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Does Sex Help With Menopause Symptoms

What Are The 34 Symptoms Of Menopause

Can Sex Improve Menopause Symptoms?

by Haley FritzFeb 2, 2021

When you think of a woman going through menopause, you might think of symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or mood swings.

These symptoms receive a lot of attention due to the fact that there are over-the-counter and prescription drug remedies designed especially to target them. However, the symptoms of menopause are actually far more complex than these companies let on!

In total, there are 34 different symptoms that can be attributed to menopause. A woman going through menopause might experience some or all of these symptoms, ranging from mild to severe.

Read on to learn more about the menopause process and how it might affect a womans health and well-being.

How Does Menopause Affect Your Sex Life

    Theres a lot of stigma around womens sexual desire and satisfaction, particularly for older women who are going through the effects of menopause. And as a result, many women are hesitant to discuss these topics.

    Here at Solace Womens Care, we believe in pushing past that stigma so that we can address and ultimately treat what is honestly a common problem thats experienced by so many women.

    Why can sexual desire decrease during menopause?

    The first step in treating a side effect is understanding the root cause. Your sexual desire can decrease during menopause because of the physical effects of falling estrogen levels, including hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness.

    And while its not a direct correlation, , particularly when it comes to drive and sensation.

    What can I do to keep my sexual drive during menopause?

    Losing your sexual drive as you go through menopause can be discouraging, but there are many things that you can do to boost desire and your overall well-being:

    Stay active

    Being physically active can improve your energy levels, overall mood and body image, which is incredibly beneficial in maintaining your desire.

    Avoid or quit smoking

    Smoking cigarettes can reduce blood flow to the vagina and decrease the effects of estrogen, which ultimately makes it difficult to become aroused.

    Engage in sexual activities more often

    Having regular sexual relations can increase blood flow to the vagina and help keep the tissues healthy.

    Allow time for arousal

    Midlife Can Bring New Challenges For Sex But It Can Also Change Things For The Better

    When Kathy Phillips approached menopause, she thought back to her mother’s experience with the transition. In Phillips’ memories, when her mother went through menopause, she began dressing old and actually became old.

    Phillips, 57, worried that she’d follow in her mother’s footsteps, but that wasn’t her experience. “It’s not that way at all. You can still be extremely sexy and past menopause,” Phillips said.

    In fact, her transition into midlife brought greater confidence and sexual awareness. As Phillips disovered, menopause can bring new challenges, but that doesn’t mean she has to say goodbye to a good and satisfying sex life.

    “You can absolutely have a kicking sex life well into your 80s and 90s,” said Heather Bartos, an OB-GYN and a member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Health Advisory Council. “There’s this myth that later in middle age we’re not having relationships anymore, we’re not worried about orgasm, or sexual health in general,” Bartos said.

    But that’s far from true.

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    Try A Prescription Cream

    If youve tried over-the-counter options and youre still dry down thereor your sex drive continues to circle the draintalk to your doctor about medical treatments that can help. One possibility: low-dose estrogen vaginal creams that contain the anti-aging hormone DHA.

    A cream isn’t your only option. Tablets and rings that go into the vagina and are absorbed via skin are also available. Also, a once-a-day, hormone-free drug, Osphena, has been approved by the FDA that helps thicken vaginal tissue so pain and tearing are less likely. Osphena isn’t for everyone, so if you’re considering it, check in with your ob-gyn and find out if you’re a candidate to take it.

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    Memory And Concentration Problems

    How menopause can affect your sex drive, and what to do ...

    During perimenopause, women often complain of short-term memory problems and difficulty with concentration. Study results looking at the relationship between falling hormone levels and cognitive function have been inconsistent. Some women do believe that low dose estrogen after menopause helps them think. But the research has not supported this. Stress likely plays a more important role in memory and thinking compared to hormonal fluctuations.

    Treating memory and concentration problems. Just as it isn’t clear what causes memory and concentration problems, there is no obvious remedy. Staying physically active and scheduling at least 150 minutes per week of dedicated exercise may be the best way to maintain brain health. Brain and memory experts also recommend that people work to keep their brain functioning at its peak by taking on new and interesting challenges. Use your mind in many different ways. Do crossword puzzles. Learn a new musical instrument or sport. Play chess. Read more books. Learn a new language or how to use the computer. The idea is to challenge your brain in new ways.

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    How Can A Woman Heighten And Improve Her Sexual Function And Desire During And After Menopause

    As discussed above, the use of systemic hormone therapy or vaginal estrogen therapy can diminish vaginal dryness and decrease any discomfort associated with sexual intercourse. Water-soluble lubricants can also help overcome vaginal discomfort. Some women find that relaxation techniques, sensual massage, masturbation, or changing positions during coitus can heighten their sexual experiences. For women or couples who are struggling to understand and accept the changes in sexual function that may accompany menopause, counseling can be an option. Talk with your partner about the changes that are happening to your body. Some couples try counseling on an individual basis or as a couple.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Perimenopause

    There are many possible symptoms caused by your changing hormone levels during the menopause, with changes to your periods usually being the first one.

