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Can Fertility Treatment Cause Early Menopause

What Else Should I Know About Fibroid Treatment

Can infertility drugs cause premature menopause? – Dr. Teena S Thomas

Whether or not early menopause is a factor in your fibroid treatment decision, we believe it is important to know all the benefits and potential drawbacks of both hysterectomy and UFE. Dealing with fibroids can be scary, and its not always easy to figure out which treatment option will work best for you and bring you the relief you need.

How Do I Know If I Have Early Menopause

The first sign of early menopause is the alteration of the menstrual cycle and the absence of periods. Also, if you are trying to get pregnant without success, the cause of infertility may be related to ovarian failure.

To confirm whether a woman really suffers from early menopause, it will be necessary to have a gynecological check-up and a hormonal examination.

How Is Premature Ovarian Insufficiency Diagnosed

If your doctor believes you have POI they will consider your:

  • symptoms, such as changes in your periods or symptoms of oestrogen deficiency
  • family history of early menopause
  • medical history such as other autoimmune conditions.

You should be offered a blood test to measure your hormone levels . You may also be offered a blood test to check for diabetes and thyroid problems.

It is very rare, but POI can be caused by a problem with the chromosomes, which are contained in the cells in the body that hold genetic information. If you are under 35 you may be offered a blood test to check your chromosomes.

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Fertility Treatment And Early Menopause: Myth And Reality

Female infertility is a dire issue because it not only brings physical trauma but emotional stress and depression too. There are several myths and misconceptions that are associated with infertility. Many times, lack of awareness can cause patients to overlook the reality and they end up aggravating their problems. It is important that they discuss such issues openly with their infertility specialist and get clarity on them.

One big question that patients come across is whether infertility treatment pushes them towards early menopause. The question is raised on the basis of the notion that treatments like IVF involve ovarian stimulation. This means that each cycle involves production of multiple eggs. Logically speaking, this would result in depletion of egg and the woman may end up having early menopause.

The patient might actually think that the treatment may make things worse for her. The fear may be even greater if she undergoes multiple cycles as this translates to loss of greater number of eggs in each cycle. It is important to understand whether her long-term fertility would be compromised with treatment so that she decides what is best for her.

Fertility Treatment and Early Menopause: Myth or Reality

The Final Word

Use Of Platelet Rich Plasma To Help Fertility Is Still Years Away

Can Ivf Treatment Cause Early Menopause

There’s not nearly enough evidence to recommend this treatment more globally right now. This is years away, says Faubion. This type of procedure is currently only available to women who are in clinical trials, she adds.

Right now, its unclear how the platelet-rich plasma works, says Faubion. According to the authors, its a preparation that contains about a 10 times higher concentration of growth factors and active metabolites, and has been used in clinical situations which require rapid tissue repair. Gonadotropins were also administered, to stimulate the ovaries, she adds.

Theres a long history of trying this for different things, but we dont have enough data to say if this is going to be viable, says Faubion.

Speculation about potential costs of the procedure is premature, says Faubion. Its way too early to know, she says. The average cost of donor eggs can vary from $10,450 to over $45,000, according to CNY Fertility, a fertility clinic with locations in New York, Colorado, and Canada.

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Infertility And Early Menopause

Early menopause is when a woman hits her menopause date between the ages of 40 and 45. It is a condition that affects around 5 percent of women. For some, this can be a significant problem as they suffer through perimenopause symptoms and irregular periods while still trying to conceive. Read on to learn more about infertility and early menopause.

In Vitro Fertilization Is A Process Through Which An Egg Is Fertilized By A Sperm Outside Of The Womans Body

After some days of maturation, the egg is implanted in the womans uterus. IVF can be used in different cases such as infertility, gestational surrogacy, or after the menopause.

Although the menopause is a barrier for further conception, IVF has given women the opportunity to conceive in their fifties. IVF also gives women with onset early menopausal a chance. Women whose uteruses have been appropriately prepared, can receive embryos that originated from an egg of an egg donor. Therefore, even though these women do not have a real genetic link with the child, they have a physical link through pregnancy and childbirth. In most cases the father of the child can be the womans male partner. Even after the menopause commences, the uterus is actually fully capable of carrying out a successful pregnancy.

Unlike the ovaries, the uterus does not diminish with age and its reproductive ability has been widely demonstrated.

IVF is even more important for those women who experienced premature menopause, known also as premature ovarian insufficiency . We all know what happens during the menopause, and the results of hormonal changes reflects in the fact that you dont produce anymore eggs. Early menopause therefore leads to an impairment of conceiving .

Another pivotal question is: Can women conceive after menopause?

In addition, there is no difference in the IVF success rate for women that Chose this treatment due to Premature Ovarian Failure than someone with physiological.


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What Is Early Menopause

Early menopause is the termination of reproductive activity in women under 40. The ovaries stop working, there is no ovulation, and eventually menstruation will disappear.

This condition is also known as premature ovarian failure , which is a cause of infertility in 1% of women.

