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How Does Sage Help With Menopause

It Is Good For Your Heart

How Sage & Agnus castus can help you during menopause

Postmenopausal women are more likely to suffer from a heart attack than men.

Reduced estrogen levels lead to increased heart palpitations.

Not only heart attacks, but women are also more predisposed to most heart problems than men.

Curcumin has a protective role in cardiovascular diseases.

Curcumin is one of the dietary polyphenols that is recommended for its beneficial effects on cardiovascular health and its protective action against aging.

Its anti-thrombotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, heart failure, and arrhythmia .

Blood vessels tend to narrow down with age and lose elasticity.

This obstructs blood flow paving the way to a number of heart problems such as heart attack and stroke.

Estrogen status can also affect heart health by affecting the status of blood vessels.

A study conducted by a Japanese team has proven that curcumin supplements can improve blood flow and blood vessel functioning.

Results state that curcumin supplements can prove to be a good alternative for those who cant exercise.

Curcumin ingestion, when combined with exercise, can reduce stress on heart in postmenopausal women which occurs if there is obstructed blood flow due to narrowing of arteries.

Curcumin is beneficial for those who have suffered from heart attacks.

It restores normal cardiac function and improves cardiac repair.

What Is Vitex Agnus Castus Used For And What Does It Do

During perimenopause, as you start the approach to menopause, the way your hormones fall will sometimes give you certain symptoms. For those of you getting your periods closer togetherthey might be getting longer, there might be less of a gap between themif youre experiencing cramping, breast tenderness, food cravings and bloating, its often an indication that your progesterone levels are falling while estrogen is staying high.

And this is where Vitex Agnus castus comes in, because it helps to just very gently raise your progesterone levels. I should mention that Vitex can take two to three cycles to start having an effect. If your flow is really heavy, Vitex Agnus castus wont help. If your symptoms are severe, you really should go see your doctor.

Might Be Helpful For Heavy Perimenopause Bleeding

As I explained in this post on estrogen dominance during perimenopause, many women experience heavy bleeding as they transition into menopause.

And sage can help to reduce that excessive blood loss because it contains vitamin K.

So whats the link between vitamin K and heavy periods?

Well, the body uses vitamin K for blood clotting.

And whenever were losing a lot of blood from any part of the body, blood clotting is an essential first step for curbing that heavy flow.

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What Is The Best Way To Take Sage

Sage is available as an essential oil, a tea, and in capsule form. It should be noted that only sage supplementation has been studied for its role in menopausal symptoms. So, to support your health at this time, look for quality, high-grade standardised sage in a formula that delivers around 2500mg.

Regulates Blood Sugar And Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Pin on Chronic fatigue syndrome

If youre having difficulty losing weight during menopause, then sage leaf might help.

You see, one human study show that sage extract lowers blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity . In fact, sage was comparable to rosiglitazone, which is diabetes prevention drug that works as an insulin sensitizer.

Furthermore, an animal study also indicates that tea infusions of sage are as effective as the diabetes drug metformin .

Now, what does all this have to do with weight struggles during menopause?

Well first, if you happen to be under a lot of stress, then your cells are more likely to become insulin resistant.

This is because during times of stress, your body needs more glucose in the blood as a source of energy.

Secondly, the combination of insulin resistance and stress eventually triggers the body to store more fat .

Thirdly, when your cells are insulin resistant, that means theyre not being fed enough glucose. So, to compensate for the reduction in glucose supply, your body can actually kick up your appetite. You end up eating more because at a cellular level, your body is starving .

As you can see, everything is connected and its very easy to get caught in a vicious cycle that leads to weight struggles.

So, by adding an herb like sage into your menopause diet, you can help your body to potentially break this cycle.

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Sage And Menopause: An Interesting Research

According to my wonderful book: Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier, FNIMH , in the most recent study undertaken in Switzerland , women with at least 12 months of hot flushing reported an average 64% decrease in symptoms after 8 weeks of taking sage.

Now, this gives us very interesting information: 1) length of time hot-flushing 2) decrease percentage 3) how long to take sage for. This is very important because we can very quickly get a sense of how much will sage help in terms of our hot flushes and how long can we expect to take it before we can start to feel the difference.

According to UKs herbalist Christopher Hedley , Sage balances female hormones taken cold , is the best treatment for excessive sweating. Two or three cups a day, taken for three weeks, will usually do the trick and sage is especially useful at the change of life, helping to diminish hot flushes and lift depression. You can find this information on his charming and delightful herbal book: Herbal Remedies: A Practical Beginners Guide to Making Effective Remedies in the Kitchen .

Christophers 3 weeks to see results is quite promising!

