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How To Get Your Mojo Back After Menopause

Nutritional And Lifestyle Causes

How to get your Mojo back

Unfortunately, not many traditionally-trained physicians consider nutritional components as a cause of low libido. However, more and more research points to gut health playing a major role in your health overall, and in your sexual health for sure. It is in the gut, where the nutrients for natural libido enhancers are absorbed.

One major fact that points out nutritional deficiencies as a cause of low libido can be seen in the fact that while post-menopausal women make up only 13 percent of the population, they take 30 percent of the drugs prescribed in the U.S. Prescription medications are notorious for causing nutritional deficits. Too little nutrition leads to low libido.

Some of the common prescription medications that lead to deficient nutrition include:

  • antacid
  • antidepressant
  • anti-hypertensive

Lifestyle habits can be natural libido enhancers. Drinking that glass of wine, can lead to increased desire for sex. But too much alcohol leads to low libido. Smoking can also decrease arousal for sex.

Excess fatigue from caring for young children or aging parents can take away your desire for sex.Birth control pills have been said to lower sex drive also. This is a debate among medical professionals. Some believe the pills should take away the fear of getting pregnant and thus should increase sex drive.Some symptoms of nutritional deficiency include:

  • confusion
  • memory loss
  • dizziness

Boost Your Libido In Just Three Days With Simple Tweaks To Food And Exercise From Cutting Caffeine To Taking Up Yoga

  • Kate Taylor
  • 17:52 ET, Jan 22 2020

IF the thought of getting hot in the bedroom leaves you cold, youre not alone.

More than a third of women in the UK are NOT interested in having sex, research shows.

Women struggle to get aroused, have trouble having orgasms and find it difficult to enjoy sex, researchers from the University of Glasgow found.

Eighty per cent of those with low interest in bedroom action were either married or living with a partner.

While most people see their sex drive dip occasionally, these worrying statistics suggest a lot of us have lost our libido and do not know how to find it again.

But you can boost your sex life with simple daily tweaks. Sexpert Kate Taylor has devised a three-day mojo revival plan to help you get back on track in the sack.

Here Are Ten Very Actionable Ways On How To Get Your Mojo Back:

1. Address Stress

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, lighten the load and address the source of the stress before you do anything else.

Whether its work, a personal conflict, too many things on your to-do list, or too many demands on your time from family or friends, you need to pinpoint the reason and take action.

With the help of a friend, coach or counselor who can give you perspective and feedback, let some things go or find ways to delegate. Very few things in life are worth the physical and emotional toll of chronic stress.

2. Remember What Fun Is

Fun is way underrated, and it is an essential element of a strong mojo.

Right now, go grab a pen and paper. Think about the times in your life when you really had fun, and write them down.

Go over the events in your head and mentally re-live these fun and happy times. Circle some of these activities that you might want to enjoy again. Then pick a couple and go do them!

3. Get Physical

Hopefully, some of these fun activities are physical activities. Without putting the pressure on yourself to start an exercise routine , think of some ways you can get physical and really enjoy it.

I know which one youre thinking of, and by all means, go for it. When you are done, take a bike ride. Play tennis or basketball. Go dancing with a group of crazy friends.

4. Take An Electronic Sabbatical

5. Be Fabulous

Highlight the beauty inside of you by reflecting self-confidence on the outside.

6. Hang Out With The Best

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Focus On Yourself And Relax

Around midlife its very easy to put yourself right at the bottom of the pile. You are running around looking after every one else and not yourself.

Its so important to look after yourself and focus on relaxation. Pamper yourself and take the time that you need to relax.

Stress reduction can also help with other menopause symptoms such as hot flashes too.

Set a specific time which is just for you. For example, take an hour between 7 and 8pm to take a relaxing bath with candles and nice music. This simple ritual will do you the world of good and reduce your stress levels.

Get Your Hormones Under Control

How I Got My Midlife Mojo Back &  Re

As I said at the beginning, the NUMBER ONE THING that has a huge bearing on fatigue and the menopause are your HORMONES.

If you want to start to feel more alive and energetic, this is the main area you need to focus on.

My friend Ange has created a high quality resource which shows you how to get your hormones back under control and increase your quality of life. You can find out more about it here.

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Whats Going On Below The Belt

Did you know that having sex regularly helps clear your brain, keeps your metabolic rate up – burning calories each time you have an orgasm and it makes you feel good. So obviously you want to do more of that. To achieve better sex, you must understand what your body is going through and how it impacts this part of your life. And the more sex you have, the better your lubrication will start to become.