    Other common symptoms of perimenopause include:

    You may also gain weight despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Some other less common symptoms may include itchy skin, bladder problems, sore breasts , heart palpitations, hair loss and vaginal dryness.

    Not all people going through the perimenopause experience symptoms to the same degree. Its possible you may have few or even no symptoms during this time.

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    How Can I Treat Vaginal Dryness After Menopause

    For vaginal dryness that causes mild discomfort during sex:

    • Use an over-the-counter, water-based vaginal lubricant when you have sex.

    • Try an over-the-counter vaginal moisturizer to help increase moisture. You may need to use it every few days.

    For more severe vaginal dryness, your doctor might prescribe medicines that you put into your vagina to increase moisture and sensation. These may include:

    • Vaginal estrogen creams

    Myth: Theres No Way To Spice Up Your Sex Life After Menopause

    Sex After Menopause: How Can Estrogen Help You?

    The facts: Many women find menopause the perfect time to try new ways of expressing their sensuality and sexuality with a loving, trusted partner. All those years youve spent learning and growing as a woman can give you the courage to ask for the touch you enjoy or explore a sexual position youve always fantasized about.

    As your children get older and spend more time away from the nest, you may even find it enjoyable to have sex in the dining room, in front of the fireplace in the living room, or on that cozy backyard porch swing. When your kids are out, just being able to leave the bedroom door open for a change may add the right amount of spice to your sex life.

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    Benefits And Risks Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

    The main benefit of HRT is that it can help relieve most menopausal symptoms, including hot flushes, brain fog, joint pains, mood swings and vaginal dryness.

    It can also help prevent thinning of the bones, which can lead to fractures . Osteoporosis is more common after the menopause.

    Some types of HRT can slightly increase the risk of breast cancer and blood clots in some women. You need to discuss whether you have any risk factors with a doctor or nurse.

    Evidence says that the risks of HRT are small and usually outweighed by the benefits.

    Your GP can give you more information about the risks and benefits of HRT to help you decide whether or not you want to take it.

    How Does Menopause Affect Sexual Function In Women

    Just as every women experiences menopause differently, women may or may not experience changes in sexual function after menopause. Since estrogen levels are lower after menopause, some women may notice that their libido, or sex drive, is decreased. Low estrogen levels can also lead to a decreased blood flow to the vagina, resulting in difficulty with lubrication or in dryness which that can make sexual intercourse less pleasant and painful for many women.

    Not all women report negative changes in sexual function after menopause. For example, some women may find sex to be more pleasurable without the fear of unwanted pregnancy or without the potential stresses of having small children.

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    Does Sex Help With Menopause Symptoms


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    Could your menopause symptoms be helped with some time between the sheets?

    Could your menopause symptoms be helped with some time between the sheets? The Doctors welcome OB/GYN Dr. Thais Aliabadi, who says that vaginal sexual activity after menopause is very important. She says it helps with:

    • Stimulating blood flow to the vagina
    • Keeping vaginal muscles toned
    • To maintain elasticity and the length of the vagina

    Dr. Aliabadi shares some suggestions on how to improve sex after going through menopause, which include:

    • Being active, which can boost energy and help with mood, which may lead to having more sex
    • Not to smoke, as this can reduce blood flow to the vagina
    • Engage in pelvic floor exercises to increase blood flow
    • Testosterone creams or sublingual drops can help some with low libidos

    She also says those with vaginal dryness and painful intercourse can find relief from an estrogen cream and also a Co2 laser can help with vaginal atrophy

    The Doctors note that studies report that having sex around once a week or once every two weeks is optimal.

    As one of the nations leading OB-GYNs, Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi offers the very best in gynecological and obstetric care.

    Husbands And Menopause: How It Can Affect Your Relationship

    Pin on Menopause &  Sex

    With all of the physical and emotional symptoms that this life change can bring, it can significantly impact your relationship with your partner. When it comes to husbands and menopause, men are ill prepared to handle these changes with a partner unless they have experienced living with someone else who has gone through it.

    This is a time of life when women dont feel particularly good about themselves, and this lower self esteem can translate into mood swings, irritability, and uncertainty. In addition, fluctuating hormones in women can cause them to lose interest in sex, making it difficult to maintain connection and intimacy throughout.

    This hormonal fluctuation can also contribute to vaginal dryness, making intercourse downright painful for women. Staying committed to educating your partner about these changes and communicating your feelings throughout this trying period will help the two of you to understand where each of you are coming from in hopes that you can find stronger common ground to stand on together.

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    More Frequent Sexual Activity Linked With Later Menopause

    New research suggests that women who engage in any sexual activity at least once a month tend to experience menopause later in life, compared with those who have sex less frequently.

