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How To Get A Flat Stomach During Menopause

Crash Diets Don’t Work

How to Get a Flat Stomach in Premenopause : Summer Body Workout

You’ve probably noticed that crash diets don’t work the weight just comes right back again. The problem in perimenopause is that weight loss is more complex than “calories in/calories out” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change your metabolism and lose unwanted pounds.

When your hormones are out of balance in perimenopause, balancing your hormones and optimizing your overall health are virtual requirements for losing unwanted weight and belly fat. A healthy diet and lifestyle and specific medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements can all help you get there.

Just because that fat hasn’t budged lately doesn’t mean that it won’t when you try a different approach!

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How To Get A Flat Stomach Even If You Are Menopausal


This is a recording of a live webinar we held to give people immediately usable actions to help them lose fat and get a flat stomach

Even if they are going through the Menopause.

The Menopause does not have to mean you can not lose weight.

Check out this webinar to see how.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to flatten your stomach even if youre about to go through menopause
  • The reasons why women age 42 up tend to put on fat around their stomach
  • Top three strategies to stop storing fat around the stomach
  • Doing steady state cardio is not a good way of losing fat around the stomach
  • Doing lots and lots of steady state cardio increases the risk of osteoporosis
  • Doing diets decreases metabolism
  • Resistance training is the best form of exercise to lose fat around stomach and raises metabolism
  • Insulin resistance is one reason women tend to store fats around their stomach
  • Green leafy vegetables help in weight loss
  • Eating fruits that ends with berry helps in weight loss
  • Good fats make you lose fats
  • One of the best strategies to lose fat from your stomach is actually to try and avoid white carbs
  • The best type of breakfast is one that includes a good amount of quality protein and healthy fats
  • How sleep is important in losing fats


: Just a really quick point is that marathon runners, the average body fat percentage of them is 13% but for a sprinter who does short sharp bursts, their average is about 6% to 8% body fats.

Stephen: Raspberry.

Can You Prevent Menopause Belly

There are also preventive steps you can take to limit how much menopause affects your body shape. Keep in mind that genetics and your prior health history play a role in how menopause affects your body, so these steps might not completely prevent some menopause belly bulge.

  • Maintain an active lifestyle. If you are able to be active 3 to 4 times per week, consistently elevate your heart rate, and/or participate in strength training, you may find that you experience fewer menopausal symptoms as your estrogen levels decline.
  • Consider quitting smoking. If you smoke and have put off quitting in the past, menopause is a great time to reconsider doing it. As you age, the health effects of smoking continue to increase. If you quit smoking, you may find you have higher energy levels and are more motivated to take care of your body.
  • Talk with a doctor about your specific health concerns.Menopause is typically an indicator that youre going to need to take care of your body a little differently and that you may have different health concerns going forward. Adjust your mindset to steward your body as well as you can during the years to come.

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Find Your Trigger Foods

If youre not already eating a well-balanced diet, menopause is a perfect time to start! Start to fend off sugars and look for the foods that trigger your symptoms, and avoid these foods.

Have a well-rounded diet incorporate foods such as: healthy snacks, including fresh fruits, fish rich in omega 3s, lean protein and of course, lots of vegetables! A diet like this will help you both manage your blood sugar levels and keep your stress levels low.

Try these 22 simple snack ideas.

Keep Emotional Eating In Check

Flat Stomach During Perimenopause

Its tempting to want to deal with changing hormones through emotional eating. Fluctuating emotions make that late-night nosedive into the ice cream even more appealing than normal.

Trying to shed extra weight in menopause doesnt mean you have to deprive yourself of everything, but you should monitor when you get the urge to binge on junk food and try to regulate your emotions in healthier ways.

Distract yourself, practice self-care, and become aware of whether or not your body is actually hungry.

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How To Lose Menopause Belly Fat

How To Lose Menopause Belly Fat is a question that bothers a lot of women.

Hot flashes, joint pain, irritability, or night sweats, various inconveniences, arise at the time of menopause. The hormonal changes caused by this period influence your body and promote fat storage, especially in the belly, and one must take certain precautions to dislodge them.

The effects of menopause in women: Belly that swells, what causes it?

Menopause is an obligatory phase of womens lives. After a complex process, the ovaries cease producing estrogen and progesterone, the leading sex hormones as a result, ovulation and menstruation stop. This phenomenon usually occurs with various physical and emotional symptoms. In some people, menopause is accompanied by abdominal swelling.

What causes postmenopausal belly fat?

The causes of postmenopausal belly fat: Accumulating pounds before or after the onset of menopause is a physiological phenomenon. This means that the body is looking to save energy.

