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How To Explain Menopause To Your Husband

Q : Will She Return To Normal

Is Menopause Ruining Your Relationship? Dealing with Menopause in Your Marriage

A : Of course she will! Although we canât guarantee exactly when! As every woman is different, it will take different lengths of time to recover but gradually her body will adjust to the changing levels of hormones, how she helps her body adjust is another matter. The more information taken on board, the more she understands what is happening to her and the more she is empowered to help herself through lifestyle choices, diet and exercise, can help enormously. The sooner any woman does this the better. And her man too! But a healthy lifestyle may not be enough. For some, the symptoms persist and are intense and she may need more medical intervention.

Menopause Destroyed My Marriage: How Relationships Change

If only our vows went like this: In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, in good times and in bad, and in menopause The reality is, divorce rates are rising in the United States, and there are so many different factors that cause couples to go their separate ways. But many women wonder, Will my marriage survive menopause? If this article is speaking to you and your own relationship, do not feel bad. Countless women in the throws of their menopause journey worry that one day they may say menopause destroyed my marriage.

Heres a look at menopause and divorce statistics, and some ways to improve the outcome of your own relationship.

Menopause and Divorce Statistics

Between 40% and 50% of first marriages fail in the United States. These numbers are even higher for people who are on their second and third marriages. In the past few decades, divorce rates have increased exponentially. There are many theories as to why this is, but there is a surprising trend in divorces: women initiate 60% of divorces in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Sure, several factors contribute to this phenomenon.

Of course, there are also cases where a partner cheats or develops an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. And sometimes, you just plain fall out of love.

But what about the natural changes in your body that occur during your 40s-60s? Is this contributing to the high menopause divorce rate?

Why Menopause Causes Divorce

Things that can contribute to menopause divorce include:

Perimenopause Advice For Husbands: How Can Men Help Make The Transition Easier

Menopause the stage in a womans life when she stops menstruating is one of the many physically gruelling experiences she endures during a lifetime. With hormones fluctuating and the body going through a taxing transition, most women experience a wide range of symptoms, from mood swings to night sweats, during this time. What makes this stage harder to cope with is that getting to menopause is often a long-drawn stage. It is common for women to be in the perimenopause stage for an average of 4 years. This can be trying time not just for the woman enduring the transition but also her loved ones. This guide on perimenopause advice for husbands will tell you everything there is to know about helping your woman sail through this phase somewhat easily.

Thats crucial because the physical and psychological manifestation of the changes raging through a womans body can take a toll on relationships.

A survey indicates that women in their 40s, 50s and 60s initiate 60 per cent of all divorces, pointing to a straight link between menopause and marriage health. Another study links menopause to sexual disharmony between couples. Understanding the menopause becomes even more imperative in light of these facts.

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Things You Wish Your Partner Knew About Menopause

How to Apologize to Your Husband or Wife in 8 Steps

Whether it’s the strange looks he shoots at you when the handheld fan comes out in the middle of winter or his confusion when those go-to moves just aren’t doing the trick anymore, you can’t help but feel a little sorry for your other half when menopause starts to make waves. To make their lives a little easier, we asked women who’ve gone through that transition to help us put together a cheat sheet of everything you wish your partner understood.

“I still want you, it’s just hard for my body to get on board.”

If an upper lip wax sounds more appealing than sex, welcome to menopause. A dipping libido is a classic symptom, but not exactly a welcome one. “When my interest in sex dropped off, my husband was really hurt,” says Lorraine, 56, who has been married for 32 years. “I wish he could understand that it has nothing to do with himI’m still very attracted to him, and love touching him and kissing. I just don’t care to initiate sex anymore.” Explaining the physical changes that hit you during menopauseincluding less blood flow to genital organs, a decrease in vaginal lubrication, and a decreased response to touchmight help him see it’s not all about him, after all.

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“I wish you’d stop sabotaging my health kick!”

“You have no idea how tired I am.”

“Hot flashes aren’t there for your amusement.”

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What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Menopause

Men want to fix everything, one woman told her group. I just want him to hold me and tell me he still loves me.

