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How To Lose 10 Pounds During Menopause

Eat Enough But Not Too Much

How To Lose Weight During Menopause

Balancing your calorie intake for healthy weight management is important in any stage of your life, and keeping your calorie intake below your calorie needs will encourage weight loss. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, moderately active women in their 40s and 50s need approximately 2,000 calorie per day to maintain their weight. To lose weight at a safe and sustainable rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week, reduce your calorie intake, increase your activity level or do a combination of both to create a daily deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories.

Foods To Eat During Menopause

A menopause diet plan involves a few key steps:

  • Eat a well-rounded diet rich calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Increase your consumption of fruits, greens, colorful vegetables, and dairy productssuch as yogurt, cheese, and milk. The decline in estrogen as women go through menopause obviously increases their risk for certain things like osteoporosis, so getting foods rich in calcium is very important, says Soma Mandal, MD, womens health specialist and author of Dear Menopause, I Do Not Fear You.
  • Consume omega-3 fatty acids.Research shows that omega-3s can decrease the frequency of hot flashes and the intensity of night sweats. There are times when you can supplement omega-3s, but I really encourage my patients to get their omega-3s first through food, which includes fish such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna and vegetarian sources like flax seeds and chia seeds, says Dr. Mandal.
  • Add foods containing plant estrogens, or phytoestrogens. Broccoli, cauliflower, dark berries, chickpeas, and soybeans can help mimic estrogen and reduce some menopausal symptoms, says Dr. Mandal.
  • The following foods can help strengthen bones and relieve menopause symptoms:

  • Dark green leafy vegetables, especially spinach and kale
  • Yogurt
  • Chickpeas and other legumes
  • Soybeans or foods like tofu, tempeh, and soy milk
  • If you find you cant take in enough of these nutrients through a healthy diet alone, a calcium and magnesium supplement may be beneficial during this time as well, says Best.

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    How I Lost Weight After Menopause

    The information Ive just provided sounds pretty grim and may even make you think its pointless to try to lose or even just maintain your weight once youve gone through menopause. But I finally managed to lose some of the excess weight I gained during menopause by taking my knowledge about visceral fat and how it works and tweaking my diet and exercise plan to combat it.

    Heres what worked for me.

    Strength Training For Weight Loss

    Pin on Weight loss for menopause

    Strength training is the most powerful tool you have for changing your body composition, reducing belly fat, and building lean muscle tissue, which increases metabolism. Having muscle in your body is like having money in your savings account. It’s the gift that keeps on giving long after your workout is over.

    Strength-train at least twice a week for your entire body. You can also incorporate it into cardio workouts as well. You’ll get the most out of these workouts if you follow these principles.

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    Foods To Avoid During Menopause

    Reaching for less-than-healthy foods as you move through menopause can worsen bothersome symptoms, such as hot flashes and insomnia. Knowing what to avoid could make this natural transition much more manageable.

    Following a healthy, well-balanced diet is a good idea in general, but its especially true for women who are nearing or have just passed through menopause, says Amy Jamieson-Petonic, RD, a nutritionist and exercise physiologist in Cleveland.

    Good nutrition can make a big change in how you feel with regard to menopause symptoms like mood swings, hot flashes, and exhaustion, as well as bloating and possible weight gain, Jamieson-Petonic says. Women of menopausal age should make sure to eat plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean protein for optimal health, she says.

    That advice is backed up by a survey of 400 post-menopausal women documented in an article published in April 2019 in journal Menopause, which found that women who ate a diet rich in fruits and vegetables were less likely to report having experienced menopausal symptoms than women whose diets contained more fatty foods and sweets. Decreasing your consumption of these and certain other foods may be able to ease a lot of the discomfort linked to this natural transition and help you stay healthy in the years to come.

    Unexplained Weight Loss During Menopause

    If youre feeling the complete opposite to the above, and have actually experienced unexpected menopause weight loss, youre not alone!

    During the start of menopause, a womans ability to gain fat doubles while her lean muscle mass decreases.31

    However, muscle weighs more than fat, so if your bodys level of fat remains stable while your muscle decreases, you may see unexpected weight loss.

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    Choose Fats Wisely And Eat Meals With Healthy Fats To Counter Weight Gain

    Fat adds flavor, makes our food taste better, and is part of a healthy diet. So the good news is that it isnt necessary or recommended to completely eliminate it from your diet altogether. You just need to learn how to be more choosy, says Palumbo. Think more walnuts, and fewer Whoppers.