    A new study the findings of which appear in the journal Royal Society Open Science has aimed to find out whether the frequency of sexual activity has any bearing on when a woman enters menopause.

    The researchers, Megan Arnot and Prof. Ruth Mace, from University College London, in the United Kingdom, did not just take penetrative sex into account. When referring to sexual activity, they also included oral sex, caressing, and masturbation.

    The team analyzed data collected via the Study of Womens Health Across the Nation . The information came from 2,936 female participants who enrolled in SWAN in 1996 1997 and whose collective mean age was 45 at their first interviews.

    Most of the participants were non-Hispanic Caucasian and had more than a high school level of education. On average, each participant had two children. Most were either married or in a relationship and living with a romantic partner .

    Your Health Questions Answered

    • Answered by: Dr Roger HendersonAnswered: 27/10/2021

      In the early stages of perimenopause you may still have regular periods. Hot flushes are among the most common symptoms of perimenopause. They can be associated with forgetfulness or problems with concentration. However, because everyone going through perimenopause experiences it differently, the early signs can vary from person to person.

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    Sexual Frequency Tied To Menopause Start

    In their interviews for the study, the participants described their health status and lifestyle, including how often they had engaged in sexual activity with a partner or on their own over the previous 6 months.

    According to the data, most women reported engaging in some sort of sexual activity on a weekly basis.

    At baseline, none of the SWAN participants had experienced menopause, though 46% had entered perimenopause, a stage at which menstruation is still occurring but some menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes, develop.

    The researchers had access to follow-up interviews with the participants over a period of 10 years. During this time, 1,324 of the participants reported having entered menopause, at an average age of 52.

    Arnot and Prof. Mace found that women who engaged in sexual activity on a weekly basis were less likely to experience early menopause than their peers who had sex less often than once a month.

    Specifically, women of any age who engaged in sexual activity on a weekly basis appeared to have a hazard ratio of 0.72 when it came to experiencing early menopause. Those who engaged in sexual activity once a month had a 0.81 hazard ratio.

    This means that women of any age who engaged in sex every week had a 28% lower likelihood of entering menopause early, compared with those who had some form of sex less frequently than once a month.

    Body Image And Menopause

    Does alcohol affect menopause symptoms?

    Some of the things that may contribute to your body image around menopause include:

    • social attitudes Western culture rarely portrays older women as sexual or desirable. These ingrained social attitudes may make you feel less attractive. Some women wrongly believe that sex is only for young people. If you feel this way, it may cause your sexual interest and activity to wane
    • possible weight gain you may find your body fat increases at this time, especially around your abdomen. This is due to hormonal changes and other age-related factors
    • changes to body hair growth.

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    Sex Equals Stress Relief

    Menopause mood swings are brutal. One minute youre fine and the next youre ready to burst into tears. Its no wonder why so many menopausal women experience increased stress. Well, the good news is that sex is a natural stress reliever, soothing anxiety like few things can. Touching and hugging release feel-good hormones, promoting feelings of relaxation and contentment.

    Does More Sex Help Stop Menopausal Hot Flashes

    Having more sex will not affect menopause symptoms, but sex is fun and helps the vagina to stay in shape.

    Important: This content reflects information from various individuals and organizations and may offer alternative or opposing points of view. It should not be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. As always, you should consult with your healthcare provider about your specific health needs.

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    Menopause Symptoms #: Vaginal Dryness

    Remedy: Increase arousal and bring blood flow to the vagina

    It is true that lack of estrogen can make ones vagina feel as dry as the Sahara Desert, but lack of arousal also plays an important role. Using a vibrator for clitoral stimulation boosts arousal and brings blood flow to the vagina, therefore naturally increasing lubrication. It is important to remember to slow down and give the body time to respond to pleasurable sensations .

    Often, after many years of focusing on others, menopause is a wake-up call for women to bring attention to themselves and their bodies. It is a reminder to take the time to experience pleasure. Enjoy this new phase of your life and the never-ending adventure of your sexuality.

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    Rediscover What Libido Means To You

    How menopause can affect your sex drive, and what to do ...

    In my office, women talk of changes in their sexual lives. Our conversation often surrounds what to do and what is available for treatment. Often it requires opening up the can of worms to discuss what libido is and what drives it.

    Libido is a complex aspect of sexuality. Many people are uncomfortable discussing it. And many times, it isnt until menopause happens that we try to find the time to peel back the layers and figure out what libido really means for us individually.

    Finding new ways to transform arousal and moments of excitement such as pelvic physical therapy or laser vaginal rejuvenation also restore intimacy in relationships. The incorporation of lifestyle changes, technology, and medications can together help maintain the results of arousal with vaginal lubrication and vaginal tissue changes.

    Sex therapists are also extremely effective in helping foster a new sense of intimacy with partners. Their tips may include:

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