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How To Get Rid Of Post Menopausal Belly Fat

Why Is Belly Fat Bad

How to Get Fit : How to Get Rid of Post-Menopausal Belly Fat

Belly fat is the type of fat that hugs our organs. In these areas, an accumulation of fat increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes, non-alcoholic liver disease, and obesity. Dr. Maria Anton, an Endocrinologist, notes that hormonal changes can affect a persons weight, cravings, and overall metabolism, but cautions that excess weight can increase a patients risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol that can lead to cardiovascular disease its important to address it and coming to Pritikin would be beneficial to any of those patients. Its worth investing a little time in yourself to learn about ways you can make changes in your lifestyle that you can actually keep, that can help you lose belly fat. We cant change our genetics, or whats happening at developmental stages of life but we can change our lifestyle, notes Lon.

Focus On Lean Muscle Mass

As we age, many of us focus on cardiovascular physical activity, such as walking or running. However, its critically important we retain our lean muscle mass, as the more muscle mass we have, the more effective we are at burning calories, as well as burning fat, Carol explains. The most effective and lasting results for improved body composition come from regular strength training and a cardio strategy that includes both steady state-exercise and high-intensity interval training . Put all of this together on a regular basis, and youll set yourself up for long term success and sustained longevity.

Should You Do Hiit Workouts

Note that HIIT is just how it sounds – high intensity – which means that it isnt necessarily intended for beginners who are new to exercise. If you havent exercised in a while, start out with shorter less intense sessions. However, if youre used to regular exercise, HIIT may be just the thing you need to switch up your routine and see the weight loss results you want.

And while HIIT is effective for weight loss, that doesnt mean its the only physical activity you have to do to see results. HIIT can be combined with other exercises you also enjoy. For instance, if you like walking, jogging, biking, or kickboxing, alternating these with HIIT workouts occasionally can also result in long-term weight loss and support healthy weight maintenance.

You can complete an HIIT workout without going to the gym!

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Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of Menopause Belly Fat

From hot flashes, to night sweats, to mood swings and more, menopause can be an extremely uncomfortable time for women. Add fatigue, sleeplessness, and weight gain, and it can be downright miserable. The good news is that there are things you can do to help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of menopause, and were excited to share our best tips to help you get rid of menopause belly fat so you can feel confident in your skin!

Find Your Trigger Foods

Losing post menopausal belly fat

If youre not already eating a well-balanced diet, menopause is a perfect time to start! Start to fend off sugars and look for the foods that trigger your symptoms, and avoid these foods.

Have a well-rounded diet incorporate foods such as: healthy snacks, including fresh fruits, fish rich in omega 3s, lean protein and of course, lots of vegetables! A diet like this will help you both manage your blood sugar levels and keep your stress levels low.

Try these 22 simple snack ideas.

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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat From Menopause

Theres a reason bulge and budge are only one letter apart: the meno-bulge doesnt budge very easily. But it only took obsessing over Halle Berrys Instagram account for me to figure out that belly fat over the age of 50 is not inevitable. Berry, who was diagnosed with diabetes at 19, and who gave birth at 46, has a healthy diet that includes bone broth and no sugar. She posts videos of herself boxing with her personal trainer, who says she has the body and stamina of a woman half her age.

So as much as I wanted to throw in the towel and say, Oh, well, I guess theres nothing to be done! Might as well skip the gym today and have another Skinny Cow, Halle Berry and her abs made me feel I couldnt justify doing so. Sure, she has wealth, fame, a personal trainer, great genes , but she still has to make great choices to be that fit.

So I decided to learn exactly what those great choices are to find out how the average womans menobulge can budge.

Adjust Your Coping Strategies And Address Your Stress Levels To Help Reduce Weight Gain

If your fat is making you feel stressed or vice versa for that matter dont disregard that link. There is a stress-fat connection, Peeke says. If you walk around completely stressed all the time, your cortisol levels will increase, and that will make it easy for you to deposit fat deep inside the belly.

Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, stimulates the liver to increase production and release of blood sugar and helps the body convert fats, proteins, and carbohydrates into usable energy. As part of the bodys fight or flight response, cortisol is released during stressful times to give your body a natural energy boost, but when cortisol levels are constantly high because of chronic stress, these same effects may result in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

To reduce stress and belly fat, employ quick and simple techniques to help calm you down.

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Why Does Menopause Belly Occur

Everything is related to menopausal fluctuation in hormones. During this stage, a woman experiences how the estrogen and progesterone drop and lead to symptoms and body changes such as weight gain or altered metabolism.

Besides, once estrogen drops, the body fat starts being redistributed from the thigs, buttocks, and even hips to the actual abdomen. Previously the body fat was stored outside the abdomen in a fuel reservoir-like environment for breastfeeding and childbearing.

