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How Old Are You When You Start Menopause

Home Remedies: Plant Estrogens

What age does menopause start?

Plant estrogens

Isoflavones are chemical compounds found in soy and other plants that are phytoestrogens, or plant-derived estrogens. There is a perception among many women that plant estrogens are “natural” and therefore safer than HT, but medical researchers haven’t proven this scientifically. Most scientific studies have not shown a benefit of phytoestrogens in controlling hot flashes. In addition, there is concern that some phytoestrogens might act like estrogen in some tissues of the body. Therefore, many experts recommend that women who have a history of breast cancer avoid phytoestrogens.

Emotional And Cognitive Symptoms

Women in perimenopause often report a variety of thinking and/or emotional symptoms, including fatigue, memory problems, irritability, and rapid changes in mood. It is difficult to determine exactly which behavioral symptoms are due directly to the hormonal changes of menopause. Research in this area has been difficult for many reasons.

Emotional and cognitive symptoms are so common that it is sometimes difficult in a given woman to know if they are due to menopause. The night sweats that may occur during perimenopause can also contribute to feelings of tiredness and fatigue, which can have an effect on mood and cognitive performance. Finally, many women may be experiencing other life changes during the time of perimenopause or after menopause, such as stressful life events, that may also cause emotional symptoms.

New Menopausal Years: Alternative Approaches For Women 30

New Menopausal Years, predictably, deals with the most common symptoms of menopause but also has very useful sections on thyroid health, hair problems, and fibromyalgia and what herbs and spices to take to relieve symptoms. The last sections of the book address what happens after menopause and how to keep your heart, bones, and joints healthy. Called indispensable or a treasure trove of information by enthusiastic readers, its a great resource for women who want to know what’s going on with their bodies while doing away with discomfort without the secondary effects most pills have.

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Who Can I Talk To

Though theres still stigma and embarrassment around the menopause, its important to know that youre not alone and theres support out there.

Try to be open about your symptoms with your partner, family and friends it can help them to understand what youre going through and could reduce any embarrassment about symptoms.

Sharing experiences with other women going through the same thing could be reassuring. There are many websites, blogs and videos online where women have shared their stories of the menopause.

What Are The Early Menopause Symptoms

Menopause Awareness Month  Its Time to Do Something ...

That depends on why the woman is experiencing early menopause. For some, early menopause symptoms will be the same as regular menopause symptoms. The most common sign of menopause is vasomotor symptoms or what we know as hot flashes. Theres also difficulty sleeping, impaired concentration, mood swings, and vaginal dryness.

But the severity of symptoms can also vary depending on the type of menopause. For instance, women who have had their ovaries surgically removed whether because of cancer or high risk for it tend to experience a more sudden onset of these symptoms and they tend to be much more extreme, according to Dr. Faubion.

On the other hand, if a woman is going through menopause earlier than normal due to genetic mutation or predisposition, then Dr. Faubion says these symptoms might be more sporadic and happen over the course of several months or even years. Women might have normal menstrual cycles for a few months and then have hot flashes and night sweats and no menstrual cycles for a few months, she tells us.

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Why Am I Gaining Weight During Perimenopause

The shift in hormones slows down your metabolism. Its very common for women in perimenopause to gain weight once their estrogen levels start to decline. Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise can help prevent weight gain during the transition to menopause.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Perimenopause is the transition to menopause. During perimenopause, you may start having menopause-like symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings or vaginal dryness. Most perimenopause symptoms are manageable. But if you need help managing symptoms, medications and other treatments are available. Perimenopause ends when youve had no period for a full year. At that point, you enter menopause.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 10/05/2021.


Does Starting Menopause Early Have Any Health Benefits

In short, it has some. Dr. Faubion says hitting menopause early can reduce your risk for ovarian cancer by about 95 percent if youve had your ovaries removed, and your risk of breast cancer by about 50 percent. But both experts agree that the negatives far outweigh the positives. On top of increasing your risk of heart disease and bone loss, it can also lead to early death and dementia.

If you think you are going through menopause early, and you havent completed growing your family, you definitely want to speak with a gynecologist to talk about it, says Dr. Minkin.

Worried about what this means for having kids? Dont stress just yet. Dr. Minkin says starting menopause early doesnt necessarily mean you dont have a future in planning for a family. Dr. Minkin says there are some therapies that can enhance your fertility.

Indeed women with premature menopause are very good candidates for donor eggs, she says. Thats why the whole process of donor eggs was started for young women with premature menopause.

The information provided on this site isnt intended as medical advice, and shouldnt replace professional medical treatment. Consult your doctor with any serious health concerns.

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Lifestyle Changes To Manage Menopause Symptoms

The average healthy woman begins menopause at 51, though some women will begin in their 40s or in their late 50s. It’s a natural biological process that marks the time a woman ends her menstrual cycle.