Sage Tea For Sweating And Menopausal Hot Flashes

Herbalists have been recommending sage tea for women suffering from excessive sweating and hot flashes for years, and now also Dr. Oz, America’s most famous TV doctor, has given his thumbs up for sage extract as a natural remedy for night sweats and hot flashes. For the millions of women plagued with hot flashes caused by hormonal changes occurring in the woman’s body during the menopause, this certainly gives hope. But is there any actual scientific proof to back up the claims made about the anti-perspirant effects of sage tea or sage extracts? In this article, we review the results of scientific studies that have focused on the potential of sage to fight excessive sweating and hot flashes.

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Sage: The Herb Proven To Relieve Menopause Symptoms

In a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial, women who had been menopausal for at least 12 months and were experiencing at least five hot flushes daily were given either a fresh herb extract of sage or a placebo for four weeks.

From week three onwards, there was a reduction of 55 per cent in the number and intensity of hot flushes for the sage group. This is compared to 27 per cent in the placebo group. Fifty-nine per cent of the women experienced at least a 50 per cent reduction in Hot Flush Scores. This was the system by which hot flushes were measured.

Meanwhile, the Menopause Rating Scale, which checks a whole range of menopausal symptoms rather than just flushes, reduced by 39 per cent in the sage group. Plus, levels of physical and mental exhaustion much improved by the end of the four weeks. The placebo group improved by 10 per cent.

Menopause Relief: Top 5 Products To Support You Through The Symptoms

How to Defeat Menopause Hot Flashes with Garden Sage.MOV

Although every womans menopause journey is different, most will experience varying symptoms for up to four years after their last period1. Three in four women will experience hot flushes2, and many experience additional symptoms including night sweats, difficulty sleeping and a lowered mood. Its a normal and natural part of life for women, but each journey is unique.

To help women thrive during this stage of their lives, Holland & Barrett has put together a list of their top five products to help aid the relief of menopause symptoms, in support of their latest Me.No.Pause campaign.

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Risk Factors To Consider

Speak with your doctor before using essential oils for menopausal relief. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the oils will affect any medications that you may be taking. You should also check with your doctor if you have any known allergies, as some oils may contain potential allergens.

If you plan to use essential oils, make sure youre clear on the instructions ahead of time. These oils can be harmful if theyre applied directly to the skin, so be sure to dilute your essential oil of choice with a carrier oil. Coconut, jojoba, and olive oils are common carrier oils. A good rule of thumb is to add 1 ounce of carrier oil to every 12 drops of essential oil and mix.

You should always perform a patch test before doing a full application. To do this, apply the diluted oil to a small area of skin. The inside of the arm is generally a good location for this. Wait 24 hours to see if your skin experiences any inflammation or irritation. If you do, discontinue use. If nothing happens, it should be OK for you to do a full application.

If youre using an oil in a spray, make sure youre in an area with proper ventilation.

Clary Sage For Hot Flashes Menopause Insomnia

Brand Neutral:Scientific Studies:

Note: Not all essential oil brands are the same, and you get what you pay for. If you expect to achieve results similar to those described in this testimonial, then ensure that you are using oils from pesticide-free plants. Also, the brand should use 100% pure, high-quality essential oils that do not contain any synthetic additives. Do your own research or ask a trusted friend to find a brand that is reputable. Buyer beware.

There is good news for all those annoying menopause symptoms. The symptoms of menopause have many contributing factors so I keep the following oils close at hand when symptoms appear:

* Clary Sage* Trauma Life oil blend* NingXia Red juice

For hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia, I use Clary Sage for its hormone balancing ability. I dilute my Clary Sage, 15 drops to 4ml of carrier oil. I keep this in a roll-on bottle by my bedside. Just one roll down the bottom of each foot and then a quick massage to work it in and I sleep through the night with no night sweats and no 2 am wake up.

Clary Sage is a very effective oil and not much is needed to achieve the desired effect. Please note that Clary also enhances the sedative effects of alcohol and drugs so use extra sparingly if you must use these types of drugs. Yes, alcohol is a drug!

Peppermint applied to the neck or temples is great quick fix relief from hot flashes. It does not help the hormonal imbalance but does improve circulation.


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Sage For The Menopause: Can Sage Menopause Tablets Help Menopause Tea Recipes & Benefits

**Caution: sage is not suitable during pregnancy this post is for menopause symptoms only**

If youre like me and your menopause is giving you heated, sweaty moments then a bit of holistic, magical herbal support can be a bliss.

When it comes to a herb that truly helps in times of menopause, sage is the word in fact, sage not only helps with menopause hot flashes, but this miracle herb can also help with a plethora of body ills .

Sage has really sparked an interest in me even though when I was a little girl herbs like chamomile and lemon balm where all the rage in our cupboard at home. In fact, I dont really remember sage being mentioned at home so when I found out how much this herb is praised by herbalists on Youtube and herbal books I have at home, I was definitely ready for more.

Sage For Menopause: Herbal Tea Option And Tablets Option

Best Herbs for Menopause to Balance Hormones and Relieve ...

