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Can You Harvest Eggs After Menopause

Preserving Fertility In Females With Cancer

Getting Pregnant after Menopause with successful IVF Treatment – Test Tube Baby Treatment over 45

Certain cancers and their treatment can affect fertility in males and females. Read more about this in How Cancer and Cancer Treatment Can Affect Fertility. When a person with cancer wants to have children after treatment ends, some planning is needed. Sometime this involves fertility preservation.;Fertility preservation is when eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue are saved or protected so that a person can use them to have children in the future.

This information is for females with cancer. If you are a lesbian or transgender person, please talk to your cancer care team about any needs that are not addressed here.

Egg Donation In Cyprus

Egg donation in Cyprus is anonymous. Anonymous egg donation uses eggs donated by previously screened egg donors whose identity is not revealed.

At EuroCARE IVF, we take great care to maintain anonymity of both the donor and the recipient . Both parties may remain anonymous with each agreeing not to seek information about the other.

Potential egg donors must be between the ages of 20 and 28. All candidates are screened according to our guidelines before being accepted and added to our database. The various tests, including a physical exam, laboratory and genetic testing, assure good medical health and an absence of genetic diseases that could be passed onto the child.

Egg Or Embryo Freezing

Egg and embryo freezing are procedures in which mature eggs are removed from your ovary to be frozen and stored for possible use in the future. They can be frozen as unfertilized eggs or fertilized with sperm and frozen as embryos. These procedures are performed by specially trained gynecologists, called reproductive endocrinologists . We dont have REs at Memorial Sloan Kettering , but we can make a referral for you.

The process of egg or embryo freezing takes about 2 weeks. There are several steps involved, including:

  • Evaluation: Your RE will do a number of tests to help determine how successful egg or embryo freezing may be for you. They will also want to speak with your oncologist to make sure its safe for you to undergo egg or embryo freezing.The tests that you havemay include:
  • A transvaginal ultrasound, in which a thin wand is placed in your vagina. Sound waves from the wand create pictures of your ovaries and uterus. With this test, your doctor can examine your ovaries and count the number of large growing follicles in your ovaries. This is called the antral follicle count. If youve never had a gynecologic exam or vaginal sex, your RE may be able to perform the ultrasound using a wand placed on your abdomen rather than in your vagina.
  • Blood tests to measure the levels of hormones related to fertility, including follicle stimulating hormone and anti-mullerian hormone .

Considerations for females with breast cancer

Cost of egg and embryo freezing

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Cancer Treatments That May Affect Fertility

The following types of cancer treatment may have long-term effects on your childs fertility.

Chemotherapy. Alkylating agents affect fertility more commonly than other types of chemotherapy. Examples of these drugs:

  • Busulfan

  • Melphalan

Other drugs may cause short-term effects on a girl’s menstrual cycle. These include vincristine and methotrexate . However, these drugs do not cause early menopause. Menopause is when menstrual periods stop.

In general, high doses of alkylating agents will cause permanent damage. But doctors typically use the lowest possible doses for children. This lowers the risk of permanent damage to reproductive organs. Doctors treat many pediatric cancers without alkylating agents. Ask your doctor about possible fertility risks with any anti-cancer drug prescribed for your child.

Radiation therapy. Radiation therapy can damage the ovaries or testes. The risk is greatest when the radiation is focused in these areas:

  • Pelvis

  • Spine

  • Whole body

In girls, radiation therapy may damage eggs and affect hormone production. This is called ovarian insufficiency. Girls who have not yet begun menstruation may have delayed puberty. Girls who have begun menstruation may have irregular menstruation. Or their menstrual periods may stop.

In boys, radiation therapy may damage sperm and affect their hormone production.

Learn more about the effects of cancer treatment on fertility in women and men.

Freezing Tissue From An Ovary

Get Your Own Babies Through Egg Freezing

Before cancer treatment starts, doctors remove an ovary or small pieces of an ovary. They do this using keyhole surgery. The tissues that are removed are frozen and stored. They contain thousands of immature eggs.

After cancer treatment, if you decide to try to get pregnant, the doctors can put the pieces of ovary back into your body. This may make it possible to get pregnant naturally or with IVF treatment.

This technique is suitable for most women, including if you:

  • have to start cancer treatment quickly
  • cannot have fertility drugs

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How Long Does The Egg Retrieval Process Take

If you count the necessary preparation time for egg retrieval, the entire process takes around two weeks. Thats because its necessary to use hormones for several days prior to the egg collection to prepare and mature the eggs.

But, on average, the actual egg retrieval process only takes about 15 minutes. In most cases, preparing you for the procedure at the doctors office or clinic and recovering afterwards usually take longer than the actual amount of time spent collecting the eggs.