Mood swings, hot flashes and difficulty sleeping are common symptoms that can be effectively managed with hormone therapy. Lifestyle changes also can help relieve these temporary symptoms, says Dr. Denise Millstine, a physician from Mayo Clinic’s Women’s Health Center.

Journalists: Broadcast-quality video pkg is in the downloads at the end of the post. Please courtesy: “Mayo Clinic News Network.” Read the script.

Hormone therapy may help women who struggle with hot flashes, sleep disruptions and other menopausal symptoms. However, this treatment comes with side effects, and it is not for everybody.

“Many women are not candidates to take hormone therapy, like women who have a diagnosis of breast cancer. But in a woman who’s taking hormone therapy and still having symptoms, lifestyle management can also be effective,” Dr. Millstine says.

“Hit the golf course, for instance. Regular exercise, along with a healthy diet, may help.

Women who exercise regularly are healthier overall, and they might be reducing their hot flash burden, as well.”

If you smoke, Dr. Millstine says quit. “Women who smoke have more frequent hot flashes, and they also have more severe hot flashes.”

Consider yoga, deep-breathing exercises and massage to relieve stress.

Perimenopause: How To Spot The First Signs Of Menopause

Women at Menopause: Symptoms, When to See Your Physician (Denicia Dwarica, MD)

3 Minute Read

Medically Reviewed by UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital

Menopause doesnt happen overnight and the symptoms vary from person to person. Many women will ask: How will I know when I start menopause?

Technically, youre in menopause if you havent had a period for 12 straight months. Perimenopause is the time when your body begins to make the transition towards menopause.

Women start perimenopause at different ages. Its a normal phase of life that usually occurs anywhere from a womans early forties to mid-fifties.

The symptoms of menopause can be confusing. Some women experience every symptom, others barely any. And while some symptoms may occur for months, others can last for years. Here are some of the most common early signs of menopause.

If youre still asking yourself, How will I know when I start menopause? visit the Midlife Health Center at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital for more information.

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Menopause Mystery: Why Do Female Killer Whales Experience The Change Of Life

For people who cannot take estrogen therapy, or choose not to, Stuenkel says some drugs in the antidepressant family, such as SSRIs and SNRIs, can help with hot flashes. Stuenkel says, “While they’re not perfect, they can take the edge off and help enough so that women can get a better night’s sleep.”

There are an abundance of nonhormonal, nondrug treatment options for managing symptoms, some of which have significantly more evidence backing them than others. In 2015, a North American Menopause Society panel found that cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis were significantly effective in treating hot flashes. The same panel also found that popular herbal remedies are “unlikely to help,” although some NPR listeners who wrote in said they got relief from some of those treatments.

For depressive and anxiety symptoms, women may want to seek out professional counseling or a psychiatrist.

When do I need to see a doctor?

You might not need to at all. Some people sail right through menopause with little trouble. But if you are experiencing symptoms that are interfering with your life, it’s worth making an appointment. Some of these symptoms could indicate other problems that need treatment, such as fibroids or even cancer.

Ways to cope with symptoms

For people approaching this stage of life or who are already going through it, here are four steps for making this transition more manageable.

1. Get educated

2. Monitor your health

3. Practice smart self-care

4. Cultivate community

How Will I Know If I Am Starting The Transition To Menopause

Sometimes it can be hard for you and your doctor to tell whether you are in perimenopause, the transition to menopause:

  • Symptoms: Tell your doctor or nurse about any menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes or trouble sleeping.
  • Irregular periods: Track your periods. Irregular periods may be your first sign of menopause.
  • Hormone levels: Your doctor may test the amount of hormones in your blood if your periods stopped at an early age . Doctors dont usually recommend this test unless there is a medical reason to do so. This is because, for most women, hormone levels go up and down in an unpredictable way during the transition to menopause. So it is difficult to tell for sure whether you have gone through menopause or are getting close to it based on this blood test.

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What Happens During Menopause

Born with a uterus and ovaries? Menopause is a natural and normal process that happens to you as you get older. Menopause usually happens between ages 45 and 55, with 51 being the most common age.

Menopause starts when your ovaries stop making estrogen, and slow down making other reproductive hormones, like progesterone. Without these hormones, you stop getting your period and stop being able to get pregnant.

If youre between 45-55 and you havent had your period in a year, you arent pregnant, and you dont have a serious illness, you may be going through menopause.

Not everyone goes through menopause because of aging. Sometimes other health issues kickstart menopause. If your ovaries are removed through surgery, you may experience sudden symptoms of menopause instead of the gradual change that usually happens. Medical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can also make menopause happen early or suddenly.

Your doctor or nurse can help you figure out if youre going through menopause. They can also help you manage menopause symptoms.

What Affects The Age You Start Menopause

What Age Do Women Start to Get Menopause Symptoms ...