If a woman gains only little weight, it is pretty normal, however, when the gain is calculated in more than 2 pounds, the abdomen starts accommodating visceral fat which in excessive amounts is considered a toxic fat.

The good thing about How Can I Lose My Menopause Belly is that there are many options available, and you do not need to spend ages when choosing the right approach.

As was said above, the first method is to consult a doctor or nutritionist who builds plans for menopause belly and menopause women health management in general.

Resistance Training: The Answer To The Menopause Belly Fat Problem

How to Get Rid of Post-Menopausal Belly Fat

You cant change your hormonal structure, so there are some uphill battles of menopause that youll just have to face in order to fight off the belly fat. But there are others we can address a bit more easily to maximise results. There are three core factors that we can look at:

  • Menopause results in lower levels of muscle mass, but muscle requires more energy to sustain day-to-day.
  • Menopause results in higher levels of insulin, but muscle mass can help stabilise insulin levels.
  • Menopause slows your metabolism, but more muscle mass speeds it up.
  • Notice a pattern here? Beating that weight around your belly can benefit from strength training, and many women see great results from lifting weights. Generally speaking, its more common for women to favour cardio exercise over muscle-building, but introducing weight training to your routine can increase your bodys requirement for energy, boost overall metabolism and contribute towards the stabilisation of high insulin levels that are creating all that unwanted belly fat.

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    How To Get Rid Of Menopausal Belly Fat

    If you want to know the best way to get rid of menopausal belly fat then youre not alone. 25 million American women enter menopause each year . Then its only a matter of time before the weight gain seemingly starts coming out of nowhere. The minute you enter menopause it can feel like youre getting fatter by the day. And the most frustrating part of the weight gain is the menopause belly fat.

    But menopause really isnt that bad said no woman ever! One day you check the scale and youll see you gained 25 pounds practically overnight. The troubling thing about this is you could have been underweight all your life until now. This makes it confusing how to even approach how to get rid of this newfound menopause fat gain.

    The stubborn menopot can be really difficult to get rid of. You can even lose a lot of weight but still have a stubborn muffin top that wont go away. As weeks pass it can seem like your midsection is getting wider without any hope in sight. You can get a menopot belly even if you didnt have to watch what you ate for the majority of your life.

    Why Exercise Is Important Now

    Losing excess weight may be a top priority, but there are so many positive effects of exercise for menopausal women. Remember the long list of unwanted symptoms? It is essential to understand that movement can reduce the severity and frequency of several symptoms. Exercise is known to cause the release of endorphins , promote peaceful sleep, regulate hormone levels, and boost libido.

    Yet the most significant contributions exercise can make is the relief of stress. High levels of stress can cause weight gain, hot flashes, and anxiety. Exercise has been found to lower the level of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. Quality of life can improve significantly during these challenging years by exercising regularly and at a higher level of intensity than what youre used to.

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    Exercising The Pelvic Floor Can Help Build Strength And Lessen Menopausal Symptoms

    To combat these changes, you may want to start doing Kegel exercises, which act as a workout to strengthen your pelvic floor. This allows you to better control your bladder, prevent mild to moderate cases of incontinence, or delay the appearance of symptoms like bulging, says Blandon. In fact, the American College of Physicians recommends pelvic floor training as a first-line treatment for urinary incontinence.

    If youre suffering from pain during sex or problems with arousal or dryness, doing Kegels may help relax the vaginal muscles and improve circulation to the area, which can boost arousal and lubrication, according to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. That said, when it comes to pain during sex, jumping right into Kegels isnt the answer. Rather, you should be evaluated by your doctor for other causes first, says Blandon, including a urinary tract infection , muscle spasms, or dryness.

    It may seem daunting to speak up about your symptoms, even to your own doctor. But if, say, youre a runner whos not able to go for your morning jog or youre in pain during intercourse with your partner, you shouldnt have to live with those bothersome symptoms.

    Additionally, an concluded that pelvic floor training could reduce the number of leakage episodes and the amount of leakage a person experiences, so much so that it can be considered a cure for stress urinary incontinence. So Kegels can be a relatively simple way to better your health.

    Add Strength Training To Your Workouts

    How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Perimenopause

    According to the CDC, you need 150 minutes of cardio each week to stay healthy. Many women get the cardio part right but dont add the strength training part to their routine.

    If you dont add strength training into your life, your metabolism wont work as effectively as it could. The more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism works, making weight loss easier

    And after the age of 30, you start to lose muscle mass if youre not actively replacing it. Do your part to keep your body strong and your metabolism revved by strength training at least three times per week!

    You can use your own body weight with moves like push-ups, lunges, and squats or use dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands. Try the below exercises for menopause belly and overall strength!

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    Menopause Belly: What Causes It And How To Fix It

    Learn ways to beat the menopause belly with diet and exercise.