I started my menopause at the age of 47. I get severe hot flushes and dont really take any medication . I do like to learn about the herbal remedies that can support my system to go through different processes with ease and in a natural way. The idea of having sage be part of my menopausal fluctuations journey is appealing to me. So I decided to learn more about what this herb can do with me .

Hot flushes are a common menopause symptom . I checked all my herbal books to find out what they said about sage and menopause, and I was very surprised to see that sage was considered to be a great help when going through the menopause in terms of sweats and hot flushes.

In short, sage can be prepared as a herbal remedy and drunk cold to reduce sweating and hot flushes.

It can also be taken in tablet form. See below my recommendations on sage menopause tablets from Amazon.

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Estrogen And Hot Flashes

A womanâs body goes through many changes during menopause. One effect of the shifting hormone balance that gradually occurs during

the years of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause, is that the bodyâs temperature-regulating mechanism become unstable. Estrogen levels drop and in response the pituitary gland releases other hormones, trying to regain balance. This release of compounds, which act as messengers to different parts of the body, results in a faster heart rate, blood vessels under the skin dilating and sweat glands releasing sweat â in other words, a hot flash.

Hot flashes are common in menopause, and they can be very uncomfortable. Avoiding triggers such as caffeine, too much alcohol, stress and heat can all help to prevent the sensation, but even with a healthy diet, exercise and a stress and toxin-free lifestyle menopausal women are still likely to experience hot flashes to some degree.

Conventional treatment includes the use of prescription medications or hormone replacement therapy. Both options come with unwanted risks and side effects. Using sage for hot flashes is a way to use a natural, effective remedy for this symptom without the side effects of synthetic drugs and hormones.

Mood Changes Fatigue And Insomnia

Common mood changes that menopausal women experience include irritability, anxiety and depression. Mood changes often go hand-in-hand with poor sleep and fatigue, and night-time symptoms certainly contribute to this. Some herbal therapies have been found to benefit these symptoms.

Korean ginseng is traditionally used to help improve fatigue, physical exhaustion and loss of physical stamina. It may also increase vitality and improve your concentration. It is one of the most commonly self-prescribed herbs for menopausal symptoms because of its female hormonal properties and its ability to help you cope with stress.

Chamomile is a gentle sedative, and its relaxing action may be useful for aiding sleep and anxiety. Hops traditionally have been used to treat anxiety, stress and associated insomnia. Lemon balm, valerian and passionflower can aid sleep and reduce anxiety.

St John’s wort is used traditionally for mild to moderate anxiety, irritability and depressed mood associated with menopause.

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Evening Primrose Oil Oenothera Biennis

Family: Onagraceae

Evening primrose oil originates from the seeds of the flowering plant and is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. It is widely self-prescribed and recommended by health professionals for treating hot flushes however, it has been shown to be no better than a placebo for hot flushes. It may be effective, combined with vitamin E, for premenstrual breast pain.

An Attractive Herbal Remedy For The Menopause Is Sage

Using herbs to help your menopause

Most everyone knows what sage is: a herb that can grow in your back garden that goes great with meats, stuffing, stock, and risotto. But for some menopausal women, it means a lot more. In Latin, sage is known as salvia, which means to heal a promising start when thinking about what herbal remedy to try. Sage has been used for centuries to treat the menopause, and in particular, hot flushes and night sweats. Yet, as it turns out, sage might not be as helpful as its name suggests.

If you buy sage tablets, be sure to read the labels and only buy thujone-free sage.

Firstly, for the menopause, sage is typically taken in tablet form. But there are plenty of different kinds of sage, so before you go ahead and buy any and everything, read-on. Some kinds of sage contain a chemical called thujone, which can cause negative side effects like vomiting, vertigo, kidney damage, rapid heartbeat, and seizures, when taken in high amounts. If you buy sage tablets, be sure to read the labels and only buy thujone-free sage.

How effective is sage at treating symptoms? At this point it may come as no surprise that, like most herbal remedies, its unclear as to whether sage really does anything or if its just a placebo. There have been a few studies that seem to prove its effectiveness, though there hasnt been enough research to really suggest it works. Many women report that it doesnt do much for them, while others swear by it.

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A Licensed Remedy For Your Hot Flushes And Night Sweats

Now, we have a particular product called Menoforce®, which is actually licensed for the symptom of hot flushes and night sweats during the menopause.

And many people ask us, How do we take this? Because its quite a strong tablet, and you just take it once a day. If youre just getting hot flushes during the day, you can take it with your breakfast. If youre getting night sweats or evening sweats or flushes, you can take it with your evening meal. And if you get both flushes and night sweats, then we recommend you take it with your evening meal, because we know from people whove come back to us that it can reduce the night sweats and that will make you sleep better. And when you sleep better, your body is much more able to cope with symptoms the following day.

We also do a tincture as well. And for some women, if youre getting hot flushes and night sweats, or you dont really know when theyre coming or going, then taking the tincture little and often can sometimes work better than taking one particular tablet during the day.

Also available as a tincture Menosan Sage drops


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