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How To Eat To Lose Weight During Menopause

Can Diet Help You Manage Your Weight

What does it really take to lose weight during perimenopause/menopause

Knowing and understanding that the weight gain at menopause is the result of hormone changes can help you to understand how the food that you eat fits into your weight loss strategy.

We know that the foods that you consume can alter your hormones, but they are no substitute for hormone replacement therapy .

But that doesn’t mean that food doesn’t play a role in your weight or symptom management while in menopause.

In fact, we know that a poor diet can exacerbate the symptoms of menopause.

So it’s still in your best interest to eat healthy foods, even if they don’t impact your hormones in any great way.

It turns out that the best way to avoid weight gain at menopause is to enter menopause with a “normal” and “healthy” weight .

If you enter menopause with an extra 10-15 pounds of fat on your body we know that you are likely to have a very hard time in the post-menopausal period losing that extra weight.

But, on the other hand, if you can take care of any extra weight BEFORE menopause, then you are in a great position to maintain your weight as you hit the transition.

I realize that not everyone will be able to manage their weight , but it’s still worth mentioning that this is the best “weight loss therapy” for menopause.

If you’ve already hit menopause and you’re gaining weight then it’s very important that you explore your diet and ensure that you are eating properly.

How Can Menopausal Women Lose Weight

Our food intake makes up the shape of our body if you are eating healthy foods with the right amount of calories and at the right time you will surely have a toned body but if you are eating foods with a lot of sodium, MSG and sugar, do not expect for a fit and healthy body. Food is always the first factor that affects our body, exercise will be the second. If you are exercising but you are not eating healthy, then you are just wasting your time and money. It must be balanced. Do not over do you exercise, some people tend to hit the gym longer than 2 hours, if you are not an athlete of some sort, just exercise depending on how you want your body to be toned. If you are looking for an exercise, try this high intensity interval training also known as HIIT.

How To Start Your Diet To Lose Weight During Menopause

Menopause is experienced by women at the age of 40 and above, at this stage their reproductive period starts to slow down and eventually end. Meaning there will be no more blood flow every month.

The needs of her human body changes as they age so this article is all about the diet to lose weight during menopause. Yes, there is a diet if you want to lose weight and to be healthy during your menopause period.

There are different diet varieties there is a diet for a diabetic person, for an anemic person, and the list goes on. You always have to remember that each of these diets differs and that the diet for diabetic person is not applicable for someone who is in their menopause period. On the other hand, womens active minutes decreases when they give birth because some of them dont have time to hit the gym and they dont care this period to eat healthy. But they can still get back in shape by knowing the relationship between menopause and weight loss diet. Gaining weight often results to illness and complications, to prevent that from happening we have gathered some information that can help you with your menopause diet.

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The Truth About Weight Gain During Menopause

Included in this article:

Like many aspects of aging, menopause has long been stigmatised and the lack of open dialogue means many people get stuck with unanswered questions about their health during this phase of life.

In this article, well take a closer look at the topic of menopausal weight gain, a big source of confusion for many. One comprehensive review of research on midlife women found that subjects gained an average of half a kilo each year throughout their 40s and 50s. Why does this happen? And is weight gain during menopause a foregone conclusion? Read on for a science-backed guide to how menopause may affect your weight and metabolism, along with compassionate expert advice for supporting your health during this stage of life.

Obesity In Menopause And Its Implications

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Overweight and obese menopausal women are at a greater risk of associated metabolic and cardiovascular complications, osteoporosis, and cancers. The risk of metabolic complications is compounded by abdominal fat distribution. Intra-abdominal fat around the viscera acts as metabolically active tissue, producing inflammatory markers which regulate the metabolic function. Besides, studies suggest that higher abdominal fat is positively correlated with hypertension, insulin resistance, and pro-atherogenic lipid profile, which are well-established risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Majority of women during menopause also complain about bone-related issues such as joint and back pain, knee-related issues, osteoporosis, and fractures. In most of these cases, the degenerative changes in the bone are driven by a marked decrease in circulating estrogen levels. The depletion in the levels of estrogen enhances bone resorption without a corresponding rise in bone deposition rate. The amount of bone resorbed is greater than the amount of bone deposited, leading to a net bone loss, presenting as low bone density and quality. The reduction in bone strength predisposes menopausal women to bone-related issues, especially osteoporosis, exposing them to a high risk of fractures.

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Tips For Managing Weight After Menopause

Gaining weight with the onset of menopause is a common experience. Your doctor can help you assess your weight with respect to your overall health. Whether youre trying to lose or maintain weight, the following simple strategies may be useful in supporting your wellness journey during this life stage.

Other Tips & Tricks To Help Manage Your Weight

If you’ve spent any time on my blog before then you know that I’m a huge proponent of “layering” therapies on top of each other.

Layering therapies refer to doing more than one thing at a time to achieve a certain goal.

This approach applies directly to weight loss and it’s been my experience that it improves results dramatically.

The idea would be to add supplements, HRT, exercise, etc. to whatever dietary changes you make as opposed to simply altering your diet and hoping for the best.

Often, these other therapies are complementary to dietary changes and can enhance your weight loss.

With this in mind, let’s talk about some other therapies that you can consider to help you manage your weight during the menopause transition.

#1. HRT

The first, and perhaps most important, is the role of hormone replacement therapy in menopause with bio-identical hormones.


Menopause is really a hormone problem which means that the weight gain associated with menopause is secondary to hormone changes that occur during this time frame.