Here Is All That You Need To Know About Ivf And Late Pregnancies

Written by Debjani Arora | Updated : September 1, 2017 3:02 PM IST

These days we hear a lot about miracle babies and childless couples being blessed with kids in their 60s and 70s. Most newspapers that carry such news also claim that the couple conceived naturally and gave birth to a healthy baby. Well, natural conception is possible until a particular age or before a woman hits menopause. Beyond that, couples might need to take help of assisted reproductive techniques or IVF procedures if they are planning a baby. There are a lot of misconceptions that people have regarding IVF procedures. To break these myths and misconception we had a detailed discussion with Dr Sandeep Mane, The Origin International Fertility Centre, Mumbai, here is what he had to say.

  • Is there a cut-off age for doing IVF with one s eggs?
  • A woman s natural egg reserve, especially for Asian women, tends to drop after 40 or 45 years of age. There are no procedures or techniques to revive eggs or provide a woman with more number of eggs. However, for some women, this reserve might get exhausted early, like in their 20s or thirties. There could be various reasons for this. When a woman opts for an IVF procedure, tests are done to see if her egg reserve is exhausted.

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    Targeted Therapy And Immunotherapy

    Targeted therapy drugs find and attack cancer cells. immunotherapy;drugs are treatments that use the immune system to recognise and kill cancer cells. These treatments are used to treat many different cancers.

    It is not yet known exactly what effect these treatments may have on fertility. If you are treated with a targeted therapy or immunotherapy drug, your cancer doctor can talk to you about possible risks to your fertility.

    If I Am In Menopause Can I Carry A Baby

    Can You Get Pregnant After Menopause? Yes! Everything You need to Know About Menopausal Pregnancy

    Yes, it is possible to carry a baby if you are in menopause. You will not be able to become pregnant naturally, but you can use previously frozen eggs, embryos or ovarian tissue, or you can consider donor eggs or embryos. As long as your reproductive system is otherwise healthy, you should be able to carry a pregnancy.

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    What Happens On The Day Of Egg Retrieval

    You will need to come to the operating room area two hours before the scheduled time of egg collection. Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening prior to the procedure. Please do not chew gum the morning of your retrieval.

    Immediately prior to beginning the egg retrieval, the anesthesiologist will give you medicine through an IV to induce sleep. You will be breathing on your own with supplemental oxygen.

    After the egg retrieval is completed, you will be taken to the recovery room for observation over a one- to two-hour period. You will then be released to go home. Since you received anesthesia, someone will be required to drive you home.

    You should be able to return to work the next day. We ask that you abstain from vaginal intercourse from a period of three days before;to a period of four days after the egg retrieval. You will need to use a barrier contraceptive method such as condoms or a diaphragm until you get your period. After that, you may resume your current method of birth control.

    More Information Is Available

    For women who thought their ship has sailed with regard to raising a child of their own, this should come as very good news! If you’re a perimenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal woman and have a strong desire to bear children, talk to a fertility specialist about the possibility of conceiving with frozen donor egg. If you’d like more information on frozen egg donation,;contact us today;and find out more about Donor Egg Bank and what we can do to help make your dream of motherhood come true.

    ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;Are you ready to find your perfect donor?

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    Costs And Side Effects

    Freezing eggs can be expensive, and most insurance plans do not cover the procedure.

    A single cycle can cost upwards of $10,000. Other costs include storage of the eggs and IVF, which could cost an additional $5,000. Egg storage is also indefinite a woman may not need the egg for 1015 years.

    This means that ongoing egg storage costs will continue to build up.

    Insurance is also unlikely to cover egg freezing for this reason. While the procedure can provide a personal, long-term solution to fertility problems, it is not active treatment and does not have an end date in sight.

    Speak to your insurance provider about their policy on egg freezing.

    After egg retrieval, some women may experience cramping, bloating, and spotting. Other unwanted side effects include:

    • weight gain

    Who Would Receive My Eggs

    Get Your Own Babies Through Egg Freezing

    Some women are infertile because they were born without ovaries, had their ovaries surgically removed or went through menopause at an early age. Many are capable of carrying a pregnancy without difficulty if they receive eggs from another woman. In addition, there are healthy women who are carriers of serious genetic conditions that could be passed on to their children if they use their own eggs. By receiving eggs from a woman who is not a carrier of an inherited disease, the risk of passing the disease to their children is eliminated.

    There are also patients who require donated eggs because they have been found to have persistently poor egg quality during previous attempts at in vitro fertilization . Many of these women are in their late 30s or 40s; some have a history of endometriosis, a condition that can cause infertility. Their chances for pregnancy are significantly improved if they receive eggs donated by a younger individual who is not infertile.

    Donated eggs are fertilized with the recipients partners sperm. Therefore, any babies that may result from this treatment would carry the genetic material of the father but not of the recipient mother.