Her sentiments ring true for many women. There is no easy fix for every problem that vexes the menopausal woman.

While some things can be done to alleviate some physical symptoms, its the emotional effects that have womenand menso bewildered. Combine these twothe physical changes and the emotional ups and downsand you have a situation that can frustrate a marriage and challenge a womans identity as a sexual being.

For married women, the comments below will resonate. Further on, well see how the mental transition from the childbearing age to the grandchildren-rearing stage does not changebut rather enhancesfemininity.

More than having their menopause problems fixed, women want to know that their husbands will stay connected to them, or begin connecting with them, and walk through this stage of life together.

Dont give a lot of advice, another woman responded when asked about what she tells her husband she needs. I want to be able to say how I feelwithout feeling like I have to take his advice.

This woman may sound ungrateful, but she is only frustrated. Like so many husbands, her man wants to help. Yet his attempts to fix her only frustrate her.

Husbands can communicate their support by being willing to read a book or an article that explains menopause. They dont need to be experts, but their interest is very encouraging.

Tackle Your Menopause Symptoms

You have taken the first step to feeling better you have gotten the support of your partner. Now it is time to tackle the symptoms of menopause themselves. MenoLabs has created a line of probiotic supplements that will help you find relief from hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and low sex drive. Probiotics have been used for aiding in the treatment of many symptoms and conditions. They can also be effective for relieving the symptoms women have in menopause. Let the friendly bacteria help you feel happier and live better.

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Mens Guide To Menopause How To Support The Woman In Your Life

Going through menopause can be turbulent for any woman, but it can also be a very scary time for men as they see the woman they love morphing into some angry stranger!

Understanding is key women who have supportive partners are more likely to have a smoother ride through peri-menopause. If the man in your life is struggling to understand your strange behaviour lately, you may want to leave this mens guide to menopause lying around

Questions from men

Here are some of the most common questions we get from the husbands, partners and male friends of the women we are helping in the clinic.

1. What the hell has happened to my wife/girlfriend?

If it seems that she has been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with someone you hardly know, then read on! From the age of around 35, a womans hormones start to decline as her ovaries and egg production slow down and come to an end. This period is known as the peri-menopause, the years of fluctuating hormones leading up to the actual menopause when her periods stop completely. Some women sail through this time, but for others, it can be a real struggle.

2. Did you say it can start in your 30s?!

Yes, hormone changes can start in a womans 30s so its important to be aware of that and to seek help as soon as she starts getting symptoms.

3. She used to love being with me, now it feels like she wants to kill me!

5. I feel like she doesnt fancy me anymore, she might even have someone else. Our sex life is non-existent.


Reduce stress

What Is The Best Time To Have The Talk

Are Your Perimenopause Symptoms Normal? Your Guide to Management, Natural Solutions, and HRT

It is no wonder that the most honest and fruitful conversations between you and your partner happen when things are going well between the two of you. Do not try to start the talk if you are angry at each other. It is also not a good idea if you have mood swings at the time. Or when you just woke up or are winding down for bed. These are certainly not the best times for such an important conversation.

Because this conversation is so important, avoid having it when one or both of you are distracted by something else. Think activities like watching a soccer game, playing with kids, or taking care of chores. Make sure to find the right time to talk with your partner so that you are both in a good mood and can devote your full attention to each other. It might sound like a strange thing for a couple to do, but you can even decide on the time and place to talk in advance so that you both treat the conversation seriously.

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How To Approach The Conversation With Your Romantic Partner

It is best to talk to your partner as soon as possible. This way, your symptoms of , or brain fog will not leave them perplexed and worried about your health. You might feel shy or uncomfortable as you open up about these things. If this is the case, always keep in mind that menopause is a very natural stage in the life of every woman. So nothing is embarrassing about your body and your symptoms. Here are some tips that could help guide you through the talk with your partner.

Its Not Better Than A Period

Theoretically, not having a period ought to be better than having one because there is no more bleeding every month, and the accompanying cramps, bloating, nausea and PMS to deal with. Except it isnt. The toll living through menopause takes on ones body can make periods seem like a walk in the park.

