HIIT workouts with light to moderate exercise on the other days of the week.

      Besides speeding up your resting metabolic rate, HIIT workouts can help to revert some of the effects of aging including the loss of muscle and increased fatigue. According to research from Mayo Clinic, HIIT triggers the growth of muscle mass while boosting the muscles capability to create energy.

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      What About Conventional Medicine

      If you are really struggling to control your weight and have not found that home and herbal remedies are helping, it is important to seek medical attention. While your doctor may be reluctant to prescribe diet pills on the basis that it is the menopause causing you to put on weight, he will be able to work with you to find a solution.

      It is important to remember that weight gain can have a serious impact on your lifestyle and health. Weight gain or difficulty losing weight are also symptoms of an underlying health condition such as low thyroid function, which will need to be treated by a doctor.

      If you are worried about your condition or fear that it is causing you to have further health problems such as heart disease, then it is vital to seek medical attention.

      Menopause Can Cause You To Gain Weight Find Out Why This Is And What You Can Do About It

      Hormonal and physical changes during the menopause make many women more likely to gain weight. This can often be a demoralising experience that leads to many encounters with fad diets and other quick fixes. However, our menopause expert Eileen Durward endeavours to explain why drastic dieting is not always the answer and what can be done.

      Eileen Durward

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