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    Does Egg Retrieval Hurt

    Some women are worried that the egg retrieval process will be painful. Its difficult to determine the level of discomfort you may feel during and after the process for a variety of reasons , but many women report some slight discomfort. Based on your personal experiences with pain, as well as any anxiety you have about the procedure, a doctor may offer three options for performing the retrieval:

    • Local anesthetic This kind of anesthesia allows you to be awake during the process, but is used to numb the area above the ovaries prior to the procedure. Local anesthetic is often considered because it is less expensive than other forms of anesthesia, and there is virtually no wake up/recovery time associated with other medications used to sedate patients.
    • Conscious sedation ;Some fertility clinics prefer to use conscious sedation, which uses a sedative to help you relax and an anesthetic to numb and block pain. One benefit to conscious sedation is that recovery time is faster than general anesthetic, which allows you to head home and rest more quickly following the procedure. Another perk is that conscious sedation allows you to be awake and a part of the procedure without the anxiety and pain related to egg retrieval.

    In Vitro Fertilization Is A Process Through Which An Egg Is Fertilized By A Sperm Outside Of The Womans Body

    After some days of maturation, the egg is implanted in the womans uterus. IVF can be used in different cases such as infertility, gestational surrogacy, or after the menopause.

    Although the menopause is a barrier for further conception, IVF has given women the opportunity to conceive in their fifties. IVF also gives women with onset early menopausal a chance. Women whose uteruses have been appropriately prepared, can receive embryos that originated from an egg of an egg donor. Therefore, even though these women do not have a real genetic link with the child, they have a physical link through pregnancy and childbirth. In most cases the father of the child can be the womans male partner. Even after the menopause commences, the uterus is actually fully capable of carrying out a successful pregnancy.

    Unlike the ovaries, the uterus does not diminish with age and its reproductive ability has been widely demonstrated.

    IVF is even more important for those women who experienced premature menopause, known also as premature ovarian insufficiency . We all know what happens during the menopause, and the results of hormonal changes reflects in the fact that you dont produce anymore eggs. Early menopause therefore leads to an impairment of conceiving .;

    Another pivotal question is:;Can women conceive after menopause?

    In addition, there is no difference in the IVF success rate for women that Chose this treatment due to Premature Ovarian Failure than someone with physiological.;


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    What Is The Primary Function Of The Ovaries

    The ovaries are responsible for both the production of the female hormones , as well as the production of the eggs that are needed to conceive. Women are born with about 1 million immature eggs called primordial follicles that are stored in the outer layer of both ovaries. Many of these start their growths every day and last for many months. In the end, only one egg makes it to ovulation, leaving 99.9% of eggs to be wasted in a lifetime.

    Not Everyone Is Eligible

    Can a woman get pregnant after menopause with IVF | euroCARE IVF Center Cyprus

    Most people are eligible to begin melatonin treatment. Melatonin is available without a prescription, though its always a good idea to discuss new supplements with a doctor.

    Ovarian rejuvenation is now available at several fertility clinics around the United States. Most people in good health with working ovaries are eligible for this elective procedure. But costs can be steep, and it isnt covered by insurance.

    Clinical trials can sometimes allow for more affordable treatment. Unfortunately, clinical trials arent always taking place, and when they are, they may only recruit a small number of patients. Trials also have specific recruitment criteria, such as being over 35 or the ability to receive IVF treatments at an out-of-town clinic.

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    How Do I Become An Egg Donor

    Women interested in becoming an egg donor are asked to complete a family medical history form and submit a recent photograph for our files. Once your completed questionnaire is received, one of the physicians in the IVF program will review it. If approved, we will contact you to set up a consultation with one of the physicians to complete your screening.

    You will come to the Fertility Centers offices at Green Spring Station to meet with our team. The medication schedule and egg collection process will be explained to you, and any questions you may have will be answered. A physical exam, cervical cultures and blood testing will be performed at that time. This process usually takes about one hour to complete.

    After the results of the cultures and blood tests come back, an appointment will be made for the computerized psychological testing . Once the results of the preliminary studies are in, you will be scheduled for a session with the team psychologist for a psychological evaluation and to discuss the psychological aspects of being an egg donor. This session should last approximately one hour.

    Getting Informed In Advance Can Help

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when making decisions about your fertility, not to mention about your healthcare in general. Modern Fertility can help you take concrete steps now so you can get an idea of whether or not egg freezing is something you might want to consider. For example, learning about what your AMH levels are at right now can help you predict ovarian stimulation that’s when you take hormone medication to generate eggs or IVF success should you decide to freeze your eggs and use them later.

    The Modern Fertility Hormone Test hooks you up with important information about up to six hormones : what they’re up to and what you might expect from them in the future . You’ll also get results and data points you can use to start a conversation with your doctor or your partner.

    You’re not alone with your questions and concerns around egg freezing or any other aspects of reproductive health. We’re here for you.

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