This change in morphology occurs in most women during menopause. Indeed, before this period, the female gender had a morphology called gynoid distinguished by the accumulation of fat cells mainly in the buttocks, thighs, and legs.

At menopause, women face a decline in the production of female hormones, creating an imbalance in the body and transforming their morphology into an android type. The distribution of fat in the body is modified.

Why do we take belly at 50 years old?

Does Menopause Weight Gain Go Away

Weight gain rarely goes away on its own although there is plenty you can do to mitigate it.

But its not as simple as calories in versus calories out or eat less, exercise more. In fact, the opposite is true. Its a mistake to try and starve yourself or embark on an extreme exercise regime as these practices may cause you to gain weight.

While many women attempt to deal with meno belly by eating less or taking up intense exercise, it can be counterproductive. Your body is already going through massive changes during menopause so these actions contribute to the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. Furthermore, they can also contribute to insulin resistance* and leptin resistance**.

When insulin or leptin resistance is present and/or cortisol levels are too high, it deposits fat in your belly. It can also lead to hunger and cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugary foods. Moreover, cortisol is geared towards human survival, so it will do everything in its power to hold onto that fat.

The key to beating belly fat lies in nourishing your body, moving in a healthy way and minimising stress.

*Insulin resistance: insulin is known as the fat-storage hormone. It controls our blood sugar and its role is to escort fuel from food to the cells of the body to be used for energy. However, over time a highly refined diet can cause the cells to become too resistant to accommodate insulin. So it goes on to store the fuel as fat.

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Add Strength Training To Your Workouts

According to the CDC, you need 150 minutes of cardio each week to stay healthy. Many women get the cardio part right but dont add the strength training part to their routine.

If you dont add strength training into your life, your metabolism wont work as effectively as it could. The more muscle you have on your body, the faster your metabolism works, making weight loss easier

And after the age of 30, you start to lose muscle mass if youre not actively replacing it. Do your part to keep your body strong and your metabolism revved by strength training at least three times per week!

You can use your own body weight with moves like push-ups, lunges, and squats or use dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands. Try the below exercises for menopause belly and overall strength!

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Whats A Beyond 50 Beyond Stressed Babe To Do

Beat Menopause Belly Fat by Starving Your Fat Cells (Not Yourself)

Go back one or two steps. Women often need to do less before they do more so they can optimize cortisol levels. Exchange your bootcamps sessions for walks. Shift from hour-long sessions to 20 or 30 minutes at most. Eventually, with a lower stress level, return to short bouts of high intensity . HI will help, but not while your body feels like its under fire .

Should you do core exercise? Yes. Should you make conscious, informed decisions about what you put in your body? Yes. Should you increase your awareness of optimal sleep habits and then apply them? Yes. Should you do HI exercise? It depends. Eventually yes, but it may not be the answer for you right now. Should you find ways to reduce or cope with stressors in your life? Yes. Does that mean increasing joy, laughter, and the frequency of smiles that reach your eyes? Yes.

Is dieting and more exercise the answer? No.

Menopause belly fat is a multifactorial problem. It needs to be addressed by a multi-faceted approach.

Trying to crunch, sit-up, or otherwise core exercise away menopause belly fat would be like taking a hammer to a screw.

Would you like more support for your belly fat? In the exclusive members-only Flipping 50 Café master classI share the belly fat and core facts, a chart of over 50 core exercises Ive vetted for safety, effectiveness, and modifications to those that might stress joints so youve got options if needed.


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Hormones And Body Fat

During menopause, your hormones get thrown out of whack. Your estrogen levels plummet, and body fat that used to settle around the hips, thighs, or butt now tends to settle around your middle.

In menopause, your progesterone also decreases, which contributes to elevated cortisol levels in the body. Elevated cortisol can cause you to gain that so-called menopause belly.

We Can Help You Manage Belly Fat

  • Meet with a Gennev Doctor -our menopause specialists can help you understand why you are experiencing belly fat and the impact on your overall health and wellness
  • Partner with a Health Coach for actionable solutions to manage belly fat, and offer the support you need
  • Vitality the nutrient-packed multi-vitamin supplement that supports mood, energy, stress response, immune health, joint pain, and inflammation
  • Magnesium our super-power supplement relieves joint pain, muscle cramps, Restless Leg Syndrome, headaches, depression, fatigue, anxiety and supports better sleep

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How To Lose Hormonal Belly Fat

Something happens in your 40s and 50s that you wake up one morning and its as if your body has put on 10lbs of belly fat overnight. Yikes! Struggling with belly fat and sudden weight gain as early as perimenopausal thru to post-menopause is really common. Data shows that post-menopausal women really struggle with obesity. Youre not alone. According to science, you can actually lose hormonal belly fat! Below is advice from Doctors, Registered Dieticians and Exercise Physiologists thats exceptionally helpful to women who are frustrated with their menopausal belly . Plus, reducing abdominal belly fat reduces your risk of other serious illnesses, including heart disease and diabetes, which can impact your quality of life.