The symptoms and consequences of early menopause are the same as those of menopausal women over 50.

Below you have an index with the 10 points we are going to deal with in this article.

    Tandem Ivf Cycle In Cyprus

    Chemotherapy can cause premature menopause, infertility

    Tandem IVF cycle in Cyprus is a special type of IVF treatment that involves using two sets of eggs to create embryos for implantation. In Tandem IVF, an additional set of eggs obtained from an anonymous egg donor are fertilized with your partners sperm. The biggest advantage of this treatment is that it allows you to attempt becoming pregnant with your own eggs first, and if your eggs fail to fertilize or develop into good-quality embryos, then donor eggs will be used for transfer instead.

    Donor eggs are fertilized simultaneously with your own eggs being injected with the sperm using ICSI and cultured for a few days. The two sets of embryos are graded for quality and only the best embryos will be selected for the transfer. Tandem IVF is a cost-effective treatment that saves a lot of energy and time with high success rates due to the use of good-quality eggs provided by young, healthy donors. With the Tandem IVF cycle, you can have peace of mind knowing that there are always donor eggs as a back-up plan for your IVF treatment in Cyprus.

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    Premature Menopause: Symptoms Causes And Treatment

    Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

    For most women, one of the eventual things that come with aging is menopause. Its it an inevitable thing that happens later in life that there isnt any getting around. Unfortunately, for other women for a number of reasons, may end up with premature menopause.

    What causes early menopause? What are the signs of early menopause? Are their risk factors to consider when early menopause occurs? In this article, well take a look everything you need to know about premature menopause causes, risks, and treatments. If you might be suffering from early menopause, this article should have you prepared for whats to come.

    How Is Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Diagnosed

    To diagnose POI, your health care provider may do

    • A medical history, including asking whether you have relatives with POI
    • A pregnancy test, to make sure that you are not pregnant
    • A physical exam, to look for signs of other disorders which could be causing your symptoms
    • Blood tests, to check for certain hormone levels. You may also have a blood test to do a chromosome analysis. A chromosome is the part of a cell that contains genetic information.
    • A pelvic ultrasound, to see whether or not the ovaries are enlarged or have multiple follicles

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    The Egg Freezing Process

    After you complete ovarian reserve testing, consult with your physician, and decide to move forward with Shady Grove Fertilitys Egg Freezing Program, you can expect the entire process to take approximately 4-6 weeks.

    At the end of the stimulation phase, you will get a trigger injection, which helps the eggs mature and signals the body to release the eggs. The egg retrieval is timed to collect the eggs after they mature but before they ovulate. Typically the egg retrieval occurs 36 hours after the trigger.

    Depending on your age and the number of mature eggs that were retrieved, your doctor may advise an additional cycle to obtain the recommended number of eggs. By freezing the recommended number of eggs, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of taking home a baby if/when you return to use your frozen eggs to start your family.

    To learn more about our egg freezing success rates and Assure Fertility Financial Program to freeze your eggs, or for more information, call 1-877-411-9292 to speak with one of our New Patient Liaisons, or register for one of our upcoming patient educational events.

    Medical contribution from Stephanie Beall, M.D., Ph.D of the Shady Grove Fertility Columbia and Towson Maryland offices.

    Leading Into Infertile Years

    Can Obesity or High Cholesterol Affect FSH Levels ...

    Throughout womens reproductive years, the ovaries are responsible for producing the reproductive hormones necessary for healthy menstrual cycles, specifically estrogen and progesterone.

    With age, ovarian hormone production declines, and estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate drastically as women enter the perimenopausal transition.

    Once perimenopause begins, it becomes challenging to become pregnant. Menstrual cycles are irregular, and your ovaries release fewer eggs, making it difficult to time ovulation with conception efforts.

    Accordingly, because age is the most critical factor involved in getting pregnant with ones own eggs, women entering perimenopause early should promptly research alternative options to maximize their chances of conceiving.

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    Is Natural Pregnancy Possible With Early Menopause

    Yes. When ovarian failure is spontaneous and the woman has a normal karyotype, the ovary may continue to function intermittently for some time and ovulation may occur. Thus, between 5% and 10% of women achieve a natural pregnancy even with early menopause.

    In many cases, these pregnancies are not intended. Women think that by not having their period they can no longer get pregnant, which is not entirely true.

    Heart & Cardiovascular Health

    Women experiencing a premature or early menopause may have an increased risk of heart disease, compared to women who reach menopause at the expected age, although this remains controversial.

    A recent study suggested women with premature or early menopause may also be at greater risk of stroke. This might be because of the loss of the beneficial effects of oestrogen on the blood vessels and the lipid profile of younger women. Further understanding in this area is still needed.

    There are also other cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as family history, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

    A healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart problems. Stopping smoking, eating a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, maintaining a healthy body weight and doing regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease in women of all ages.

    There is some evidence that suggests menopausal hormone therapy, or MHT use in women with premature or early menopause reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    It is recommended that you have annual monitoring of blood pressure, weight, smoking status and cholesterol and sugar levels, as well as a discussion with your doctor, to help keep a check on your risks of cardiovascular disease.