    The healthiest fats are the ones that derive from vegetable sources like olives and nuts, but keep in mind that healthy fats like those found in avocados have the same number of calories as the fat found in an ice cream sundae. An ounce of nuts has 170 calories, so you have to be very careful, says Palumbo. The same goes with extra virgin olive oil. The American way is to go overboard, so you have to be extremely cautious when you use it and measure the amounts of fats and oils that you consume.

    And restaurant meals once again are not your friends in the fat department. Restaurants are not in business to make us healthy. They add a lot of flavor carriers, which are known as fats, Palumbo says. Salad dressings are one of the biggest sources of added fat in our diet, so be sure to order your salad with the dressing on the side.

    Cardio For Weight Loss

    How Can I Stop Weight Gain During Menopause

    Still, what you do when you exercise is more important than how long you do it. Creating a solid, comprehensive routine will help you get the most out of whatever time you have. Your first order of business is a cardio program.

    Cardio is your first line of defense against gaining more weight and starting the weight loss process. Cardio helps you burn calories as well as protect you from other health issues that arise when we reach menopause, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

    It’s best to ease into a new exercise routine to avoid injury by starting with something simple. For example, you might try 3 to 5 days of brisk walking for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

    If you’re already doing cardio exercise and you’re not losing weight, your frustration is understandable. This is when you need to step back and make some changes to your program.

    If you tend to stay in the low end of your heart rate zone, or the often misnamed “fat-burning zone,” you may find it hard to lose weight. This level of intensity is great for beginners. But working your way up to more intense cardio will put you in the calorie-burning zone you need to lose fat.

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    Why You Are Gaining Weight

    There are several reasons why you are gaining weight:

    1) Declining estrogen means you store visceral fat around your stomach. Hence the spare tire that magically appears. I could no longer button my jeans .

    2) In contrast, as you approach menopause, estrogen levels can also spike, which promotes weight gain.

    3) Your metabolism slows down

    Is It Possible To Lose Weight With An Underactive Thyroid

    Home┬╗Is it Possible to Lose Weight with an Underactive Thyroid?

    If you are being treated for an underactive thyroid, medically known as hypothyroidism, and are struggling to lose body fat, you are not alone. Of the estimated 4.6 percent in the U.S. who have hypothyroidism, many find themselves with undesirable weight gain.

    Even after diagnosis and treatment, it may be extremely difficult to lose weight. You may even find yourself gaining weight, so attaining your personal body composition goals seems impossible.

    This article provides information about thyroid function and its role in obesity, discusses the possible barriers to improving body composition even with treatment, and gives you specific steps you can take to lose weight.

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    Make A Plan To Stay Active

    With age, many people let exercise fall to the bottom of their priority list. Maybe it’s because they’re busy, maybe it’s because they’ve become less body conscious with age, or maybe it’s due to comfortable ruts.

    Regardless, the priority shift away from activity can have consequences. Many experts believe midlife weight gain has more to do with lifestyle than with hormonal factors related to menopause.

    So your plan to lose weight after menopause should include a program to stay active. You may want to invest in a fitness tracker or activity monitor to make sure you’re getting enough movement to slim down or stay lean.

    Watch Your Carbohydrate Intake

    Pin on Life Transformation For Women

    Not all nutrients are created equal, and some experts believe that a steady diet heavy in unrefined carbs like pasta and bread are a significant factor for excess belly fat. Carbs are the enemy of the middle-aged woman, says Dr. Boling. If you are perimenopausal, look at how much sugar you are eating. Carbs turn into sugar in our bodies. Some turn faster, like candy bars, oatmeal burns slower, but eventually it all turns to sugar. If you are aware of how many carbs you are eating, you are going to do better. Research published in April 2017 in the British Journal of Nutrition found that a reduced-carbohydrate diet may decrease the risk of postmenopausal weight gain.

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    Natural Ways To Support Normal Thyroid Function

    Did you know that you can naturally support your thyroid function with certain foods and remedies without the harsh effects of prescription drugs?

    Its true and wed love to share them with you!

    Evan Burns, lead nutritionist and researcher at Nutracraft, shows you exactly what foods and natural remedies work to naturally maintain normal thyroid balance and function.