Many women regard their loss of libido as part of their fading youth, although this can be one of the earliest symptoms of menopause, often happening way before youd be expecting it1! Tiredness, lack of energy and mood swings from menopause can further underscore that belief. At the same time, your body is experiencing falling levels of oestrogen which result in the lining of your vagina becoming dry and uncomfortable. As the vaginal tissues dry out, penetration can become painful and, in extreme cases, they may tear and bleed. If you are also suffering from night sweats, its not surprising that you dont feel very sexy.

We All Have Times When We Lose Our Confidence It’s A Terrible Feeling

We need our mojo–our magic, our very best energy–to run our business, to lead our teams, to talk to our clients, and to be the best leader we know we can be.

Our mojo is our source of confidence–the thing that lets us know we can be successful.

When we question ourselves, when we doubt ourselves, it helps us do the things we need to do to achieve, succeed and have impact.

But a setback or crisis can leave your mojo shattered just when you need it the most. So how can you go about restoring it? Here are six simple options:

1. Start with one small win. When you let yourself think you’ll never be able to win again, you’re setting yourself up for the very failure you fear. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to reverse your mindset, so try focusing on doing small things well. You don’t have to take on the world–just complete one small task with focus and excellence. That small win can help restore your confidence. And if you repeat it, again and again, one step at a time, suddenly you will have managed what may have felt unmanageable.

5. Mind what you say to yourself. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Especially when you’re down, you may judge yourself harshly and speak internally to yourself in terrible ways that you’d never use with anyone else. You can reverse abusive self-talk with the SOS technique:

SInc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today. for unlimited access.

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Low Libido Heres How To Have Great Sex After Menopause

Would you rather watch TV than tear up the sheets with your honey? After menopause, sex doesnt have to be a distant memory. Heres expert advice to help you boost your low libidoThe kids have flown the nest, youre no longer worried about getting pregnant, and the man in your life is still hot to trot. So why are you spending Saturday night binge-watching? Chalk it up to menopause. For many women, a low libido is just one more irritating byproduct of aging. About 80% of women reported some decline in sexual desire during menopause, according to a study published in 2013 in Britains The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist. Psychological issues including depression, stress and relationship problems can dampen sexual desire. But as women age, physical changes play a role too. A decreased production of estrogen, which can cause vaginal dryness, thinning and tightening, makes sex painful for 64% of women, according to the North American Menopause Society. When that happens, a protective mechanism kicks in and the brain starts deciding for you that its not interested in sex anymore, explains Ellen Barnard, MSW, owner of A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center in Madison, Wisc.

If youre not in the mood, should you still give it the college try?

Top Tips To Get Your Mojo Back And Be Truly Fab After 50

How to Get Your Libido Back

author of How To Get Back Your Mojo

1. Remember age is just a number! If you feel great inside, it will shine through to all those around you this is Mojo.

2. Neuroscience research is showing that positive feelingsrejuvenate the cells in your body, helping you to refresh your energy.

3. Take control of your day by being prepared for what you expect to happen and fully accepting when things get changed.

4. Sometimes plans can change hour by hour and are often beyond your control develop a flexible approach to such happenings and often better outcomes are the result!

5. Value every day you have on this earth, as if it were your last. Show compassion to others and offer friendship, show interest and learn new communication skills to converse with confidence and listen with attention

6. Go to bed with a positive intent to sleep well and deeply the best way to induce this is to learn deep diaphragmatic breathing. When you focus on this fully, your day recedes and peace takes the place of words, thoughts and feelings and the first stage of sleep is achieved. Consider trying CBG oil if you struggle to sleep.

7. Restful sleep is such a great gift to yourself, as it allows the body and mind to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. If perchance you dont have a good, restful sleep just close it out and get on with your day, reduce energy draining activities and make a plan to achieve a better rest the following evening. *

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Forget That Midlife Crisis: How To Get Your Mojo Back After 50

Some get through a mid-life crisis by having a tattoo, taking a younger lover, buying a Harley or bungee jumping. Can life and career coach Dr. John Demartini give High50‘s Eve Ahmed a better alternative?

As a 50-something, I’m very aware of the limited time left to achieve my goals. With my children leaving home this year, my mother’s recent death, the menopause, and the invisibility throughout society that particularly affects middle-aged women, I have a sense that when it comes to my goals it’s now or never.

Some get through the mid-life crisis by having a tattoo, taking a younger lover, buying a Harley, or launching themselves into the air in a bungee jump. Although life is rushing by and I want to squeeze experience out of each fleeting moment, none of these coping mechanisms appeal.

So, I arranged to meet Dr. John Demartini, an American self-styled “human behavior specialist”, who I thought could give me some guidance. He has a lot to say about life, love and everything else. His bio is also very extensive:

That’s the blurb on the former chiropractor’s own website. Although open-minded by nature, I’m wary of hyperbole. We’re more phlegmatic on the side of the pond.