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    Exclusive: Menopausal Women Become Pregnant With Their Own Eggs

    Fluid fertility


    Two women thought to be infertile have become pregnant using a technique that seems to rejuvenate ovaries, New Scientist can reveal. It is the first time such a treatment has enabled menopausal women to get pregnant using their own eggs.

    I had given up hope on trying to get pregnant, says one of the women, WS, who is now six months pregnant. To me, its a miracle.

    The approach is based on the apparent healing properties of blood. Kostantinos Sfakianoudis and his colleagues at the Genesis Athens Clinic in Greece draw blood from their patients and spin it in a centrifuge to isolate platelet-rich plasma. This has a high concentration of the cell fragments usually involved in blood clotting, and is already used to speed the healing of sports injuries, although its effectiveness for this purpose is unclear.

    The clinic is attempting to use this plasma to repair womens reproductive systems, injecting it directly into the ovaries and uterus. So far, the team has given this experimental treatment to more than 180 women, many of whom sought treatment because they have a disorder that damages the lining of the uterus.

    But the team has also used the treatment in an effort to rejuvenate the organs of 27 menopausal and peri-menopausal women, between the ages of 34 and 51.

    Can Early Menopause Be Reversed

    Premature Ovarian Aging and Early Menopause

    Early menopause cant usually be reversed, but treatment can help delay or reduce the symptoms of menopause.

    Researchers are investigating new ways to help women who are in menopause to have children. In 2016, scientists in Greece announced a new treatment that enabled them to restore menstruation and retrieve eggs from a small group of women who were in perimenopause.

    This treatment made headlines as a way to reverse menopause, but little is known about how well it works.

    The scientists reported treating more than 30 women, ages 46 to 49, by injecting platelet-rich plasma into their ovaries. PRP is sometimes used to promote tissue healing, but the treatment hasnt been proven to be effective for any purpose.

    The scientists claimed the treatment worked for two-thirds of the women treated. However, the research has been criticized for its small size and lack of control groups. Though the research might have potential for the future, its not a realistic treatment option right now.

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    How Soon After Treatment Might Early Menopause Happen

    There is no set timescale in which menopause might happen after treatment. It can depend on the type of treatment you have:

    Your medical team should talk to you about your chances of early menopause and when it might happen.

    Early menopause can have long-term effects because of the low levels of the hormone oestrogen. These include an increased risk of developing:

    • Thin, brittle bones that fracture or break easily
    • Heart disease and stroke

    Your doctor can discuss treatment to help lower the risk of these conditions developing.

    Treatments To Relieve Signs And Symptoms

    There is no treatment that can reverse or prevent premature menopause. However, women who have reached menopause do have treatment options that can help control unpleasant symptoms.

    Types of treatments for symptom relief include:

    • Hormone therapy: hormone therapy is available in different forms including pills, patches, transdermal sprays, or gels or creams. Localized hormone treatments are also available for intravaginal use. HT/ET is the most effective way to control symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Because HT/ET has been associated with certain health risks , experts recommend using the lowest effective dose of hormone therapy for the shortest period of time necessary for symptom control.
    • Oral contraceptive pills are a form of HT that is sometimes used to help relieve menopausal symptoms.
    • Antidepressant medications: the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and related medications have been shown to be effective in controlling the symptoms of hot flashes in up to 60% of women.
    • Non-hormonal vaginal gels, creams, and lubricants can help prevent the symptoms of vaginal dryness.
    • Assisted reproductive technologies: in selected cases, pregnancy may be achieved using donor eggs in women with premature menopause.

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    Early Menopause Vs Typical Menopause: The Age Ranges

    Menopause at 40 to 45 years of age is called early menopause, and that occurs in about 5 to 7 percent of the population, so its safe to say that at least 7 percent of women are going to go through menopause early or prematurely, says Faubion. Reaching menopause at age 46 or older is considered normal, she says.

    Can I Get Pregnant If I Develop Early Menopause

    Premature Ovarian Failure: Age, Symptoms, Diagnosis and ...

    For most women who have developed early menopause, a natural pregnancy is unlikely, but can happen if your periods start again after lymphoma treatment.

    • There are a very small number of women who appear to have gone through menopause but become pregnant naturally. This is because their ovaries still very occasionally produce eggs.
    • Some women can get pregnant with medical help. This might involve using eggs or embryos that were collected and frozen before treatment for lymphoma. More often, however, in vitro fertilisation using donor eggs from another woman is needed. As menopause does not affect your womb, you should be able to carry a baby once you are pregnant, the hormones needed to support the growth of a growing baby are released.
    • Adoption or surrogacy might also be options you wish to consider.

    You can find out more about fertility treatments on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority website.

    It is important that you get good advice about your choices, so talk to your medical team and ask to be referred to a specialist if necessary.

    You can also seek advice on how long after treatment for lymphoma to wait before trying to become pregnant.

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