How To Get A Flat Stomach In A Week

How to Get a Flat Stomach in Premenopause

Losing fat around your midsection is one of the hardest to do. And to get a flat stomach in a week is very ambitious but also very achievable.

Imagine seeing the perfect dress or Jacket, finally snagging that date, only to have your belly fat try to cheat you out of such joy.

I will be listed below, various activities that can be carried out individually or even simultaneously in order for the desired flat stomach in a week.

Ive tried some of the points listed below with great results, others I have recommended and seen work for others.

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Top 4 Secrets Of Combating Menopause Weight Gain

Not only have I gone through the physiological changes associated with menopause myself, but I have also ushered roughly 42,000 women through the Galveston Diet Signature Program This experience has allowed me to PIN DOWN the secrets of combating the seemingly inevitable, stubborn belly fat that most women gain while going through midlife.

You can use a few helpful strategies to outsmart the hormone changes that are attempting to wreak havoc with our metabolisms

Practice Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is KEY ladies, especially during menopause. Even though it may seem intimidating, I promise its the easiest habit to create and maintain!!

What is intermittent fasting, you may ask? It is simply fasting for 16 hours a day and then eating within a consecutive 8-hour window. If you are solely practicing IF, you can eat anything during the eating window period. Alternatively, there is a 5:2 method of fasting eat normally for 5 days out of the week and fast for 2 of them . I utilize and recommend 16 hour fast 8-hour eating window each day, but each essentially shows the same health benefits:

  • Diminishes bodys glucose reserves burning fat for fuel
  • Increases energy
  • Builds physical and mental resilience

Eliminate the amount of added & simple sugars

**WATCH this video to learn how to find hidden and added sugars:

Exercise Regularly

. Go ahead, eat some carbs

Want to learn more about the difference between the Galveston Diet and Keto? Please watch the video here:

Weight Gain And Metabolism

You may have unknowingly become a bit more sedentary as youve aged into your 40s and 50s as well, making weight gain all the more common. Your metabolism slows down as you lose muscle, and aches and pains or a busy schedule may keep you from exercising as frequently.

All of these factors can contribute to an increase of abdominal fat during your menopausal years.

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Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss

Finally, how much sleep are you getting at night? Is perimenopause robbing you of sleep by causing night sweats and making you wake up at odd hours of the night? Is your system still too wired at bedtime to get into sleep mode, or are you simply just not getting to bed early enough to get seven or eight hours of sleep?

A chronic sleep deficit whatever the cause can promote weight gain. This is because of the effects that sleep has on two hormones that regulate appetite. When you get enough sleep your body releases leptin, a hormone that controls appetite. Not enough sleep means a bigger release of ghrelin, a hormone that literally makes you crave junk food!

You may feel like you just have lousy self-discipline when in fact it’s your body chemistry that’s making it more difficult to eat healthy and to know when to stop. Whatever it takes, really try to make sure you get enough sleep at night.

How To Stay Fit All The Time

10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat During Menopause

consider joining a sports club where you would also get to make new friends.

Do you know that person who is really fit and never seems to struggle to maintain their body physique? Well, the reason for this may not be in the fact that they have really good genes. It could be because they are committed to performing regular menopause fitness routines. The following are tips to help you stay fit all the time:

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So How Do We Tackle This Menopause Belly Fat

Really its a two-pronged approach: Diet and Exercise!

When it comes to foods as we age, it is a good rule of thumb to focus on high-quality, whole, fresh foods as the basis of all your meals. Think of it as treating your body as well as you can now, for a healthy body for all the days and years to come! The more you care for and nurture yourself now, the healthier you will be both physically and emotionally down the road! I am a firm believer in this, which is why I stick to the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, I eat healthy veggies and fruit take up most of my plate, with lean proteins and healthy fats such as extra virgin olive oil and nuts making up the rest. This not only helps me stick to a healthy eating plan, but it actually curbs my cravings for the bad stuff! But that doesnt mean I dont indulge I love sweet treats and snacks like everyone else. I just keep them in moderation, or at 20%. And I find this to be a really easy and effective way to make sure I am giving back to my body, but also indulging every now and then. A win-win! If you need some guidance on a healthy eating plan, check out the free trial of my Whole Body Plan, which includes a customized eating plan. You can choose low-sodium, vegetarian, gluten-free and more, and get three meals and two snacks for every day! Its a great way to enjoy your food while not having to make the decisions about what to eat perfect for sticking to a healthy eating plan!

Lets get fitter, together inside and out,


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