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    How To Lose Weight During Menopause

    As earlier pointed out, despite the fact that weight loss during menopause is difficult, it is not entirely impossible. The following are some of the crucial tips to Lose weight during Menopause particularly important to any woman at this stage.Research has revealed that a womans resting energy and the number of calories burnt during rest drastically declines. Such foods actually stimulate secret production of insulin which is the main fat storage hormone in the body.

    *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

    Usually, when there is a decline in insulin levels in the body, it becomes easier to shed off the extra calories from the fat stores by boosting the burning process of fats in pace of carbs.

    On the other hand, a drop of insulin levels helps the kidneys to get rid of excess sodium and water so as to reduce bloat and unwanted water weight. Observing this first tip only can help you to lose up to 10 pounds within the first week. In short, doing away with sugars and starches from your diet will help lower your insulin levels, reduce your appetite making you to start taking fewer calories automatically without hunger.

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    How Can I Lose Weight During Menopause

    Weight management is a complex topic and not just about what youre eating, says Nicki. Its possible to avoid weight gain and even lose weight, but you need to identify the root cause. For instance, HRT can replace low hormone levels, but if you dont manage your stress then its not going to help your weight.

    Plus, if your thyroid isnt optimal, your metabolism is going to be very slow and its going to be very hard to lose weight, she explains.

    If there isnt an underlying health issue, then Dr Mukherjee says its absolutely possible to lose weight during menopause.

    But because your metabolism is slower than in your younger years, it can feel harder, she says. A combination of increasing movement to burn more calories and limiting your calorie intake, especially from high sugar and processed foods, will help a lot. Intermittent fasting such as the 16-8 diet plan suits some people, she suggests.

    Gradual and sustainable approaches are best, but you should be aware that these will not result in the rapid weight loss we all want once we decide to shed some pounds, she adds. Be mindful that one pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. So its not easy for anyone eating normally to lose weight.

    Patience and persistence is the key to success.

    Dark, leafy greens are ideal if youre following a menopause diet plan.

    What Are The Best Exercises To Lose Weight During Menopause

    Perimenopause: How to Lose Weight and Feel Great part 2

    Healthy food choices and regular physical activity go hand in hand to promote healthy weight loss during menopause.

    Around 150 to 175 minutes of physical activity per week are recommended for weight loss. Exercise has many benefits during menopause, such as:

    • Improves your heart health, reducing your risk for heart disease

    • Burns calories that can promote weight loss

    • Reduces stress and anxiety, while promoting mood

    • Increases flexibility and can reduce aches and pains

    • Reduces hot flashes

    • Improves sleep

    What should exercise look like for you? It depends on where you are starting from. This could mean a brisk 30-minute walk five days per week, taking more high-intensity group exercise classes at your local gym, or a mix of several activities you enjoy.

    Curious about HIIT? Check out our guide HIIT – The Secret to Losing Weight During Menopause

    High intensity intermittent exercise , or shorter but more intense exercise, has been shown to promote fat loss much better than aerobic exercise. Resistance exercises, like weight lifting, increase your basal metabolic rate, or the number of calories you expend on a daily basis. A mix of exercises is a good way to lose weight, especially in the belly.

    Whatever you enjoy doing most, be sure to first speak with your healthcare provider to make sure what and how much exercise is right for you. This is especially important if youre new to exercising regularly, starting a different activity routine than normal, or have injuries or pain.

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    How Can You Lose The Stubborn Belly Fat

    While you cant necessarily target weight loss in one specific area of your body, there are several things you can do to promote overall weight loss. This includes the belly fat that is often especially difficult to shed and characteristic of the meno 10.

    As you can imagine, what you eat plays a big role in weight loss, including when it comes to managing belly fat. In general, a calorie deficit is needed to lose weight. This means that youre eating fewer calories than youre burning. That being said, its important to make sure youre not eating too few calories as this isnt healthy either, and will actually slow weight loss eventually.

    Its a good idea to meet with a registered dietitian for individualized nutrition support, who will be able to help develop a meal plan to meet your specific goals during menopause. You can search for a dietitian local to you, or one who provides virtual counseling, here. Handy filters let you search for a dietitian who specializes in womens health and weight loss.

    For daily support, meal planning, calorie counting, and fitness apps can also be helpful in combating the meno 10. For instance, Noom, MyFitnessPal, and Lose It! are popular options that make keeping track of your daily habits easier.

    Research shows that behavioral therapy can be highly effective in supporting weight loss.


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