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Coping With Mood Swings And Other Menopause Symptoms

This is a time when real amounts of understanding and patience can be tested. Its useful for partners to recognise that the mood swings, distress, anxiety etc are not really anything to do with them. Being there emotionally is a skill that requires individuals to suspend their own emotional needs, not to try and fix it but to simply be there. Its more than empathy.

Dear Men: 8 Things You Must Know About Menopause

How to Talk with Your Romantic Partner about Menopause ...
  • Pin

Angela Mager is doing us all a big favor by sharing this open letter to men everywhere about Menopause. Read more about womens health on her websiteMood swingsHot flashes Night sweatsLow LibidoVaginal drynessAnxietyForgetfulnessA new era

Angela Mager, RN, HC

I am an RN and a cardiac wellness coach. I work with women at risk for heart disease to help them finally succeed at creating a healthy lifestyle that they love, so that they can feel energetic, grow confident, and love their life.

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Learn About Pubertys Evil Bigger Sister: Menopause

The best perimenopause advice for husbands? Learn the whys as to how she can go from wanting to strangle you with the vacuum cleaner cord one second, to crying on your shoulder the next. From the hot flushes, to the personality changes. Finding out as much as you can about menopause will help you stay ahead of the game. Youll quickly realise that symptoms such as mood swings and hot flushes are not born out of cold air and there is far more going on.

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Behind Every Menopausal Woman Stands A Man Who Has No Idea What He Did Wrong

Marriage, Menopause & Mistakes. Working With your Spouse.

Is your partners mood going from zero to sixty in two seconds? Mood swings arise because of the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone fluctuations during menopause. Her crabbiness one minute and her neediness the next is just as confusing for her as it is you. Consider the fact that she hasnt had a decent nights sleep in months because she keeps waking up in the middle of the night feeling like shes in a Finnish sauna lodge.

For husbands surviving perimenopause, consider what is easier, biting your tongue or eventually eating your words? Take a dash of the Dalai Lamas mental resilience, her therapists ability to listen and bite your tongue. In the long run, its worth it. Unbeknown to her also, the slightest little thing can trigger an emotional outburst, from the mail running late to the 100th running of the charitable overworked donkey commercial. Despite your wife flicking from the personalities of Medusa to a helpless golden Labrador puppy the next, give her a hug, a shoulder to cry on and a reminder that everything is going to be alright.

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She Cant Get Her Act Together

The thing to focus on in understanding the menopause is that no woman can just get her act together and get on with it. The changes erupting in her body left, right and centre make it impossible for that to happen. Even when she knows shes being unreasonable in crying at the drop of a hat or yelling at you or the kids or the dog for no reason, she cant make it stop.

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Renegotiating The Daily And Sexual Relationship

The couple may have to re-negotiate who does what as energy levels and motivation alter – especially if depression is an issue. The couple may also have to discuss and experiment with different sexual positions that would make intercourse more comfortable.

I was on HRT and because of all the scares I came off it, my life became a total misery with mood swings, night sweats and depression. I tried all sorts of natural remedies, checked my diet and continued to exercise, but just felt really down. Recently I went back to my GP and he put me back on HRT. Ive got my life back.

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So What Can You Do To Help Your Partner During Menopause

  • Be informedThere are so many books with good information on the topic of men and menopause. Dr. Diana Bitners book, I Want to Age Like That, has an entire chapter dedicated to helping men understand menopause, and it includes a long list of suggestions to help you help her. You may also want to share Dr. Bitners Seven Essential Elements of Daily Success article with her.
  • Do your researchWebsites like and have so much FREE information that can help both men and women navigate the struggles of menopause symptoms . If you have some information before you talk with your partner, she will see that you are really trying to understand what she is going through.
  • Be sensitiveAlong with sensitivity comes compassion and understanding. Try not to place blame on anyone and stay nonreactive when having a conversation.
  • Use I languageStart every sentence with I: Saying I feel hurt when I try to be intimate with you and you turn away is much better than saying, You never want to have sex anymore. It takes the blame away from your partner and makes for a much more productive conversation.


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