    For many postmenopausal women, one of the most vexing changes is a shift in body fat storage to the front and sides of their abdomen.

    This phenomenon, also known as menopause belly, is a result of shifting hormones, an activation of a menopausal gene, as well as changes in exercise and diet.

    A decline in estrogen causes fat cells in the abdominal area to store more fat. It may even reduce your bodys ability to burn fat.

    When the menopause gene is switched on, it contributes to belly fat. Heres 3 simple ways women can turn this gene off.

    Unfortunately, most women gain between five to ten pounds during the first decade after menopause.

    Research shows that postmenopausal women have an increase in intra-abdominal and trunk fat when compared to premenopausal women.

    The studies found that during early menopause, theres an increase in intra-abdominal fatthe deeper visceral body fat. These changes were consistent across age and weight.

    An increase in intra-abdominal fat is linked to a higher risk of high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol.

    Therefore, this shift in body fat storage is more than just a cosmetic issue.

    The decline in hormones during and after menopause is just one part of the menopause belly. For many women, their level of activity slows with age.

    Hormone Replacement May Fight Belly Fat Study Says

    Hormone replacement may prevent belly fat in postmenopausal women

    The effects last only as long as the woman is on hormones

    If youre a woman of a certain age, you might have wondered: Where did this belly fat come from? Youre eating and exercising no differently than you did before menopause struck, but suddenly, your tummy has ballooned.

    Welcome to life without estrogen.

    Preclinical data has shown that either surgical menopause or declines in estrogen accelerates fat accumulation, primarily visceral or abdominal fat, said Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, executive director of the North American Menopause Society. Changes over time in how women look such as noticing more abdominal fat, having increases in waist size, pants no longer fitting in the waist or increases in breast size all may be signs.

    Unfortunately, that extra fat can be life-threatening.

    A body fat percentage of 35% or more for postmenopausal women means a higher risk of obesity-related heart and diabetes risks, Pinkerton explained, including higher total and LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance.

    To combat those health risks, women are encouraged to eat healthy, watch their weight and exercise. Now, there may be another weapon in the arsenal: menopausal hormone therapy.

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    Eat More Soluble Fibre And Protein

    When eating foods high in fibre, it is important to note that some foods are also high in carbohydrates. We have selected foods with high soluble fibre and low carbs, and let’s not forget to add some protein!

    • Avocado Eating avocado can leave you feeling full longer.
    • Broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage. Steam and squeeze some lemon juice on for an extra flavour.
    • Raspberries and blackberries we can occasionally eat as a delicious dessert.
    • Asparagus are spears of fibre. They are delicious with salads or served hot.
    • Chia seeds are a versatile soluble fibre that can fill you up quickly.
    • Macadamia nuts, pecans and hazelnuts are handy to have in your bag as a snack food.
    • Green beans are legumes that are lower in carbs than most.
    • Flax seeds are high in soluble and non-soluble fibre.
    • Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and lettuce can be eaten raw or cooked.
    • High protein food includes fish, eggs, beans, soy products such as tofu, low-fat dairy products.

    Change The Way You Eat To Help Get Rid Of Belly Fat

    Belly Fat Cellulite How to Get Rid of Post Menopausal Belly Fat

    When your clothes are feeling tight, you probably wish you could magically get rid of excess weight. Besides herbal teas, you can lose belly fat gained during menopause with some adjustments to what and how you eat.

    When going through menopause, it is common for your BMI to increase due to hormonal changes. Health professionals use this index to predict the risk of metabolic disease. High BMI can mean fat is distributed to the stomach area.

    There are many ways to maintain a healthy BMI. Avoiding processed foods and making your diet high in fibre but low in fats and carbohydrates can contribute to the return of your pre-menopausal body.

    We are going to have a look at which foods can help with belly fat and those you should avoid.

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    What Causes Belly Fat After 45

    If you have always taken pride in your slim figure, you may be wondering why your belly suddenly has excessive fat lately. Let’s read on to examine why your waist can expand during menopause.

    The sudden weight gain around your abdomen during menopause is typical for women as they go through ‘the change’. Imbalanced hormones, stress, diet, or lack of exercise can cause belly fat when you are 45 or over.

    Your body’s process to burn what you eat, and drink is called metabolism. And a slow metabolism caused by low estrogen levels during menopause is a common reason we develop a fat belly once we reach 45.

    When your metabolism is slow, you are not burning all you put into your body. As a simple equation, you need to burn more than you put into your body to lose stubborn belly fat.

    Another reason you may have sudden weight gain around your middle could be stress-eating. This study shows a link between stress and menopausal weight gain in women over 45.

    Factors that can cause stress in women during menopause could be fluctuating moods, an ’empty nest’ syndrome, job or financial stress, or having to care for ageing parents.

    While it sounds like a lot to take in, the good news is that once you understand what is causing your belly fat, you can take steps to get rid of it.


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