The single best therapy for menopause has been shown over and over again to be hormone replacement therapy .

Hormone replacement therapy or HRT for short gets a bad reputation among physicians due to some studies that took place in the early 2000’s.

Since then, many studies have shown that bio-identical hormones have an excellent safety profile and can help with symptom management and weight loss.

#2. Supplementation

#3. Exercise

On the other hand…

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Quit Sugar And Limit Stimulants

Stimulants like caffeine and sugar can have a dehydrating effect on the body as well as a destabilizing impact on blood sugar and hormones. In addition to causing feelings of anxiety and increased stress, caffeine can also worsen typical menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. If thats not enough reason to quit, it can also contribute to bone density problems.

Alcohol can also worsen hot flashes, night sweats, mood disruptions, and other menopause symptoms. While moderate consumption, such as less than one drink per day, may not have this effect, certain individuals are more sensitive than others. This is largely dependent on genetic individuality, liver health, and the gut microbiome.

While caffeine, alcohol, and even sugar in moderation may not be deal breakers, its best to avoid these for the most part, especially if symptoms of menopause are problematic or if youre having trouble losing weight. Instead, focus on nourishing beverages like water, bone broth, herbal tea, and green tea, and avoid foods that are overly stuffed with sugar.

Bottom line: Losing weight and keeping it off after age 50 is not impossible and with the right strategy it can be easy to do. Sticking to these seven steps above can bring about faster success and help you to feel more at home in your own skin, in spite of changing hormones.

How Long Does Menopause Weight Gain Last

How to lose weight during the menopause

How much you might gain and over how long a time period is highly individual. A lot depends on your overall diet, activity level, and muscle toneand not just your menopausal status.

Some data indicates that weight starts to plateau when youre in your 50s and then drops in your 60s. Other research shows that women tend to keep gaining weight through their sixth decade of life.

How much of the weight gain is related to menopause and how much is related to the other aging factors isnt entirely clear.

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What I Eat In A Day

When I was 44, , I could still fit in the same jeans that I wore when I was 20. I was one of those lucky women that could eat whatever they wanted and not gain weight. Needless to say, I didnt appreciate it at the time. I simply assumed this was how my metabolism was wired, and it would continue into old age. If only!

The day I turned 45, perimenopause started with a vengeance hot flashes, sweats, nausea, and mood swings. And after 3 months of this, I couldnt fit into those jeans to save my life.

In the first 6 months, not only did I feel like I was perpetually morning sick, I also gained 10 pounds. That amazing metabolism, which had kept me slim for 30 years, was broken. My hormones were all over the place, and I realized that it was time to make some serious changes. Heres what I eat in a day, to give you some ideas:

What Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills Work

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Get 7 To 8 Hours Of Sleep A Night

âFrom observational data, less than 6 hours of sleep is associated with an increased body mass index and 7 hours appears to be the goal to hit,â explains Dr. Mittal. Lack of sleep can increase ghrelin and decrease leptin . This is why you may find yourself snacking more when you are tired.

Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night and if itâs proving difficult to do so, set systems in place to help like charging your phone outside the bedroom, getting an alarm clock and turning off screens after a certain time.

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Foods To Eat During/after Menopause

How To Lose Weight During Menopause

To say that nutritional science is confusing is an understatement.

There’s no shortage of experts out there telling you what foods to eat and which foods to avoid.

This type of information causes confusion because many of the experts contradict one another frequently.

So what is the “truth”?

The truth is that there is no single perfect diet that will work for each and every person.

The exact amount of foods that you consume will be different from the next woman and that’s okay.

The goal here is to focus on a general “group” of healthy foods that you can then tweak and adjust to your body over a period of time.

With this logic in mind, I’ve put together a list of healthy foods that you should be eating if you are in menopause .

You can find the list of foods to eat during menopause below:

If you are struggling with what type of diet to eat after reading this then you can always start with the mediterranean diet.

This isn’t the only diet you can use for weight loss in menopause, but it does offer a great starting point for many women.

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Why Cant I Lose Weight In Menopause

So lets start by first answering that question is it possible to lose weight in menopause? Yes it absolutely is, but as your hormones shift and other things change in your body as a result, you need to adapt with this and make tweaks to how you eat and how you move.

Before we can explore the changes you need to make, I want you to understand what is actually going on in your body as you move into the menopause. Firstly, your ovaries start to reduce your production of the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone, which is why your menstrual cycles may start to shorten or lengthen, until eventually your periods stop. So whilst the ovaries dont produce as much oestrogen as they once did, your body compensates by producing oestrogen from elsewhere firstly from your adrenal glands and also from your fat cells, in the form of oestrone. So thats why you may start to lay down a bit more fat around your middle, because these fat cells help to produce a little oestrogen.

So whilst a little bit of fat can help to protect your bones and general health, by releasing some oestrogen, its important not to let this get out of control. For some women, it seems that no matter what they do, they cant get this extra fat accumulation to slow down. They start to feel out of control with their weight. And as more excess weight is held around the tummy, this can drive sugar and carb cravings and even increase your appetite even more.

Track Your Menstrual Cycle

When youre in perimenopause, your periods may start to become irregular. Even if you dont get a period for 3 or 4 months, monitoring how you feel both mentally and physically during this irregular cycle can be helpful. You might be able to identify some patterns, so you can adjust what you eat or how you exercise depending on how youre feeling.

For instance, when its ovulation time, you might be more bloated and feel more irritable. Give yourself a bit of space and prioritize sleep. You can track your cycle using the MyFLO or Period Calendar apps.

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