Certain factors may affect when you begin menopause. Your family history, medical conditions, and hormones all play a role in when menopause is likely to occur for you.

Smoking may influence the age of menopause onset. Studies have found that smoking during the reproductive years was significantly associated with earlier menopause.

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Your Skin Suddenly Gets Hot And Splotchy

Chances are that if you go through menopause, youre going to get hot flashes . And they can last way longer than you might expect.

The average time for a woman to have hot flashes is seven years, but some can get them for 20 years, says Dr. Allmen. They are exactly what they sound like: You all of a sudden feel a surge of heat and might see red splotches on your skin. You then might notice heavy sweating or even cold shivering, kind of like when you have the flu.

The exact cause of hot flashes isnt clear, but it is partly due to the drop in estrogen and other hormone changes that happen during menopause.

The 6 Best Books To Read During Menopause

While menopause seems to be discussed almost everywhere, it can still be a taboo topic. Nobody wants to share details about whats happening to them with family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes its even hard to talk about it with a health professional.

Most women stop getting their periods when they are around 50 years old, but the changes and transformations in their bodies start a lot earlier. Maybe you just sail through this period in life without complications, but many other women experience hot flashes, gut problems, mood swings, and even have problems sleeping through the night.

This may be common but it doesnt mean you should suffer in silence. Today, there are countless solutions you can find to relieve your menopause symptoms that go from medication and therapy to herbal remedies and lifestyle changes.

And in case you find it hard to pick the best solution for your symptoms, why not read books written by experts to better understand whats going on with your body and what steps you can take to make it better? Below, youll find the best books about menopause that can enlighten and support you through this journey. Lets go!


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Your Period Is Way Lighteror Heavierthan It Used To Be

This is the sign most women notice first: What used to happen every 28 or 30 days like clockwork becomes all over the place, according to the National Institutes of Health . The time between periods can change, the amount of bleeding can change, the length of time you have your period can change, or you can start skipping periodsits all fair game.

You officially enter menopause when its been a full year since your last period, per the NIH, but the symptoms start well before then, during a time known as perimenopause.

Predicting Natural Menopause: Why Does Age Matter

Prometrium® | Progesterone Pills | 6 Things Women in Menopause Need to Know About Progesterone

If theres not a lot that women can do to change when theyll experience menopause, why does predicting it even matter?

It would be helpful for every woman to know exactly when menopause will arrive. Beyond recognizing and addressing issues such as increased cardiovascular disease risk and risks related to bone health, if a woman knows her age of menopause and how long the perimenopause transition will last, it could help her make important health decisions, says Faubion.

If youre bleeding like crazy it would be helpful to know, she says.

As of now, research hasnt uncovered a way to determine when a women will go into menopause, but having that information could be useful in making decisions such as whether to have a or other invasive procedures, says Faubion. If menopause is going to be a few months or a year from now, you may choose to wait it out if it’s going to be five years from now, you might want to go ahead and have an invasive procedure, she says.

The ability to predict when menopause will occur could also help with managing or deciding which type of birth control to use, adds Faubion.

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Can Menopause Cause Facial Hair Growth

Yes, increased facial hair growth can be a change related to menopause. The hormonal change your body goes through during menopause can result in several physical changes to your body, including more facial hair than you may have had in the past. This is caused by testosterone being relatively higher than estrogen. If facial hair becomes a problem for you, waxing or using other hair removers may be options.

What Is Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy can help relieve some symptoms of perimenopause. In general, healthcare providers recommend that people who opt to use hormone therapy start it within 10 years of beginning menopause symptoms and use it for less than five years. Estrogen and hormones have been linked to an increased risk of heart problems and some types of breast cancer.

Speak with your healthcare provider to make sure you understand the risks and benefits of hormone therapy as a treatment for perimenopause.

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How Is Perimenopause Diagnosed

You dont always need to see a healthcare provider for a perimenopause diagnosis. Many people notice and tolerate the changes in their bodies without a formal diagnosis. If you have symptoms that interfere with your daily activities, see a healthcare provider.

You should reach out to your healthcare provider right away if you have:

  • Blood clots in menstrual discharge.
  • Spotting between periods.
  • Emotional symptoms interfering with your ability to function on a daily basis.

Dr Susan Love’s Menopause And Hormone Book: Making Informed Choices

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Have the Symptoms of ...

This is a revised edition of a bestselling book by Dr Susan Love, where she discusses the dangers of taking hormone replacement therapy for prolonged periods, backed up by recent studies in the field. For instance, this book about menopause mentions the influence that hormone replacement therapy has on womens bones, breasts, and hearts, sometimes leading to serious diseases. Thus, she discusses alternative options to this type of therapy and how to cope with symptoms in the most natural way possible, using herbs and homoeopathic remedies for example.

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