When I finally met Dr. Demartini, I was keen to find out where he stands on the so-called midlife crisis. Could he help me find alternative inspiration, or would his approach prove too pseudo-scientific new age-y for me? I sat down with him and asked him my most pressing questions.

Medication Approaches To Low Libido

Dealing with low libido in women typically is approached first by prescribing medications. This choice is one made by conventionally-trained physicians who dont consider natural libido enhancers.

Medical interventions, of this nature, typically have the highest risk of adverse side effects. They also may be the most costly in the long run. Hormone replacement therapy is the most common way of dealing with low libido. Its usually quick and fairly intense, but also leads to the most serious side effects. The risk of any of the several types of cancer, is high. This has been shown in several research studies.

Many healthcare professionals are reconsidering the use of HRT because of the increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, blood clots, and heart disease.

Estrogen therapy is probably the most frequently used medication approach. One of the side effects of this therapy is a resulting estrogen dominance that significantly reduces testosterone and lowers libido. Oral estrogen, such as that prescribed for HRT, can lead to increased SHBG, and thus lower testosterone. Low libidois a result. This being said, Bioidentical hormone replacement , using estrogen along with testosterone, can also be considered.

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Vitamins For Fatigue And The Menopause

There are a couple of recomended vitamins or supplements which can help with fatigue and then menopause.

Black Cohosh and Valerian are two supplements that may be able to help you with fatigue. COQ10 is also a good supplement for helping to boost energy.

Make sure you take to your Doctor before taking any supplements as they can interfere with other medications.

Hormones are the key to fixing Menopause Fatigue

What Would You Say To Women To Reassure Them About Their Loss Of Libido

Pin on Man

Loss of libido is a common issue. And we shouldn’t feel pressured into having sex just because the other half is still keen. Having said that, sex is a very important part of relationships, and a lack of it often causes dissatisfaction and resentment, while a healthy sex life brings couples closer together. If your lack of sex life is causing you issues, you should seek professional help.

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Herbal Interventions For Low Libido

Another way to naturally enhance your libido is through the use of appropriate herbs. There are quite a number of herbs you can use as natural libido enhancers but some of them may have side effects, just as medications do. There is little to no risk in using herbs as a natural libido enhancement. In contrast, to lifestyle changes, using herbs is possibly the easiest way to deal with low libido. They approach the issue of low libido directly at the source.There are essentially two types of herbs to consider when working with natural libido enhancers. Phytoestrogenic herbs have estrogenic compounds that come from plants. They add estrogen to the body as a way of dealing with hormone imbalance, but this often leads the body to stop producing estrogen on its own. If this happens, it leads to a further decrease in the bodys own hormones.

Non-estrogenic herbs do not contain estrogen. These herbs nourish the pituitary and endocrine glands, leading them to make natural hormones more efficiently. This process balances estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone naturally. These natural libido enhancers may be the safest way to deal with the symptoms of imbalanced hormones. They seem to be very appropriate natural libido enhancers.

Build A Sense Of Purpose

No life can ever be complete without a sense of purpose. It builds our self esteem, lifts our spirits and gives us a reason to get up and live our lives to the max.

Whats your purpose? Do you jump out of bed eager to enjoy the day, or do you merely try to survive as best you can? Are you living your life aligned to a sense of your true purpose, or is it based on obligation and necessity?

Research shows that living your life for others without your own unique sense of purpose has a strongly negative effect on your health and also your happiness. It would be obvious to say that it has a strong impact upon your mood. But it also affects your levels of stress hormones, your menopausal symptoms and even can alter the choices you make in your life.

What would happen if you found your purpose?

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Who Have The Desire To Make Some Positive Changes To Their Lives And Are 100% Committed To Doing It

What you will get:

  • One month of undivided attention a time to be lovingly selfish and go deeper, discover what you need and what works for YOU.
  • Two 60 minute calls via skype/telephone to focus on areas that you need help with mind-set, nutrition, lifestyle changes, stress management, relationships so that you are really clear on where you should focus your precious energy to get the best results
  • A ton of support and guidance so that you dont have to feel like you are doing this alone
  • A handbook that you use over the month. A place to journal your journey and experiences so that you have your own personal guide to you.
  • Questionnaires so that you can get an even deeper understanding of the menopause and how it affects you
  • Accountability so that you do what you need to do to self-heal and feel better.
  • Practical use now techniques to combat food cravings, better body image, motivation, confidence so that you feel like the old you again
  • Nutrition advice including food diary analysis so that you dont have to guess the right diet for you
  • Email support in between calls so that you never feel like you have to do this alone
  • Access to monthly group teleclasses where its ok to either just listen or call in so that you learn from others going on the same journey


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